Feb 16 2015

Featured Artist: Maurilio Raimondi

Featured Artist: Maurilio Raimondi

Notes from the Artist:

Traduzione italiana:
Studente, iscritto al corso di studi in Grafica presso l’Accademia di Belle Arti di Roma, da Ottobre 2013 ho avuto la possibilità di confrontarmi con una delle realtà più prestigiose del settore e comparare il processo creativo che caratterizzava i miei lavori precedenti, semplici e privi di qualsivoglia pretesa artistica, con un percorso di studi e un ambiente che, allo stesso tempo, hanno migliorato in maniera esponenziale le mie capacità e competenze prettamente tecniche e mi hanno conferito spirito critico e una più profonda coscienza delle potenzialità espressive che un settore mutevole come la Grafica ha da offrire. Abbandonando qualsiasi atteggiamento pretenzioso spero di trasmettere l’importanza che ho dato all’opportunità straordinaria che mi è stata concessa, per la quale sarò sempre grato ai miei genitori che mi hanno sempre sostenuto ed ammirato, Grazie.

I miei lavori si concentrano maggiormente sulla volontà di trasmettere un messaggio a chi li osserva. Tramite una voluta immediatezza visiva, cerco di comunicare visivamente i miei pensieri e le mie idee su vari aspetti della vita, della cultura e della società attuale evitando qualsiasi tipo di riflessione o interpretazione personale per assicurarmi che il mio messaggio arrivi chiaro all’osservatore, senza possibilità di fraintendimento.

English Translation:
Student , enrolled in the course in graphics at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome , from October 2013 I had the opportunity to confront one of the most prestigious in the industry and compare the creative process that characterized my previous works , simple and devoid of any artistic pretension , with a course of study and an environment that , at the same time , have improved exponentially my skills and typically technical skills and I have given a critical spirit and a deeper awareness of the expressive potential that a changing industry as Graphics has to offer . Abandoning any pretentious attitude I hope to convey the importance that I have given an extraordinary opportunity that I have been given , for which I will always be grateful to my parents who have always supported me and admired , Thanks.

My works focus more on the desire to convey a message to those who observe them . Through a deliberate visual immediacy , I try to visually communicate my thoughts and my ideas on various aspects of life, culture and society today avoiding any kind of reflection or personal interpretation to make sure that my message gets clear to the observer , without possibility of misunderstanding.

Maurilio Raimondi on the Web: http://www.gigarte.com/maudit-92
Maurilio Raimondi on Google+: https://plus.google.com/photos/+MaurilioRaimondi/albums/5926776524759456065
Maurilio Raimondi on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Maudit92


Feb 11 2015

“The Painters Point”

logoWonderful artists and friends of ours, Jess and Joseph Palotas from ‘Original Art By Joseph Palotas – Arts In Wonderland’ and the ‘Salem Art Center’ are working on a new project called “The Painters Point” and we invite you to read more about their project and learn how you can get involved.

‘Go Fund Me’ Project:

Brief Outline
The Painters Point is to be a weekly broadcast based on the idea of furthering the education of the visual arts to students of all ages. Each week will contain information about a predetermined subject matter in the visual arts. The show will have a demonstration with tips and tricks taught at a level almost all can understand. The show will give lessons over a wide range of skills needed to further one’s abilities in the Arts.

Detailed Synopis
The Painters Point opens with images of the lessons completed project. Instructor comes in to frame introduces him or herself and describes what the point of the lesson is to be. With completed projects to refer to the instructor then describes and presents the materials list that will be needed for the completion of the project.

With a general overview the instructor begins to go into further detail as the project begins. Speaking clearly and very descriptively the steps and tools are described while in use. The nature of what is being done will be communicated clearly and in more than one way. Slowdowns for the critical steps will occur so the viewing students have opportunities to examine and process the information.

The common areas of issue will be gone over with fix it tips and tricks. The appearance of Art the Aardvark happens now to lighten the mood reinforcing that art should always be fun and never be taken too seriously. Art will bring questions to the conversation while corrections are being made to help viewer comprehension of skills taught. The Painters Point is now made.

There will be episodes where our other charters make an appearance, Jessie Photo Bomb, Olden Grey and many more to come. There will be time travel in the ATM (Art Time Machine) which where Art and Jessie Photo Bomb will take a trip to the past to learn Art history.

A brief introduction to the next shows lesson is now given. Sign off with appreciation of viewers time and attention.

The Painters Point on the Web: http://www.thepainterspoint.com/
The Painters Point on Instagram: http://instagram.com/thepainterspoint
The Painters Point on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ThePaintersPoint

‘Go Fund Me’ Project:


Jan 30 2015

Life goes on


When I first saw her

Walking towards me

I jokingly said “Wao,

There comes my beautiful wife!”

(Be yourself, dream big).


When I first asked her

Out one spring day

She jokingly said “Wao,

Finally you asked me that honey!

(Take chances, they may say yes).


When we lived together

We used to jokingly say “Wao,

So far we have been able to survive

All types of weather.

(Go the extra mile, love to the fullest)


When we finally decided to go

Our own way we came to the conclusion

That we had a beautiful ride

With no regrets.

(Life goes on, be happy).



