Apr 19 2014

Kevin Hellon – A Day In The Life-Part Three


Hello. My name is Kevin Hellon. I’m a self taught artist, former gallery owner, curator and some would say an art activist, for 30 plus years. I have been painting since the age of 12. My subject matter is portraits, figurative and life. (see my website at www.kevinhellon.com)


My next project is a continuation of a series of over sized paintings (48”X 48”-60”X 96”) entitled, “A Day in the Life”- Part 3. With your help, I will complete as many as seventeen (17) paintings.


My goal for this project is $17,000.00 to cover the cost of materials (large canvases, easel, paints, brushes, etc.), warehouse space (rental for a year) and exhibition gallery space to showcase the completion of the series.


I am hopeful that my strongest supporters, (family and friends) will consider contributing to my effort in completing this series of paintings. In return I am offering some of my artwork (lithographs, giclee, original works and commissions) as perks, in exchange for your donation. I am also offering a gift certificate ($300.00) to go towards any future purchase(s) (a special benefit offered in the Collectors’ Package)

5 of 6
6 of 6

For the past ten years, I have worked the day to day operations of a gallery, doing events, displaying other artist’s works and found no time to paint. So I have decided to close operations to take the much needed time to paint. Your contributions (large or small) helps me attain this goal.


Note: Any additional funds collected will be used to open a small showcase gallery to display this collection of works.
Thank you for your Continual Support.


Apr 18 2014

Good friday

Small church, the lord must

Be happy-Several are

Gathered in his name.


Haiku by Lucio Muñoz

Vancouver, BC, Canada

April 18, 2014



Apr 15 2014

Featured Artist: Tahelys Zerpa Photography

Featured Artist: Tahelys Zerpa

About the Artist:
Plastic Artist, Illustrator, Designer and Photographer Venezuelan Fashion. Art Lover.

Tahelys Zerpa on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Tahelys-Zerpa-Photography/334326483354531


Apr 12 2014

Sheila Green – Creating Portraits with Personality

Featured Artist: Sheila Green

Notes from the Artist:
I`m a artist live in Nova Scotia, Canada.
I`ve only been painting for 2 years now. From the beginning, painting has never been daunting to me. I am very “in the moment” , and love the process of creating a 3D appearance on a flat surface. Sometimes when I finish a painting or sketch, I am shocked with just how life-like it is! What a wonderful feeling!
I paint commissions (mostly portraiture) and recently had some of my work in a local Art Show. It was a great experience- I was able to see a complete stranger walk up to one of my paintings, point at it, and buy it! How rewarding that was!
My family and friends provide a wonderful support system. My husband and son have encouraged me from my very first painting, when I didn`t even know I was an artist yet.
The best part about being a portrait artist is bringing life to a canvas. It`s amazing how many colors one can see in flesh. Being able to portray that little bit of character unique to each person is a gift I love to share.
Sheila Green Fine Artist

Sheila Green on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/originalsbysheila


Apr 10 2014

Featured Artist: Tiago Oliveira

Featured Artist: Tiago Oliveira

Tiago Oliveira on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tiago.sa.oliveira


Apr 08 2011

Gogol Bordello: Tiny Desk Concert

Featured Artist: Gogol Bordello

Post Provided by Bob Boilen at NPR

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If you watch this video and don’t get to the part where Eugene Hutz is dancing on the desks, then you’ve missed the most rollicking and insane Tiny Desk Concert of all time.

I’ve seen Gogol Bordello at a nightclub, and its live show is a gypsy punk circus, complete with a high-wire act. So when the band arrived at the modest NPR Music offices, I wanted to make sure we were covered technically; I figured they’d move around and wind up singing far away from our microphones. I asked Sergey Ryabtsev — Gogol Bordello’s Russian-born violinist — if he thought bandleader Eugene Hutz might wind up dancing on my desk. With a huge smile and a large shot glass of vodka in hand, he said, “Don’t worry about it!”

By the third song, Hutz was sitting with the NPR crew in an office chair, singing his ode to alcohol. By the fourth, he was jumping from desktop to desktop, singing and dancing.

