Mar 25 2015

A wonderful day


I got up early

In the morning…

I saw the mountain

Kissing the sun…


After my siesta

This afternoon…

I saw the clouds

Playing with the wind…


This evening

During my patio dinner….

I saw Peak

Staring at the moon…


Late tonight

With my window opened…

I plan to fall asleep

Counting wishing stars…



I feel okay…

A wonderful day

I am happy to say…



Poem by Lucio Muñoz

Vancouver, BC, Canada

March 25, 2015.


Mar 24 2015

What a wonderful thing!


I saw her coming

And I thought…

If there is paradise

It must be like her.


I saw her at the eatery

And I thought…

If there is something delicious in life to taste

It must be her.


I saw her in my dream

And I thought…

If there is a surprise without owner

It has to be her.


Again, I saw her coming

I walked towards her

I saw her smiling

Oh what a wonderful thing!



Poem by Lucio Muñoz

Vancouver, BC, Canada

March 24, 2015


Mar 16 2015

Man Puts His iPhone Inside A Guitar and Begins To Play.

This guy had an awesome idea, he took his iPhone and put it inside his guitar, turned on the camera, and started to play. He wanted to get a good look at what the strings look like when they are played. What is captured is mesmerizing. You can almost see the music being played visually. It’s very cool when people mix traditional instruments with new technology. Make sure you watch the strings.


There’s actually more to it than just dropping your phone in the guitar.
The effect seen in the video is called rolling shutter. Reminiscent of a strobe light, the rolling shutter effect does not capture all elements of an image at exactly the same time, but portrays each frame in its entirety during playback.


Mar 14 2015

So the past rests in peace

Today the sky looked like it was about to cry

Even though the sun was about to come out.

And last night a river of memories flooded my heart

Making him cry of immense sadness.

Tomorrow I swear I will go to church to pray

So the past rests in peace.



Poem by Lucio Muñoz

Vancouver, BC, Canadá

March 14, 2015


Mar 11 2015

Sharing my latest haiku eBooks to catch up with 2014

My dear friends I am sharing with you four of my newest e-haiku books, if you like at least one of them my job as a writer is done.  Happy reading


2014 Haiku 5-7-5: General

2014 Haiku 5-7-5: Love

2014 Haiku 5-7-5: Nature

2014 Haiku 5-7-5: Nontraditional


All my eBooks in English can be seen and read through the link below:


May 12 2011

Selected Art Work of Jindřich Pevný

Featured Artist: Jindřich Pevný

About the Artist:

Jindrich Pevny was born on 17 January 1961 in Plzen, Czech Republic. He lives and works in the Czech-Moravian Highlands. He had various jobs before he could fully devote himself to his art work. His professional artistic career started in the early nineties (after the recent changes in the political landscape of the Czech Republic). His mediums of expression are painting, plastic art and graphic arts. He has had more than fifty solo and group exhibitions. In 2005, he was awarded the Jury’s Award at’The International Biennial of Small Graphics’, grafix, Breclav 2005. His artworks are found in both public and private collections in Czech Republic, France, Denmark, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Argentina, Germany.


Jun 25 2011

Featured Artist: Thom Puckey

Featured Artist: Thom Puckey

Post Provided By: MsÂly Kâ

Thom Puckey: Notes on my work
My project: marble figures, life size, female, nude, formally posed, and with attributes in the form of weapons (modern firearms and knives of varying types and sizes). My techniques are anachronistic, following closely those of the late 18th / early 19th century. The sculpture is modelled in clay; it is cast in plaster; the plaster is copied over into marble. The basic formality of the sculptures is that of the period just following neo-classicism. Anti-baroque, a strong feeling of formal stability, very ‘posed’ and composed, with nothing portrayed within the composition which could not in some way or another happen in real life. In this last sense I can accept the epithet ‘realism’. The formal and stylistic qualities of sculptors like Canova, Bartolini, Houdon, Dupré etc. have had their influence on my work. I admire in particular the manner of translating flesh into marble in the work of these sculptors, something which later lost its way amongst the academicism of the late 19th century, and deserves to be restored. The softness and semi-transparency of good marble has a way of almost becoming flesh, in a way as much beautiful as it is obscene. It is also an ideal material for achieving exquisite contrasts between hard and soft, a quality I use more and more both in the figures and in the attributes round them. Many, though not all of the poses in my work are borrowed and adapted from sculpture and painting sources; a good example being ‘A.V. with RPG-7 and Knife’ which was adapted from Ingres’ painting, ‘Oedipus and the Sphinx’.

