Jul 20 2014



The angel in my

Heart who even today

Shapes my life-Grandma.


Haiku by Lucio Muñoz

Vancouver, BC, Canada

July 20, 2014



Jul 16 2014

Featured Artists: Robyn & Mic Garnet

Featured Artists: Robyn & Mic Garnet

Notes from the Artist:
Hi my name is Robyn Jean Grace Garnet, hence why I sign and call myself RJG for art purposes :) My husband Mic and myself are probably very new to the “art world” although we have both followed projects before. Ours is one of those beautiful love stories that you only ever seem to read about. We are each others greatest inspiration and best critics.
Mostly we have worked in wood and played with airbrush and graphite prior to receiving a set a pastels for Christmas 2013 from a sibling. This gift began our concentrated art journey and our journal. M.R.Art https://www.facebook.com/artmrjg
Neither of us are under the illusion that our art will fund our habit of eating each day or even remunerate our indulgent spending on supplies to create our projects. We do however hope that at some point we will make a few sales, as does every artist. Possibly more for the knowledge that someone likes your art enough to pay for it than the actual money :). Mic is very much into the coloured pencils at the moment whereas I am still dabbling across the fields. My preferred medium is wood, but I must admit I am totally enjoying making an “indoor” mess during our winter with graphite, acrylic, water-paint, pencil and anything else I can think of.
We are M.R.Art and we are creative souls enjoying art for the love of art and life.

M.R. Art on the Web: http://www.artpal.com/RJG
M.R. Art of Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/artmrjg


Jul 15 2014

The flame of eternal light


People told me

She was a nightmare

She had burned men

As if they were bush fires.


Happily I did not listen to them

I followed the advice of my heart

Who told me she was a beautiful rainbow

Just waiting for a man like me.


And my heart was right,

The people were wrong

Our love is now so strong

That it could be the flame of eternal light.


Poem by Lucio Muñoz

Vancouver, BC, Canada

July 15, 2014



Jul 13 2014

She looked so happy


Before I met her

I used to love playing with flowers

Removing patiently from them petal by petal

Hoping each time it would end “she loves me”.


Then, when I met her

I started dreaming about

Playing with her hair softly

Hoping she would fall sleep on my shoulders.


And later when she became my sweetheart

I got into the habit of

Kissing her slowly

Hoping she would again push me back into our nest.


First playing with flowers,

Then dreaming to play with her hair,

Later playing with her lips-

And when I did that she looked so happy.


Poem by Lucio Muñoz

Vancouver, BC, Canada

July 13, 2014



Jul 10 2014

Featured Artist: Tess McCoskey

Featured Artist: Tess McCoskey

About the Artist:
Tess developed an interest in watercolour about 15 years ago after many years of acrylic painting of ceramics during the holidays. She has taken a handful workshops and a watercolour class at Marylhurst University. She is devoted to watercolour with pen/ink detail and is now experimenting with acrylics. She loves realism and the Renaissance period. Her favorite subject matter are flowers, animals and Mediterranean architectural scenes. She devotes herself to self-study other Watercolour artists such as Birgit O’Connor, Claudia Nice, Susan Harrison-Tustain, and Jerry Yarnell.


Jul 09 2013

Featured Artist: James C. Byrne

Featured Artist: James C. Byrne

About the Artist:
James C. Byrne, born 1974, second oldest of five brothers and five sisters. James is a self taught artist and lives just outside of his hometown
of Fermoy county Cork.Ireland.

He started painting using oils on canvas and has since moved onto acrylic paint with a varnish finish.
After sharing a studio for a number of years with artist and friend Jim Mellis, from who he learned
a great deal about the discipline of painting, James had a number of exhibitions in his home town both group and solo.
Currently working in his own studio his work can be found on display in Ardmore Tea room and Gallery and Torten Fermoy also
in a Jazz Music Venue coffee shop in Prague city center.

