Apr 15 2014

Featured Artist: Tahelys Zerpa Photography

Featured Artist: Tahelys Zerpa

About the Artist:
Plastic Artist, Illustrator, Designer and Photographer Venezuelan Fashion. Art Lover.

Tahelys Zerpa on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Tahelys-Zerpa-Photography/334326483354531


Apr 12 2014

Sheila Green – Creating Portraits with Personality

Featured Artist: Sheila Green

Notes from the Artist:
I`m a artist live in Nova Scotia, Canada.
I`ve only been painting for 2 years now. From the beginning, painting has never been daunting to me. I am very “in the moment” , and love the process of creating a 3D appearance on a flat surface. Sometimes when I finish a painting or sketch, I am shocked with just how life-like it is! What a wonderful feeling!
I paint commissions (mostly portraiture) and recently had some of my work in a local Art Show. It was a great experience- I was able to see a complete stranger walk up to one of my paintings, point at it, and buy it! How rewarding that was!
My family and friends provide a wonderful support system. My husband and son have encouraged me from my very first painting, when I didn`t even know I was an artist yet.
The best part about being a portrait artist is bringing life to a canvas. It`s amazing how many colors one can see in flesh. Being able to portray that little bit of character unique to each person is a gift I love to share.
Sheila Green Fine Artist

Sheila Green on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/originalsbysheila


Apr 10 2014

Featured Artist: Tiago Oliveira

Featured Artist: Tiago Oliveira

Tiago Oliveira on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tiago.sa.oliveira


Apr 10 2014

Featured Artist: Tahelys Zerpa

Featured Artist: Tahelys Zerpa

About the Artist:
Plastic Artist, Illustrator, Designer and Photographer Venezuelan Fashion. Art Lover.

Tahelys Zerpa on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tahelyszerpa


Apr 10 2014

The first time, always sweet

The first time I saw you

Your smile got my attention.

I thought about the song

That says “I will always love you”.


The first time I walked next to you

The wonderful smell of your body made me lose my senses.

I thought about that poem

Which declares “To be happy, I need you?”


The first time I hugged you

The exotic form of your body made me dream.

I thought about a lovely saying

Stating “The river of love I want to swim with you”.


The first time I kissed you

The tenderness of your lips made me close my eyes.

I thought about that phrase

That states “I fell in love with you”.


The first time we slept together

After our wedding I felt very proud.

I thought about my grandmother

When telling me “When you grow up enjoy your life, laugh laud”.


Oh the first time!

I swear, god is my witness,

Was each time

An experience full of sweetness.



Poem by Lucio Muñoz

Vancouver, BC, Canada

April 10, 2014.



Aug 22 2010

Missing Owner

Featured Artist:  Leanne (Victoria, Australia) – http://findingherfocus.com


May 10 2013

Featured Artist: Christine Adey Landscape Artist

Featured Artist: Christine Adey

Notes from the Artist:
I was trained at Farnham Art School.
The met Frank in Advertising and worked as a photographer with him on many accounts.
After three children, we moved to the West Country and carried on with Advertising work for a few years.
We then moved to Croyde (Frank still runs Croyde Devon web site with my son Mike).
Have always loved photography and built up a large library of work.
After our spell running a B&B in Croyde, we moved to Gables Tea Rooms at Umberleigh, we ran this for five years until recession…
From our friends in Croyde, the well known Keith the Croyde Sweep, he said I should try Sweeping…
(I don’t think Frank was too pleased)…but we have done that for four years and I do like it. Meeting many people and styles of homes.
I have started working on my mixed media abstract work & Photography, while Frank has concentrating on his portrait theme drawing.
I have called my abstract work ‘Earth Elements’
My second daughter (Korinna) was in final of Miss England and did a lot of modelling until she too had children.


Dec 07 2010

UK Plein Air Painting

Featured Artist: Antony Bridge

Antony J. Bridge was born in 1980. He is a self taught artist based in the centre of the UK. Growing up in Malvern in an area of outstanding beauty, he began to understand the peace, power and solitude of the landscape and has been inspired ever since. Antony doesn’t just paint just good light scenes like many artists do, he just gets out there in all weathers, rainy, grey, bright, misty and finds a location inspiring to paint, sets up either his french easel or pochade box and gets to work with his oil paints.
Antony’s work is now praised, and collected, by many prominent art enthusiasts from all around the world from Monaco, South Africa, New York, New Zealand.

He has/is represented and showed by various major art galleries, a few are listed below.

• John Noott Modern, Broadway
• Bath Prize 2010
• Royal Western Academy
• Greenstage Gallery, Fromes Hill
• The Great Atlantic Gallery, Monmouth
• Malvern Theatres
• The Cowleigh Gallery, Malvern
• The Gallery at Bevere, Worcester
• The Foal Yard Gallery

Plein air painting allows Antony to combine his two main passions for art and nature. He can’t think of a better way to spend a day than being out amongst the elements, trying to capture that special “something” about a place or time. Throughout his years of painting so far the thing he has learnt the most is; “it’s not learning how to paint, it’s learning how to see”.
His biggest influences would be the French Impressionists, particularly Claude Monet, Cezanne, Manet and also Sargent for his use of oils. Contemporary artists he admires include Neil Pinkett, Trevor Chamberlain, Jian Wang among others.

Sites to view Antonys work:

To contact Antony send email to: antony@antonybridge.co.uk


Aug 28 2011

Quick Sketchbook Studies and other Drawings – By Carla Houze’

Featured Artist: Carla Houze’
Carla Houze’ on Facebook

Notes from the Artist:
I love trying to capture beautiful things that speak to me. Movement, line, subtle visual information is what gets my attention. My work tells you all about me.


Sep 22 2012

Featured Artist: Adithya Vasudevan

Featured Artist: Adithya Vasudevan

Notes from the Artist:
They say, “You never stop learning”. I couldn’t agree more. I learn everyday, every moment, at every click of the camera, finding ways to improve and explore the various aspects of a noble passion called Photography.
Please feel free to lay across your valuable suggestions and critiques of any sort. After all, I learn more when my mistakes are pointed out :)


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