Oct 14 2014

“Sneaky Fox” by Skye Elizabeth Wieland

“Sneaky Fox”

Sneaky Fox is a mixed media artwork that was created with oil pastels and oil paints on cartridge paper with black gesso base. Sneaky Fox was inspired by my current interest in foxes and was the best work that came out of a series of commissioned pastels that I worked on.

If you liked my painting of Sneaky Fox, please don’t hesitate to visit my online store at RedBubble.com to purchase prints, clothing or other apparel with this design.
(These look particularly lovely on the throw cushions)

The creation of this painting can be viewed on my Speed Painting video on YouTube

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Oct 14 2014

Featured Artist: Darryl Thomas

Featured Artist: Darryl Thomas

Notes from the Artist:
My name is Darryl Thomas and I am a 68 year old veteran and a stroke victim.
I was a professional musician for almost 50 years. During that time I managed to draw something every once-in-a-while until the last 10 years before an illness which devastated my beloved career. After the initial shock, I bought my second computer
and began teaching myself how to use certain art programs to produce the work I was doing before with brushes and paint, and create art work even more satisfying and more challenging than anything I had ever imagined before. The possibilities are absolutely endless. Not to mention cutting expenses of paint; brushes, and canvas; just to name a few.


Oct 13 2014

Featured Artist: Debra Spegal

Featured Artist: Debra Spegal

Davy Crockett Lake painting 2

November Morning 2

Notes from the Artist:
I am basically a self-taught artist who began drawing and painting at the age of 12. While most of my work is done on a commission basis, I do find time to paint the things I love. Flowers, landscapes, cats, are all a part of my life and my art. My work has been featured on greeting cards and posters. I love drawing and painting older homes, especailly old homeplaces that have character and family history.

Debra Spegal on the Web: http://debraspegal.fineartstudioonline.com/
Debra Spegal on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DebraWilliamsSpegalStudio


Oct 12 2014

Featured Artist: Gail Kirtz

Featured Artist: Gail Kirtz

About the Artist:
Gail Kirtz has been a professional artist for twenty years and is known for her richly colored landscapes and expressionistic collages. She was born in Dundalk, MD and grew up in Ashland KY, where she still lives. Her formal art education included fine art studies at The University of Kentucky, specializing in painting and 3-D design. She works in a variety of mediums. Her works hang in private and corporate collections in several states.
She is inspired by the local as well as far afield. Her art is motivated by thought and feeling, using a variety of concepts, showing her growth in the practice of her profession.
Her mixed media collages, oil, acrylic, pastel and watercolor paintings have won over two hundred awards in regional and national juried and open shows.
Images of four of her paintings were purchased by Hollywood filmmaker Wm. John Thinnes and included for use in his independent film “Cold Trail”. Mr. Thinnes is best known for his work on “Th
e Lion King”, Beauty And The Beast”, “Pocahontas”, “Aladdin” and more.

Her studio “Art Of The Redeemed” formerly was located in the Camayo Arcade and the Pendleton Art Center. She currently is creating and teaching
in her home studio.

She is known for her richly colored landscapes and her expressionistic collages.

Gail Kirtz on the Web: http://gail-kirtz.artistwebsites.com/


Oct 11 2014

Featured Artist: TQuinn

Featured Artist: TQuinn

About the Artist:
TQuinn has been painting for 2 years discovering his God given talent in retirement. He started sketching, then moved to watercolors and today he enjoys acrylics. He hopes everyone enjoys his paintings as much as he loves painting them.

TQuinn on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/TQuinn-Art/445686945507785


Sep 11 2010

Existed: Leonardo Drew at the DeCordova Sculpture Park & Museum

Number 8, 1988 | Cast paper, graphite, paper, and rust



September 18, 2010—January 9, 2011


Number 26, 1992 | Canvas, rust and wood


Spanning twenty years, Existed displays Drew’s seminal piece, Number 8 assembled in 1988, through the monumental Number 123, that has been re-fashioned by the artist specifically for deCordova in the Grand Stairwell. While the show’s title, Existed, refers to the past, its emphasis on a life lived invokes the present. It speaks of the profound human urge to leave a trace, to be remembered, to state “I was here.” As such, it is an appeal against forgetting and for remembering, an attempt to write oneself into history. Existed considers Drew’s interest in the cycles of life–birth, death, rebirth–that allows the past to be continually revealed through the present.