A sense of urgency in developing his works for so long alone has at times left him seemingly chasing shadows, but he believes that it
helped him find a balance.

“I want to allow the painting to reveal itself and follow it without fear to it’s finish. Emotions, colours, movement, nature, conversations, experiences, dreams and music are all ingredients to the piece. Sometimes the worst thing you can do is think it through. The painting should be fun and the process of it should leave you happily exhausted and excited.”

James C. Byrne on the Web: www.jamescbyrneart.com


Apr 01 2014

Featured Artist: David Derr

Featured Artist: David Derr

Notes from the Artist:
“Humanity is composed of creative explorers and symbol makers. We have been this way since the beginnings of our existence. This is the cornerstone of what it is to be a thinking human being. My goal has always been to create works that contain the essences of good poetry. A balance of opposites, in a style that is recognizable, yet not necessarily realistic. I find the most effective way of doing this is by using a pseudo primitive style which on the surface seems simple, but in reality resonates deeper emotions.

My studies of children’s and primitive art, as well as symbols, have led me to the conclusion that these types of images speak on a deeper level that completely realistic images. Somehow they reach beyond the surface and touch the very essence of the object represented evoking meanings and emotions that reside deep in our minds and bodies. The use of this type of content allows me to create pieces that contain layers of meaning; meaning which is integral to lasting art.

Content is very important, and by content I don’t mean the objects in a painting but the meanings behind them. I fill each piece with subjects form music, dance, myths, mysticism, science and everyday life. I create pieces that will have the ability to have a lasting conversation with the collector and the public. A conversation that can take different and unexpected directions from my original intent. Do my works tell a story….yes, but I will never completely know or be able to tell what that story is, for when a work leaves my hand it takes on a life of its own, creating a conversation that is between it and the viewer, each of which brings their own mysteries.”

David Derr on the Web: http://www.davidderr.com/


Feb 26 2011

Mimi Sammis Sculpture

Thanks to SculptSite.com for providing this post.

By RJ Heim
A sculptor creates a new bronze piece after another creation was stolen and chopped into pieces by thieves. Mimi Sammis was devastated when her 300-pound bronze sculpture was stolen from the grounds of the Four Corners Arts Center.


Mar 21 2011

Featured Artist: Ken Cadwallader

Featured Artist: Ken Cadwallader

About the Artist:

Cadwallader’s paintings are wonderfully colorful and dynamic representations of the world around us. Inspired by just about everything, Cadwallader paints subjects ranging from landscape to floral to figure with a unique quality, all their own.
Born and raised in Michigan, Cadwallader received a bachelor’s degree in fine art at Kendall College of Art and Design, an exclusive private college in Grand Rapids, Michigan. While in attendance at Kendall, he was also invited to study at the Royal College of Arts in London. In London he found the direction he wanted to take his art. Struck by the pure and simple beauty of representational impressionism, he immediately knew that was the style he wanted to pursue.
After graduating from college with honors, Cadwallader moved to Chicago where he attended the Palette and Chisel Academy in order to further his understanding of impressionism. Shortly after arrival, Cadwallader was discovered by a respectable Chicago Gallery and so began his professional career. Absorbing as much as he could from the Palette and Chisel he continued on to the Loveland Academy of Fine Art in Colorado to put the final touches on his education.
As Cadwallader built his professional career many people began to take notice including galleries, magazines and jurors. His work has been seen in magazines such as Southwest Art, American Artist, The Artist’s Magazine and Wildlife Art. His paintings can be found in galleries across the country. Cadwallader has participated in many prestigious shows such as the Arts for the Parks, Oil Painters of America, and Portrait Society of America, receiving awards in all. Cadwallader is an active member of the local and national art community. He is a member of Grand Valley Artists in Grand Rapids, Michigan and is the current vice president of Oil Painters of America.
Cadwallader’s paintings are a strong combination of color and design. He has derived his style from the influence of painters whom he admires, masters he has worked with and an unmistakable element that comes from deep within. Cadwallader strives to convey his vision to the viewer, inviting them to share the sheer wonder he experiences while painting.