Gogol Bordello is based in New York City, and has been performing its theatrical concoction of accordion, violin and guitar since the late ’90s. The band writes songs about immigration and the celebration of cultural differences. Now, for 2010, Gogol Bordello has its fifth album out — its first on a major label. Producer Rick Rubin, known for his Johnny Cash production and for co-founding Def Jam Records, helped make Trans-Continental Hustle. It’s an album with more range than sheer thrust, and though the band played a few songs from that album at the desk, when Gogol Bordello is in front of a crowd, it’s in full-throttle mode. No complaints there.


Apr 24 2013

Featured Artist: Susan Cramer Stein

Featured Artist: Susan Cramer Stein

Notes From the Artist:
I was asked a while back why I became a photographer…and I think, being one, has always just been part of the fabric of my soul. But for people that still wonder, I guess this is why…

I became a photographer because it enabled me to observe the human condition and to record the parade of human events. I have seen the beginning of life, and the end. I have seen my neighbors across the street, and across the world. I have recorded the hand of man as he builds, and as he destroys. I have photographed smiles and tears. I have photographed innocence and sophistication. I have photographed body and soul. I have photographed people at work and at play. I have photographed the wonders of nature and of man. I have photographed beautiful things and beautiful people. I have seen and recorded the world through my own eyes. All in the hopes of bringing it to you, to bring you joy…please enjoy the world as I see it through my lens.

As a photographer, I’ve lived through the evolution from film to digital photography. As I adapt and experiment, I avoid any compromise in quality, spending time to find new perspectives and points of view, new approaches to composition and framing.

My goal is to transmit the truth of nature and my subjects, freezing in time its ever changing beauty, catching the perfect light, patiently waiting for the best (or worst) weather. Nothing is added or hidden in post-production, the landscapes are shot just the way they are at that very moment. All the efforts, the endless hours spent waiting for a single shot, are giving their fruits: my works are appreciated by many qualified people across the country.

Please feel free to follow my work:
On Facebook at www.facebook.com/SusanCramerSteinPhotography
Or on the web at www.susancramersteinphotography.com.
Email me with questions about pieces or commissioned work at susancramerstein@gmail.com.


May 09 2013

Featured Artist: Larry Braun

Featured Artist: Larry Braun

About the Artist:
Larry was born and raised in Southeast Missouri. He has fond childhood memories of hiking with his grandfather in the Mississippi River delta near his hometown of St. Mary, Missouri. In the companionship of his Grandfather, he grew to appreciate the boundless beauty of nature in our area.

Larry is a graduate of St.Vincent High School in Perryville Missouri after high school Larry joined the U. S. Navy and served on the carrier USS Midway during the Vietnam Conflict. While on active duty, he purchased a Canon F1 35mm SLR camera. When in port, he would trek inland to photograph exotic areas of Southeast Asia.

Larry is a 2009 graduate of the New York Institute of Photography. His recent studies have expanded his longtime interest in nature and rural photography to also include the creative artistic manipulations unique to digital photography.

In 2009 Larry started using HDR processing. This technique provide a more even tone distribution to the images. Most of Larry’s landscape images are now processed from 3 images, taken 2 f-stops apart. He also incorporates photo manipulation in many images where 2 or three images are combined to produce a pleasing final image.
Larry identifies the Hudson River School as a major source of inspiration for his landscape images.

Larry’s photographs have been used in the Backpackers Magazine and in the Southeast Missourian Newspaper and Bridge Magazine.

Larry has won photography awards in the Margaret Harwell Art Museum 2010 and 2011 Annual Pictures by the People contest in Poplar Bluff, MO. In February of 2012, the Margaret Harwell Art Museum featured 30 of his photographs in their showing entitled ‘Inside Out’.

Two of Larry’s photographs were included in the 5th annual Best Of Missouri Hands juried exhibition entitled ‘Celebrating Creativity’. The exhibit was held in the Cox Gallery in the Gladys Woods Kemper Center for the Arts on the campus of William Woods University in Fulton, MO during the month of September 2010.

