Jul 25 2016



The simple reason

I would quite happily give

Up everything-Love.


Haiku by Lucio Muñoz

Vancouver, BC, Canada



Jun 25 2016


Suddenly the whole
European union is
in deep shock-BREXIT.


Haiku by Lucio Munoz

Vancouver, BC, Canada



Apr 15 2016

Three wishes


When I was young

I wished for a princess one day-

Out of nowhere it came, a strong,

Beautiful lady.


When I was married

I wished to make my queen very happy-

Out of nowhere a love storm came

Turning sour my honey.


Now newly single

I wished for a princes or a queen one day-

Out of nowhere it will come for sure

And I am ready again to play.


Young and crazy,

Married and thoughtful,

Newly single and hopeful,

Three wishes, believe me each of them worthy.



Poem by Lucio Muñoz

Vancouver, BC, Canada




Apr 14 2016

A working love triangle


A beautiful rose

Once fell in love with both

A hummingbird and me at the same time.


Knowing that not being able to

Fly I was not a match for the hummingbird

During the day I was afraid of losing her.


The hummingbird knowing that

He could not be a match for me

At night was also afraid of losing her.


Then one day rose proposed a solution

To this situation: She would belong to hummingbird

During the day; and to me during the night and we all agreed.




And me-

A nicely working love triangle.



Poem by Lucio Muñoz

Vancouver, BC, Canada



Sep 07 2015

A promise from my friends and me

I talked to the Sky

And he told me he feels

Better when there is no rain.


I talked to the Wind

And he told me he feels

Better when there are no mountains.


I talked to your heart

And he told me very loudly

He is happier when he is only with me.


You should expect no rain,

No mountains,

And happiness;

A promise from my friends Sky, Wind and me.


Poem by Lucio Muñoz

Vancouver, BC, Canada

September 07, 2015



Sep 13 2013

Featured Artist: Yousef Sadek

Featured Artist: Yousef Sadek

Notes from the Artist:
YousefMy works speak than alive and experiment. Art is the result of my walk through life in the infinite journey. Apprehend with the look, things, places, people and moments that touch me. Inside my uniqueness and experiences, I’m single, an island, and my art builds bridges that connect me to the world and to people in a vast network of identifications, affinities and congruences, approaching and speaking the same universal language: The balance.

Yousef Sadek on the Web: http://www.woodns.it/4/youssef_sadek_2539054.html

Yousef Sadek on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RkxPlIMy350&feature=youtu.be

Yousef Sadek on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Ycu2C


Apr 19 2011

FUCHS ! nach f.marc aquarell

Featured Artist: Karla Fischer


Aug 12 2011

From So Simple a Beginning

Featured Artist: Pery Burge

A sequence of radial spreads inspired by Darwin’s words

This video, one of five prizewinners, was a response to a challenge set in 2009 by New Scientist magazine to illustrate the final sentence from Darwin’s ‘Origin of Species’ with a work of art. I chose to illustrate part of the sentence, namely ‘…from so simple a beginning endless forms most beautiful …’

I wanted to show how the ink in water patterns which I create through surface tension driven flow can all start in a simple way (a circle of paint and ink on the water’s surface) and then develop into complex, unique forms as they begin to move. These forms show great diversity because of physical and chemical variations in their makeup, and in the conditions of their evolution as they move outwards. Although the ‘inkplosions’, as I call them, all share a bisymmetrical form, each one is unique, in the same way that all living organisms display unique features.

As well as reminding us of living organisms, the evolving forms also have elements in common with macroscopic phenomena, such as exploding supernovae or shifting nebulae. This is not just a superficial resemblance, but one which echoes the similarity of the processes involved – the common element being matter moving outward at great speeds, creating increasingly complex patterning as it does so. Different inks highlight different aspects of these forms, and the use of bubbles provides thin outflows which form their own unique type of patterning (I call these ‘bubblespreads’).

Links between small-scale and large-scale phenomena are one of my main concerns as an artist, and I encourage my viewers to seek connections between the two. There is a degree of ambiguity in these video images, and an imaginative contribution from the viewer supplies the final creative link. I wanted people to ‘get the message’ of the video through their own understanding, rather than by any statement on my part, and so text is kept to a minimum (I just have Darwin’s quote at the beginning and at the end). I chose ambient music that would enhance the mood of the images, and allow people’s imagination to engage.

Video effects are also kept to a minimum, as I felt they would detract from the main point of the video. I did, however, make a lot of use of slow motion, so that the viewer could experience the outward movement and subsequent patterning more fully, and relax into the experience.

I have been working with ink in water for the past five years, and my methods, particularly with surface tension work, have been considered to be innovative. My work has been written up in several refereed journals, including ‘Leonardo’. A full list of publications is at my website (address given below).

I see my role as an artist as a catalyst for nature; my philosophy is that nature is the best artist. I aim to try and show the beauty of nature to as many people as possible.

More of my work can be seen at YouTube, and at my website:
Pery Burge


Oct 02 2012

Guitar for Stress Relief

Brought to you by Lifescapes

01 First Light
02 New Beginning
03 Never Alone
04 Easy Breeze
05 The Path to the Beach
06 Sunshine On The Waves
07 Gift Of The Distant Shore
08 When You Wake
09 Call Of THe Distant shore
10 Today is the Day
11 Bright Morning Star
12 I was A Wanderer
13 Day Of Rest
14 Waking To Find


Jan 31 2011

New Whimsical Artists Site: WhimsicalArtists.com

New Site: WhimsicalArtists.com
There’s a new website I hope you all will check out:

Welcome to the world of whimsical art! Here are some favorite whimsical artists from around the country and world. Their whimsical artwork will hopefully incite your imagination and inspire your creativity. What is a whimsical artist? Explore and see for yourself what these whimsical artists have to offer with their whimsical art.

This website includes information about internationally acclaimed whimsical artists Tim Nyberg and Lucia Stewart, along with emerging whimsical artists Scott Plaster and Juli Cady Ray. If you like the site, please feel free to add the badge above on your own site!


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