Nov 16 2014



Without them my youth

Would have been without adventures,

My friends,

My heroes.


Without them I could not have

Survived the social breakdown,

My friends,

My lifeguards.


Without them my world

Is really strange,

My friends,

My best memories.


My heroes,

My lifeguards,

My best memories,

My friends.


Poem by Lucio Muñoz

Vancouver, BC, Canada

November 16, 2014


Oct 14 2014

“Sneaky Fox” by Skye Elizabeth Wieland

“Sneaky Fox”

Sneaky Fox is a mixed media artwork that was created with oil pastels and oil paints on cartridge paper with black gesso base. Sneaky Fox was inspired by my current interest in foxes and was the best work that came out of a series of commissioned pastels that I worked on.

If you liked my painting of Sneaky Fox, please don’t hesitate to visit my online store at to purchase prints, clothing or other apparel with this design.
(These look particularly lovely on the throw cushions)

The creation of this painting can be viewed on my Speed Painting video on YouTube

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Oct 14 2014

Featured Artist: Darryl Thomas

Featured Artist: Darryl Thomas

Notes from the Artist:
My name is Darryl Thomas and I am a 68 year old veteran and a stroke victim.
I was a professional musician for almost 50 years. During that time I managed to draw something every once-in-a-while until the last 10 years before an illness which devastated my beloved career. After the initial shock, I bought my second computer
and began teaching myself how to use certain art programs to produce the work I was doing before with brushes and paint, and create art work even more satisfying and more challenging than anything I had ever imagined before. The possibilities are absolutely endless. Not to mention cutting expenses of paint; brushes, and canvas; just to name a few.


Oct 13 2014

Featured Artist: Debra Spegal

Featured Artist: Debra Spegal

Davy Crockett Lake painting 2

November Morning 2

Notes from the Artist:
I am basically a self-taught artist who began drawing and painting at the age of 12. While most of my work is done on a commission basis, I do find time to paint the things I love. Flowers, landscapes, cats, are all a part of my life and my art. My work has been featured on greeting cards and posters. I love drawing and painting older homes, especailly old homeplaces that have character and family history.

Debra Spegal on the Web:
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Oct 12 2014

Featured Artist: Gail Kirtz

Featured Artist: Gail Kirtz

About the Artist:
Gail Kirtz has been a professional artist for twenty years and is known for her richly colored landscapes and expressionistic collages. She was born in Dundalk, MD and grew up in Ashland KY, where she still lives. Her formal art education included fine art studies at The University of Kentucky, specializing in painting and 3-D design. She works in a variety of mediums. Her works hang in private and corporate collections in several states.
She is inspired by the local as well as far afield. Her art is motivated by thought and feeling, using a variety of concepts, showing her growth in the practice of her profession.
Her mixed media collages, oil, acrylic, pastel and watercolor paintings have won over two hundred awards in regional and national juried and open shows.
Images of four of her paintings were purchased by Hollywood filmmaker Wm. John Thinnes and included for use in his independent film “Cold Trail”. Mr. Thinnes is best known for his work on “Th
e Lion King”, Beauty And The Beast”, “Pocahontas”, “Aladdin” and more.

Her studio “Art Of The Redeemed” formerly was located in the Camayo Arcade and the Pendleton Art Center. She currently is creating and teaching
in her home studio.

She is known for her richly colored landscapes and her expressionistic collages.

Gail Kirtz on the Web:


Sep 11 2014

Featured Artist: Nona K

Featured Artist: Nona K

Notes from the Artist:
I am a seventy-four year old grandmother of four. For most of those years, a pencil has been almost an additional finger. Sketch books were always the first thing in my bag and the first out awaiting the strokes of my trusty pencil. Although my work was and remains a very large piece of who I am, I have very seldom shared my talent with others feeling that the art was not worthy. But as I have grown older, I have found that something done from the heart, any heart, even mine, is indeed worthy, and, perhaps may even enrich some one’s outlook.


Mar 13 2013

Featured Artist: AmaSilyS

Featured Artist: AmaSilyS

Notes from ‘The Art Blogger’
This post has been a long time coming. I have so much to say about this wonderful artist that I feel I am not able to actually process it all and translate my thoughts into words. I will do my best however I already know I will fall short of doing AmaSilyS true justice.

