Sep 07 2015

A promise from my friends and me

I talked to the Sky

And he told me he feels

Better when there is no rain.


I talked to the Wind

And he told me he feels

Better when there are no mountains.


I talked to your heart

And he told me very loudly

He is happier when he is only with me.


You should expect no rain,

No mountains,

And happiness;

A promise from my friends Sky, Wind and me.


Poem by Lucio Muñoz

Vancouver, BC, Canada

September 07, 2015


Jul 18 2015

Together for ever


You are the moon

And I am the tallest peak

In the world blindly in love with you.


I am happy

Because I know I will see you

Tonight and admire your immense beauty again.


You are glad

Because you know I will see

You with loving eyes until the end of time.



And me





Poem by Lucio Muñoz

Vancouver, BC, Canada

July 18, 2015


Jul 03 2015

Bees, Beetles and Butterflies: A Photoshow

Bees, Beetles and Butterflies: A Photoshow


Jul 01 2015

Happy Canada Day


Happy Canada
Day-I hear people singing
Oh Canada! Eh. 


Haiku por Lucio Munoz

Vancouver, BC, Canada

July 01, 2015


Jun 22 2015

The first time

The first time I fell in love

Knowing that I was not

The chosen one…

I wrote a haiku to sadness.


The first time I met someone

Who smiled at me and liked

My crazy personality…

I wrote a poem of hope


The first time I tasted sweet kisses

With my eyes closed and

My heart singing…

I wrote a song to love           


The first time I could take a moment

To think about my past

And my lucky life…

I wrote a story of happiness.


First, I wrote a haiku to sadness,

Then, a poem of hope,

Next, I wrote a song to love,

And finally, I wrote a story of happiness.


Poem by Lucio Muñoz

Vancouver, BC, Canada

June 22, 2015


Apr 15 2013

Featured Artist: Anahid Aslanyan

Featured Artist: Anahid Aslanyan

About the Artist:
Anahid Aslanyan is an Armenian/American artist born in Iran. San Francisco is her home, She has been drawing since childhood. She lived and exhibited at the historical Goodman Building, an artists’ community in the city in the early eighties. Later she obtained a BFA from S.F. Art Institute in 1988. Her work has been shown and published since 1978. She has also exhibited Internationally in Armenia and the Czech Republic. Nature is the strongest inspiration for her work.This is art that comes from the spirit, exploring the dream universe of the soul.

Artist’s Statement:
I follow my vision wherever it takes me without regard for trends or fashion. The painting is a vehicle of expression, a magical process, the artist being a vessel or channel for the muse. I rarely impose my ideas on the painting, instead, I let the painting tell me what needs to be done next. This intuitive process is what makes art-making so exciting and unpredictable. I do use drawings, photographs I take, collages, but all in the service of the vision that is presenting itself at the moment and changing as it completes itself.
I work in acrylics, oils and mixed-media assemblage.

Anahid Aslanyan’s Website
Anahid Aslanyan’s Blog


Sep 24 2013

Featured Artist: Tim E. Bush

Featured Artist: Tim E. Bush

About the Artist:
Tim E. Bush is an abstract digital artist that has been making art for as long as he can remember. In his latest series, he is painting silhouettes of animals, and shapes, with abstract colors and designs within. Not having a degree, this didn’t stop him, as he is painting and blogging away every day. Having a disability, he doesn’t let this deter him either. He works past his illness and is able to paint and write as well as possible. Check him out on where he sells prints and products with his artwork on them. He is donating 20% of his royalties towards WWF in honor of his new animal series. His blog is at

Tim’s Blog:
Tim’s Website:
Tim’s Zazzle Shop:
Tim’s Etsy Store:
Tim on Society 6:
Tim on Facebook:


Feb 28 2013

Featured Artist: Ashley Green

Featured Artist: Ashley Green
I see art in everything I do…painting and photography


Jan 24 2011

Siriphong Pakaratsakun – Melody of Mind

Featured Artisit: Siriphong Pakaratsakun

Notes from the Artist:
If you asked me about the origin of Arts:
“It is simply spontaneous and comes from the heart, it develops out of the moment.”


Feb 22 2012

The Dualism

Visit The Dualism

Were they right about your difficulty with ambivalence and duality?

The Dualism Photography Book – Preview 1 from The Dualism on Vimeo.

Photos that take you on a voyage watching souls both glamorous and numb; unravelling sheets of love and hate, stripped of empathy, but never quite indifferent; meeting heroes and heroines, gods and goddesses;
wandering through Caravaggio’s shadows and the crisp suburbs of hell;
visiting the dark ghettos of the mind, catching the decay of our souls through reflections of ourselves and touching on the frailties of our desperate humanity.

You’ll be a parent for a while and a child for eternity, you’ll admire the things you don’t yet fully understand, contemplate the sadness in beauty and the joy of things so mundane that they’ll pull you into a whirling vortex of emotion, and..despite the urge to escape,
you’ll surrender to the maelstrom,
for what you see… is yourself

The Dualism Photography Book – Preview 2 from The Dualism on Vimeo.

The Dualism Vol.I is the first volume of a photographic art book series that is to inspire and influence a new art movement.

The Dualism, based on the view/concept that the world consists of two fundamental principles that co-exist together, they compliment each other like the yin and yang in eastern culture, or they conflict in the western one, under this comes the duality between mind and body, mind and matter, moral duality and the conflict between good and evil.
Furthermore, the definition of Dualism in art, psychology, philosophy, religions and all other aspects of life takes different forms.


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