Born in Tallahasee, Florida and raised in Bridgeport, CT, Drew currently lives and works in Brooklyn, New York and San Antonio, Texas. Drew attended the Parsons School of Design and received a BFA from the Cooper Union in 1985. His work has been shown internationally, including at the Hirschhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, Washington DC; the Royal Hibernian Academy, Dublin; the Art Institute of Chicago; the Miami Art Museum; Tate Modern, London; and the St. Louis Art Museum.

This exhibition has been organized by the Blaffer Gallery, The Art Museum of the University of Houston. Major funding has been provided in part by an award from the National Endowment for the Arts, with additional support from the Eleanor and Frank Freed Foundation, the Harpo Foundation, the Linda Pace Foundation, The Fifth Floor Foundation, and Sikkema Jenkins & Co. Opening Reception sponsored by Welch & Forbes LLC.

is a mid-career survey of the New York based artist, Leonardo Drew. This exhibition highlights Drew’s career-long interest in the cyclical nature of creation, decay, and regeneration through a selection of large-scale sculptures, installations, and works on paper. Built from rows of stacked cotton and wooden boxes, stuffed with rags, covered with scavenged objects, and caked with rust to suggest degeneration, Drew’s sculptural work is made to resemble the detritus of everyday life. The artist often ages his found and fabricated materials, employing a process that is physically and conceptually steeped in memory, history, and the passage of time. These disparate materials are often composed within a grid that organizes the chaos into an ordered structure. Deeply informed by the theory and practice of mid-twentieth-century abstraction, post-minimal and process art, Drew’s emotionally-charged abstract compositions are evocative and carry both a metaphorical and historical weight. To encourage personal interpretation, Drew titles his works sequentially and explains that “the works in themselves should act as mirrors.”

Number 43, 1994 | Fabric, plastic, string, and wood

Number 28, 1992 | Canvas and rust & Number 104, 2005 | Cast paper, graphite, paper, and rustNumber 43, 1994 | Fabric, plastic, string, and woodNumber 43, 1994 | Fabric, plastic, string, and wood


Jan 13 2013

Jason Nelson (Stone Sculptor)

Featured Artist: Jason Nelson (Stone Sculptor)

jason-293x315About the Artist:
Jason was born and raised in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario. His interest in visual arts began at an early age. He began having
some commercial success as a painter by the age of 16. One of his earliest drawings is on permanent display in the VIA Rail
train station in North Bay, ON. At the age of 18, he was commissioned to paint public artwork for the City of Sault Ste Marie as
well as several murals for private businesses. After high-school, he briefly studied art at Sheridan College and then at Windsor
University. However, at this point in his life he lacked the focus and dedication that is needed to succeed as a full-time,
professional artist. He soon found himself scraping–out a living working in dead-end jobs.

In 1997 Jason met Cathy (the wonderful woman that he would eventually marry). The spirit of adventure soon lured the young
couple to the west coast. By this time Jason was in his early twenties and he was beginning to lose interest in painting. He
had always been intrigued and inspired by the classical style sculpture that he studied in Art History, but, it was in Victoria B.C.
that he first tried carving stone and his passion for art was rekindled. Because of financial limitations and the fact that he was
learning this art-form through personal investigation, trial and error, he had to start small with only the most basic of tools.

In 2000, their Northern Ontario roots drew Jason & Cathy back east, to Thunder Bay, where they settled-down to raise their
family. Jason was hired to be the resident sculptor at the Thunder Bay Agate Mine. However, they needed more money than
the Agate Mine was able to pay, to support his growing family. So, he began working in the forestry industry, planting and
thinning trees in the Great North Woods. These grueling jobs left him with little time and energy for his artwork, or, his family-
life. However, it did toughen him physically and mentally and taught him to respect, but not to fear powerful tools… traits that
would help him in his emerging career as a sculptor. He continued to sculpt in the off-season on a part-time basis.

In 2008 Jason decided that he was finally ready; the time was right to pursue his goal of becoming a full-time professional
sculptor. Carving rocks for a living has not been easy; obtaining a studio, tools, equipment and supplies while at the same time
paying household bills, has been a challenge. Fortunately, he is an artist that loves a good challenge.

Jason now works almost exclusively in stone. His sculptures and bowls can be found in private collections through-out North
America and beyond. The City of Thunder Bay has often purchased his work, to be given as gifts to visiting dignitaries. In 2010
his “Veined Octopus”, sculpture won 1st place in the Representational Sculpture category of the prestigious American Art
Awards (an annual contest juried by Art Gallery owners from all across the USA). In 2010 he also received a Northern Arts
Grant, from the Ontario Arts Council. This grant is helping to finance the production of a life-size figurative sculpture of a
man and woman; it is currently being carved from a 2700 lb piece of Cararra Marble.