The nudity in my work is the area where I allow two types of obsession with the female nude to overlap with each other. The ‘classical’ obsession and the cultural obsession which surfaced in the 1960s and which has grown and grown ever since then. The one where the taboo is disguised and allowed by ‘responsible’ artistic tradition, and the other where the taboo is pushed against and aside by ‘irresponsible’, incorrect, commercial and sexual interests. I play directly into these two types of approaches to the nude, I temper the particular obscenity of the one with the particular obscenity of the other. I allow posed 19th century-like formalities bring a kind of order to 20th and 21st century violent indecency. The presence of modern weapons in the sculptures makes them seem contemporary in a cheap kind of way, this I realise. I like this suggestion of cheapness, I play into it. Chicks and guns. At the same time I let the matter overlap with the threatened, threatening, violent female figure of history and myth, from the Papin sisters, through to Diana, Lucretia, Judith and so on. I take great care with the details in the weapons, they need to be as accurate as possible within the carving process. The portrayal of weapons in war monuments has influenced me greatly, and there remains of course an adolescent-like fascination with these things which I rhyme with Klossowski’s analysis of the nude in art, involving in his view a similar type of fascination (‘The Decadence of the Nude’).

Building my works up in clay remains an achingly long process, involving working from a live model, and allowing myself the freedom of a painter to begin with something before I’m completely clear about how I want it to end. I maintain flexibility in the development of ideas and idea-structures, letting the work generate its own ideas as the process goes on. The work must be open to being adapted, with grinder, saw, knife and welding machine, for as long a period as possible. I do the plaster-casting myself. The marble carving is carried out by Studio Stagetti in Pietrasanta. I’m present for long periods during the carving process, particularly in the final stages where I do much of the surface-finishing myself.


Jun 11 2013

Featured Artist: Talavera-Ballon

Featured Artist: Talavera-Ballon

About the Artist:
Talavera-Ballón is a professional working visual artist from Arequipa, Perú. For many years, his work has been exhibited in several art galleries and museums across Perú, Chile, Argentina and the U.S.A. including the U.S. Embassy, Lima, Peru (Noche de Arte); Universidad San Martín de Porres, Lima; Centro Cultural El Olivar de San Isidro (Municipalidad de San Isidro, Lima); Museo Qoricancha, Cuzco; Museo de Arte Contempora neo, Cuzco; the Peruvian Embassy, Washington, DC; the Latino Art Museum, Pomona, CA; and Artist Exchange, San Francisco, CA.

A disciple of world-acclaimed watercolorist Luis Palao Berastain, Talavera-Ballón captures with extraordinary talent the very essence of ordinary people’s lives across diverse regions and cultures of the Americas. He works as a freelance artist and makes a living off the art he creates. He’s been making masterpieces for over fifteen years…and continuing…

Talavera-Ballon on the Web:
Talavera-Ballon on Facebook:


Oct 23 2010

Immersion Between Worlds

Featured Artist Hossam ElKady

Immersion Between Worlds by Hossam ElKady

Immersion between worlds
Acrylic on paper
40 × 30 cm
Hossam ElKady 2006


Nov 22 2010


Featured Artist: Sonja Ljubicic
Notes from the Artist:
So these are all miniatures up to something around 30x25cm and smaller… I like to do them during boring classes when I cannot draw a large scale drawing :)


“Madame de Renal was faithful to her promise. She did not seek in any way to take her own life; but, three days after Julien, died while embracing her children.” Last sentence of “The Red and the Black” by Stendhal
Featured Artist: Sonja Ljubicic


Finally finished it after 3 days…
Dimensions- 30x20cm
Media- pen, pencil, coloured pencils
Future gift for Graeme Wilkinson… :)
Featured Artist: Sonja Ljubicic


Finally finished after 4 days…Inspired by an image form my favourite film “Quills” :)
dimensions-around 30x20cm
media-pen.pencil, coloured pencils
Featured Artist: Sonja Ljubicic

Finally after 3 months I manage to do a miniature drawing…hope you like it.. the concept is simple because this is a rebound drawing, so I wanted something simple.
I did it as a present for a great friend of mine for his b day :)
Featured Artist: Sonja Ljubicic


And another old miniature now photographed. One my my personal favourites..
media: pencil, pen, coloured pencils, and markers on paper.
Featured Artist: Sonja Ljubicic


This is an old miniature of mine, but this is the first time I had someone who knows how to take a good photo of it…where all the detail can be seen. :)
Featured Artist: Sonja Ljubicic


Another old miniature restored by my friend Nemanja. This one was done as a present for my friend Visnja last winter-spring(I’m not really sure lol).
A5 format
media: pen, pencil, coloured pencils on paper
Featured Artist: Sonja Ljubicic


Finally my good friend Nemanja took an excellent photograph of this miniature…it’s probably the oldest one I got… I was about 15 when did this one…I think the difference in style can be easily seen.
Featured Artist: Sonja Ljubicic


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