Poem by Lucio Muñoz

Vancouver, BC, Canada


January 29, 2015.


Jan 19 2015

Featured Artist: Petra Terslova

Featured Artist: Petra Terslova

About the Artist:
Petra´s artwork is inspired by real places. She aims to capture a unique atmosphere and mood of locations of her interest using vibrant colours and expressive brushstrokes. Most paintings are executed in acrylics and pastel. However, her portfolio also includes charcoal portraits created on commission.

Despite her Czech origin Petra lives alternately in London and Prague. Urban scenes are the main source of her inspiration. Petra graduated from the Charles University in Prague with master´s degree in law. Her initial interest in fine art appeared at a very early age and developed dramatically during her legal studies. Her plain-air painting in London attracted the attention of passers-by and turned to be an unexpected success. This resulted in Petra´s decision to become a professional artist.
Currently Petra builds her career in fine art and simultaneously pursues her legal studies to gain JD degree in law.

Artist Statement:
I tend to paint places that I have visited or people I know or I have met. I aim to capture a unique atmosphere and mood of locations that I find inspiring. These places include both busy cities and peaceful landscapes.

The characteristics of my artwork are vibrant colours and expressive brushstrokes. Most paintings are executed with acrylic and pastel. My portfolio also includes charcoal portraits created on commission.

I paint because it brings me joy, excitement and pleasure. I enjoy the creative, though sometimes arduous process. I see the world in dramatic images which I desire to put on a canvas and share with others.

Website: http://www.petraterslova.com/
Blog: http://petraterslova.wordpress.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/PetraTerslova
Linked In: https://www.linkedin.com/in/petraterslova
Artist Info Gallery: http://www.artistsinfo.co.uk/artist/petra-terslova/
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/petraterslova.artwork


Jan 15 2015

Featured Artist: Alison Mann

Featured Artist: Alison Mann

Notes from the Artist:
I live in France with my family and 3 goats, 2 big dogs and 6 cats, I am very much a country girl and never happier than when I am with the animals and looking after my garden.
On moving to France we bought a house in need of restoration, infact all it really had was walls and a roof. That was 9 years ago and it’s nearly finished!

I was a Garden Designer in England but soon found that in rural France people were only interested in what they could eat, not on having a well designed garden. So I turned to my first love painting! Although it wasn’t until 9 months ago that I decided to turn my hobby into a business.

I have painted for as long as I can remember and although I have taken different classes and experimented with different mediums, oil paints remain my passion. I love the way they glide on the canvas, the way they mix together to create a hue that often can never be exactly replicated.

I love the distinctive smell of oil paints. I get such a feeling of excitement when I open the door and walk into my studio. It’s my special place, my little haven of tranquility away from the world and the chaos that is my life.

Flowers remain my abiding passion. I have created a large flower garden out of what was once scrub land full of nettles and brambles, the emphasis being on colour and scent for as much of the year as possible. My garden is often the source of my inspiration as well as the beautiful countryside around me.

Alison Mann on the Web: http://www.tarnart.com/
Alison Mann on Twitter: https://twitter.com/tarnart
Alison Mann on Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/tarnartcom/
Alison Mann on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/www.tarnartcom


Jun 06 2014

Featured Artist: Kayla Walkinshaw

Featured Artist: Kayla Walkinshaw

Notes from the Artist:
I am art. It is my life , it is what I do. I bounce from style to style and medium to medium constantly trying out new ideas
I’ve done some commission work, though much of the art I’ve done is for myself. I have been taking art courses for 14 years but constantly learn
on my own. To me there is not better a gift than to have the ability to create, because creation has no boundaries or limits, it opens itself to your every idea.

Kayla Walkinshaw on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/organizedchaoz


Oct 21 2010

Sit Here!

Featured Artist Steve Rice (Olympia, United States)

Sit Here | Photo by Steve Rice | Sculpture by Sofie Siegmann

The sculpture: Sit Here!
The artist: Sofie Siegmann
This and several other works by Belgian artists are located in the Mojave Desert near Rhyolite, NV. These pieces are unusual and are, “Art where it seemingly shouldn’t be.”

Goldwell Open Air Museum
Part of the Roadside Oddities Series


Jul 10 2013

Featured Artist: Rania Mahfouz

Featured Artist: Rania Mahfouz

Notes from the Artist:
I’m 15 years old from Egypt. photography is my passion. Also photography is the way how can I share my feelings.

Rania Mahfouz on flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/ll-black-star-ll/
Rania Mahfouz on deviantART: http://ll-black-star-ll.deviantart.com/

Rania Mahfouz on Facebook


Nov 16 2010

Let’s do the twist!




Notes From the Artist: My Nickname Dutch: Because people have been asking… “Dutch” comes from a filming term “Dutch Angle” in which the camera is tilted to the side or upwards and to the side to instill a sense of drama or suspense in the scene. Pavan who is a film maker said I employ this method a lot in my work. I have a natural affinity to tilt my camera at angles. He nicknamed me Dutch and I kinda liked it. I’m not dutch by the way. I am an American of Norwegian, German & Swedish descent.


Apr 08 2014

Featured Artist: Ann Butler

Featured Artist: Ann Butler


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