I first came across AmaSilyS work back in 2010 and I have been a fan ever since. It is her range of talents that I believe keeps me captivated. AmaSilyS has a soul born for art in all its forms, sculpture, painting, mixed media, AmaSilyS simply sees art in everything she lays her eyes and hands upon. I encourage you to visit AmaSilyS website, Facebook page and blog to take a closer look at her art work and to get to know her better. I promise you that your artistic soul will thank you again and again for the experience.

– Mike Maliska (AKA The Art Blogger)

Notes About AmaSilyS:
Born in Maracay (Aragua, Venezuela), 1972.
Irremediable optimist and curious about the ‘how to make…’

Although her early artworks (Prima inspiraCtion Collection) were made when she was about 19 years, she still consider herself as emerging Visual Artist because, leaving behind a track to 16 years working in advertising, marketing, graphic design and radio production, over the last 04 years is dedicated 100 % to what she is absolutely passionate about: Being Visual Artist, Writer and Designer.

Self-taught in art. She recently completed a small collection of works in his style Toy-Art called Strong InspiraCtion (Fuerte InspiraCción) that, mostly, are wood sculptures, pyrography and painted with acrylic. Currently (2011-12) is dedicated to developing their next collection, mainly paintings: muackS!!! inspiraCtion.

Basically, she works with acrylic on canvas and wood. She uses wood as support for her paintings and for making her sculptures. Her painting technique is based on touches with the brush and sponges to create unique textures. She gives attention to each detail, her works are for to be seen and enjoyed so much closely as from a distance.

Regarding her works on furniture design, she has combined her artistic spirit with artisanal techniques to start designing and creating furniture. Her e-curvas chair is her first step into this field of design.

From 2009 she has participated in several group exhibitions in Colombia, Spain (Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga), Mexico, Norway, Australia and Korea.


Artist’s Statement:
‘Honestly, beyond my curiosity to find out where acrylic paints and wood can take me, beyond the personal satisfaction of knowing myself creator of… What really inspires me is that constructive sensations remain deep inside of people when they look at my works.

I believe that my soul is in charge of the inspiration… and my hands of the action… Therefore my collections have the word inspiraCtion as its surname.’

AmaSilyS on the Web:
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AmaSilyS Blog:

See some other great posts here on The Artistic Blog by AmaSilyS


Nov 06 2013

Featured Artist: Georgia Doyle

Featured Artist: Georgia Doyle

Notes from the Artist: I started seriously drawing when I was 13 back in the late 1970’s. I started painting in oils at the age of 14. I am self taught, with instruction from my dad who painted a little and I got to be a part of an art painting group in the late 1980’s for about 6 months.
I mainly paint or draw portraits, but I do like to venture off into fantasy paintings too. I do not paint just one genre, I jump around from Native American Indians, to portraits of dolls or animals..

Georgia Doyle’s Etsy Store:

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Mar 05 2011

my kind of art

My name is Maxi Pettek, I am an artist living and working in Austria, born in Munich/Germany where I studied painting and art history.
I am painting, drawing, creating life-size peculiar pupae, photographing: people-landscapes-things (moods)
in my creative phases I am very passionate, time and space disappear, it is a kind of meditative condition, when it`s done I`m always totally depleted, the best way to get relaxed then is to take a walk with my dog in the wood.
I get a lot of energy from my family, best husband ever, 2 gorgeous sons, dog and cat.
besides I love singing, dancing, gardening, haut cusine, designing chilling with friends and many more…..have fun with my kind of art


Mar 21 2014

CApixART Fine Art Abstracts by Chris Axford

Featured work from CApixART

Notes from the Artist:
CApixART Fine Art Abstracts by Chris Axford
CApixART is short for C A pixel ART. It seemed logical to pick that name as my primary interest is “pixel” art on the computer. I use different applications to create my art. I will experiment with anything really! My interest is in the abstract, but also in the “real world” of modern impressionist art.

I am a self-taught artist with no formal training; having a natural talent and flair has enabled me to experiment with different styles and media. These digital abstracts painted with large loose palette knife strokes in beautifull colors and hues, are the result that has given me the most pleasure. These stunning paintings are just some of the CApixART Abstract series. Please check out the others in the same series.


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