Jul 09 2011

Breeding in Captivity

Help make a film and it won’t cost you a cent. To attract investors and distributors to the film ‘Breeding in Captivity’ visit this page, hit the like button and then encourage your friends to do the same. This is the first feature film to be made & produced in Tasmania, by Tasmanians – in 25 years. Spread the word!

Offical Website: www.breedingincaptivity.com.au

The Story
It is morning. Paramedics wheel a dead body out of the house across the road.

Alice learns that she was the last person to talk with Molly before she killed herself. Alice replays the conversation over and over in her head becoming more and more obsessed by the fact that Molly was a wife and mother like her.

Edie and her husband Andy move in to what Alice’s husband, Owen, dubs, “the suicide house”. Alice witnesses an argument between the two and becomes afraid that another suicide, or worse, will occur. Alice makes it her mission to befriend Edie and in so doing becomes wrapped in their passionate and volatile marriage forcing Alice to question everything she has believed about her own marriage.

Soon after Molly’s suicide Owen is sent away on a routine work trip that quickly “turns”, first, when a teen run-away flags his car down expecting more than a ride and later when he visits his friend, Wilfred, who uses his lover Anna to expose Owen’s wavering fidelity. Owen is forced to face that he, like his father whom he despises, would trade in his family for freedom. Rattled, Owen rearranges his schedule so that he can see Kathy, a client, whose tragic beauty has possessed him since she entered his office.

Owen and Alice must choose between betrayal or commitment knowing that one choice will destroy their marriage and the other will deprive them of the passion they both crave.

The Project
Fuelled by a passion for growing the Tasmanian film industry from the grass roots and up, a team of dedicated and experienced Tasmanian arts practitioners have teamed up to spawn an ambitious feature film currently in rehearsal in Hobart, Tasmania.

Utilising a lengthy and in depth rehearsal process inspired by the Mike Leigh (Secrets and Lies fame) method of film making, award winning local director Lucien Simon and NIDA graduate Nathan Spencer are hoping to carve out a niche for Tasmanian stories on the international screen stage.

Breeding in Captivity is an intimate black comedy exploring the secret lives of “normal” suburban families much like the seminal American Beauty. However, rather than script the film in the traditional sense, writing team Simon and Spencer have employed a collaborative process that involves the actors developing the characters and working with the writers to create the dialogue. This process ensures actors develop authentic and realistic performances.

Director Lucien Simon’s films have featured in festivals such as Palm Springs, Newfest, Flickerfest and Saint Kilda. His previous short Stripped Bare (another collaboration with Spencer) won best film at the Canberra Short Film Festival, and his documentary Conversations in Kingborough won the National and Tasmanian Local Government Awards.

Says Simon: “The Tasmanian film industry has the talent and resources to make feature films, and we are no longer prepared to wait to tell our stories.”

The Rehearsal Process
Director Lucien Simon uses a unique process of rehearsal for ‘Breeding in Captivity’ known as the Mike Leigh method.

Unlike other films that start with a script, Simon uses lengthy improvisations with the actors which are developed over a period of weeks to build characters and storylines for Breeding in Captivity.

He starts with some sketch ideas of how he thinks things might develop, but does not reveal all his intentions with the cast who discover their fate and act out their responses as their destinies are gradually revealed.

Initial preparation is in private with the director and then the actors are introduced to each other in the order that their characters would have met in their lives.

The critical scenes in the eventual story are performed and recorded in full-costumed, real-time improvisations where the actors encounter for the first time new characters, events or information which may dramatically affect their characters’ lives.

Final filming is more traditional as definite sense of story, action and dialogue is then in place. The director reminds the cast of material from the improvisations that he hopes to capture on film.


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