Nov 16 2014



Without them my youth

Would have been without adventures,

My friends,

My heroes.


Without them I could not have

Survived the social breakdown,

My friends,

My lifeguards.


Without them my world

Is really strange,

My friends,

My best memories.


My heroes,

My lifeguards,

My best memories,

My friends.


Poem by Lucio Muñoz

Vancouver, BC, Canada

November 16, 2014


Oct 14 2014

“Sneaky Fox” by Skye Elizabeth Wieland

“Sneaky Fox”

Sneaky Fox is a mixed media artwork that was created with oil pastels and oil paints on cartridge paper with black gesso base. Sneaky Fox was inspired by my current interest in foxes and was the best work that came out of a series of commissioned pastels that I worked on.

If you liked my painting of Sneaky Fox, please don’t hesitate to visit my online store at to purchase prints, clothing or other apparel with this design.
(These look particularly lovely on the throw cushions)

The creation of this painting can be viewed on my Speed Painting video on YouTube

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Oct 14 2014

Featured Artist: Darryl Thomas

Featured Artist: Darryl Thomas

Notes from the Artist:
My name is Darryl Thomas and I am a 68 year old veteran and a stroke victim.
I was a professional musician for almost 50 years. During that time I managed to draw something every once-in-a-while until the last 10 years before an illness which devastated my beloved career. After the initial shock, I bought my second computer
and began teaching myself how to use certain art programs to produce the work I was doing before with brushes and paint, and create art work even more satisfying and more challenging than anything I had ever imagined before. The possibilities are absolutely endless. Not to mention cutting expenses of paint; brushes, and canvas; just to name a few.


Oct 13 2014

Featured Artist: Debra Spegal

Featured Artist: Debra Spegal

Davy Crockett Lake painting 2

November Morning 2

Notes from the Artist:
I am basically a self-taught artist who began drawing and painting at the age of 12. While most of my work is done on a commission basis, I do find time to paint the things I love. Flowers, landscapes, cats, are all a part of my life and my art. My work has been featured on greeting cards and posters. I love drawing and painting older homes, especailly old homeplaces that have character and family history.

Debra Spegal on the Web:
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Oct 12 2014

Featured Artist: Gail Kirtz

Featured Artist: Gail Kirtz

About the Artist:
Gail Kirtz has been a professional artist for twenty years and is known for her richly colored landscapes and expressionistic collages. She was born in Dundalk, MD and grew up in Ashland KY, where she still lives. Her formal art education included fine art studies at The University of Kentucky, specializing in painting and 3-D design. She works in a variety of mediums. Her works hang in private and corporate collections in several states.
She is inspired by the local as well as far afield. Her art is motivated by thought and feeling, using a variety of concepts, showing her growth in the practice of her profession.
Her mixed media collages, oil, acrylic, pastel and watercolor paintings have won over two hundred awards in regional and national juried and open shows.
Images of four of her paintings were purchased by Hollywood filmmaker Wm. John Thinnes and included for use in his independent film “Cold Trail”. Mr. Thinnes is best known for his work on “Th
e Lion King”, Beauty And The Beast”, “Pocahontas”, “Aladdin” and more.

Her studio “Art Of The Redeemed” formerly was located in the Camayo Arcade and the Pendleton Art Center. She currently is creating and teaching
in her home studio.

She is known for her richly colored landscapes and her expressionistic collages.

Gail Kirtz on the Web:


Jun 09 2011

Alex Andreev

Featured Artist: Alex Andreev

Post Provided By: MsÂly Kâ

Notes from the Artist:
I’m artist living in Saint-Petersburg.
I’ve been drawing, painting and doing graphic design over last 20 years.
Now I’m creating the concept art to the Kin-Dza-Dza animation movie.

I’ve been drawing for as long as I remember myself. Both graphic
design and digital art attract me, but recently I tend to commit to
digital art more than anything else.