In the future, Jason hopes to leave his home based studio behind and get into an industrial type facility that is better suited for
large-scale projects. He hopes to break into the public art market and is also seeking gallery representation in major art-
markets such as New York, London, Toronto, etc. However, his main objective will always simply be artistic growth. Although,
he is currently happy working in the most ancient of mediums, he is also an artist that embraces change and likes to try new
things. His artistic journey has just begun.


Mar 28 2012

Mistificazione Urbana – Andrea Vannini

Featured Artist: Andrea Vannini

About the Artist:
Andrea Vannini is an artist who created a new way of conceiving the urban setting, digitally enhancing photos, taken during simple daily walks. Andrea’s artistic project is called “Urban Mystification”.
The word “mystification” really represents the deformation of the surrounding reality, to his advantage, a true exaltation of fabrication; and it’s here that the artist molds the land through his eyes:He deforms it, he moulds it and he gives it to the viewer in his own way, without ever justifying his interpretation.
With this work, the artist wants to highlight every single monument, street, alley, park or building, and make it important with his visual tricks and his colors.
Each day, while walking the streets, we dive into infinite spatial tools, without being aware we are already, completely, part of them; we graze them, we touch them, we look at them, but we never actually see them: the artist not only shows us such tools, which until then were ordinary and boring, but makes them “different” thanks to his way of perceiving them. The urban landscape is transformed into a big game, where you can apply your own rules, your obstacles, your inner world and eventually explode in a whirlwind of creative madness.
Strolling through the streets that are part of his daily life, the artist creates his own visual frames, assembles them and builds with them a very personal story; Andrew is a film director, who already has his props, but that does not have its own script; here is where the artist dreams, invents, designs and changes in its own way such landscape that was previously stripped of its fantastic identity.
Urban Mystification defines the hope to look at the world in a different way, or better yet in one’s own way, enhancing the “usual” and making it “special”; just like life, that’s given to us all equally, and only our own free will can make it unique, joyful and worthy of existence.
The world is robotized, moves quickly and loves itself by looking at its own reflection in the sky.

Critique by Benedetta Spagnuolo


Jan 05 2011

Ken Swinson

Featured Artist: Ken Swinson

Hand printed by Ken. 5 1/4″ x 7″ with linen envelopes.
Because of the printing process, each card is unique…just like you!
Checkout the video below to see how they are made.

Here is another great video of Ken working in his studio.

The son of a US Army officer, Ken never lived in one place for long….until October of 2000, when he moved to Kentucky. Kentucky’s breathtaking scenery and close proximity to nature has inspired Ken for almost 10 years.

Ken explored Kentucky’s landscape through his plein air paintings. He took his painting supplies to beautiful scenes, where he created his work of art. Painting outdoors created many challenges, but also provided the artist with an intimate connection with the subject. An avid cyclist, Ken modified his bicycle to carry his painting supplies, and took many camping/cycling/painting expeditions.

Ken also likes to explore his playful side with his art. Using imagination rather than the true landscape, he recalls experiences that happened in his life. His bright use of colors and whimsical farm animals reflect the joy of living in Kentucky. Inspired by a combination of the cubist movement and the quilting heritage of his mother (who is also an artist and musician), Ken’s whimsical work began to use strong geometric patterns.

A self-taught artist, Ken is always exploring new art techniques. He is currently studying traditional printmaking techniques, using woodcuts and monotypes to illustrate his adventure of being an artist in Kentucky.


Jan 23 2013

Featured Studio: Paned Expressions Studios, Inc.

Post Provided by: country-cooperative.com

Featured Studio: Paned Expressions Studios, Inc.

About Paned Expressions Studios, Inc.
We are glass artists specializing in the design, and fabrication of stained, etched & carved glass for home and office applications. All pieces are one of a kind creations and are signed by the artists.

The richness and beauty of ever changing light streaming through the texture and color of stained glass make it a wonderfully satisfying medium in which to work and create. The challenge we set for ourselves with every window is to capture the essence of our subject without allowing the image or idea to be compromised by technical difficulties inherent to stained glass such as extra lines to accommodate ease of cut, etc. We think of our methods as a little like painting with glass.

Paned Expressions Studios, Inc.
P: 410-676-1248
F: 410-676-2112
1418 Trimble Road
Edgewood, Maryland 21040-3007
United States


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