I tried various techniques, including traditional inks, pens, brushes
and also experimented with digital art. Now I use Adobe Photoshop and
Corel Painter, just brushes, no fancy stuff or filters. By using
limited toolset I am able to achieve stylistic consistensy throughout
my artwork. I focus more on expresion of my creative concepts than on
technology or tools. While working in digital medium, I am free of
limitations of traditional tools, such as drying of oil paint,
changing of gouache color or etching line width.


Jan 03 2011

Bucks County Gallery Represents Robin Antar

Featured Artist: Robin Antar

The Bucks County Gallery of Fine Art, which has been around for 30 years, is going to be representing Brooklyn’s stone sculpture specialist, Robin Antar.
Ms. Antar, who has become famous for the realism that she creates out of stone, recently had her carrere boxing gloves put on display at the 97th Annual Show of Allied Artists of America at the National Arts Club in NYC. On November 28, Antar is going to be presented with the Members and Associates Award for her gloves at the National Arts Club.

Outside of the boxing gloves, Ms. Antar has created many modern sculptures that represent American culture. Those sculptures include Oreo’s, Dr. Marten’s, Diesel Jeans, M&M’s, and a Heinz Ketchup Bottle, amongst others. These sculptures can be seen all over, as they have been on display at museums, art galleries, corporate offices, and universities.

Ms. Antar’s latest feat was being chosen as a finalist in the 2011 NICHE Awards. The NICHE Awards Program, which has been going on since 1989, is a celebration of excellence and innovation in American and Canadian fine craft. The NICHE Awards have a wide variety of categories, and they will be displaying such artwork as contemporary sculptures, abstract sculptures, and representational sculptures, just to name a few. The winners will be announced at a ceremony in Philadelphia on February 18, 2011 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center, held in conjunction with the Buyer’s Market of American Craft.

If you want to check out Ms. Antar’s exhibition, or any of the other fine artists’ work at Bucks County Gallery, the gallery is open daily, and it is located at 77 West Bridge Street, in New Hope, Pennsylvania. For more information call (215) 862-5272.


Nov 20 2010

Lack of love… (Desamor… )


Desamor... (Lack of love...) by AmaSilyS...

My message: If you are overwhelmed by fatigue and want to surrender … Stand up, with your head held high, look for energy even in the air you breathe and go on! It’s for you! Even when you have to start again, ensures yourself that never the indifference towards you … comes from your soul.

I have to confess something about this work: I couldn’t finish it because the feeling I wanted to express –fortunately- abandoned me before I do it. But, finally,  I thought it was ready because it reflects my message brutally.


Mi mensaje: Si te abruma el cansancio y quieres rendirte… Levántate, con la frente en alto, busca energía hasta en el aire que respiras y continúa! Es por ti! Aun cuando tengas que comenzar de nuevo, procura que en ningún tiempo el desamor hacia ti… provenga de tu alma.

Tengo que confesar algo sobre este trabajo: no pude terminarlo porque el sentimiento que quería expresar-por suerte-me abandonó antes de hacerlo. Pero, finalmente, pensé que estaba listo porque refleja mi mensaje brutalmente.


Oct 02 2013

Featured Artist: Valérie Cabaret

Featured Artist: Valérie Cabaret

Notes from the Artist:
I am French. I started painting in Nancy. Then I moved to Paris and took some drawing lessons. I moved in 2011 to Bergen, in the Netherlands. Bergen is a village in which a lot of artists live. So, I took lessons with different painters to try new techniques. My style is semi figurative and I love painting women. I use mortar, collage, resin , sprays, according to my mood. I am influenced by art nouveau, Tamara DE lempicka, Kees van Dongen,, Picasso and stylists like Dior.

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Jan 24 2014

Featured Artist: Anna Dart

Featured Artist: Anna Dart

No, I’m not human , I have watercolor in my veins …img_3774

In the diversity of topics that provides art, portrait, is certainly the most intellectual of all, and where the artist has to act pictorial psychological translator , conveying the image that captures the look and offered us the sitter , showing likeness, personality and even mood.


Anna Dart on the Web:
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