Larry is Vice President of the River Region Photography Club, and has participated in displays of member photographs in the Cape Girardeau Public Library, the Cape Girardeau Conservation Center, the Painted Wren Art Gallery of Cape, and the Hart-Stepp House in New Madrid.

He has also been awarded honorable mention in the 2010 and 2011 Mingo Photo Contest and the 2010 and 2011 ‘Focus on Missouri Agriculture’ Statewide Photography Contest.

Larry has a display of his most recent photographs in the Painted Wren Art Gallery in Downtown Cape Girardeau. This display is updated each month for the Cape Downtown First Friday Art Gallery Walk.

Larry Braun on the Web: http://larrybraunphotography.com
Larry Braun on Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/21179930@N04
Larry Braun on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/larry.braun2


Sep 15 2013

Featured Artist: Jeannie Piccini

Featured Artist: Jeannie Piccini

About the Artist:
Jeannie Piccini is a representational artist who works in a variety of mediums. She has a Master of Fine Arts degree in Painting from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. The focus of her most recent art is an exploration of captured moments relating to life in New England, spanning from Boston to Maine. Her work ranges from a portrayal of a rural landscape, to the everyday happenings in urban environments. Jeannie Piccini currently lives and works in Maine.

Notes from the Artist:
My recent series, On the Way: The Downeaster Experience, explores riding on the Amtrak Downeaster, a train that travels Maine to Boston Massachusetts. When I travel on the train, there are often times I see places for the first time and I also get the chance to see a view many times. Because I am observing more than I usually do when traveling, I have the opportunity to see things in a new way. An example of this is the painting titled On the Way: A House, which is composed of a house I saw several times when traveling. On one of my many trips, I was able to see the house in the fading daylight which added a golden hue to its weathered white wooden siding. The golden hue breathtakingly added to its charm and mystery, which was further enhanced by the overgrown foliage that cradled its base. This view inspired me, like many others.
I am portraying experiences the way I see them, I hope that the viewer will take away something from my work that is personal to them, like one would do with a poem or a song.

Jeannie Piccini on the Web: http://www.jeanniepiccini.com/
Jeannie Piccini on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Jeannie.Piccini


Sep 08 2010

A German ‘Soul Kitchen’ That’s More Than A Restaurant

Listen to A German Soul Kitchen — That’s More Than A Restaurant

Credit To: Bilal Qureshi – http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=129706282

Soul Kitchen

Director Fatih Akin’s latest movie is a comedy set in the gritty, multicultural Hamburg of his youth.

German filmmaker Fatih Akin is one of the stars of European cinema. His gritty dramas about Turkish immigrants in Germany have earned him accolades at the Cannes Film Festival, as well as an Oscar nomination.

But from the very first beats of his latest film, Soul Kitchen, you know you’re not in for an evening of European art-house fare.

The film opens as chef Zinos throws frozen fish and chips in the deep fryer, jamming to Quincy Jones in his dingy kitchen. A grungy, very hungry crowd waits outside. The camera zooms out to reveal the inside of a warehouse in the industrial quarter of Hamburg.

Soul Kitchen is a comedy built around music. It’s also a love song to Fatih Akin’s hometown, and a restaurant called the Taverna where he spent much of his 20s.

“It was more than just a restaurant,” Akin says. “It was like a home base for the whole neighborhood, so artists were hanging around there — but, like, artists who never really created something you know.”

That restaurant belonged to Akin’s best friend, the Greek-German actor Adam Bousdoukos, who stars in Soul Kitchen as Zinos.

“And he was putting like one turntable in it and then a second one,” Akin says. “And he asked people to DJ there. I was DJing there.”

That nightly routine inspired Akin to work on a story about the imaginary homes we create as young people — homes that are less about geography and more about friends, strong drinks and, of course, the right mix of music.

“When you’re a really good DJ, you see he’s able to mix the tracks,” Akin says. “You don’t realize it as an audience. He’s really surfing on the beat, and I was wondering if this is a possible with a picture.”

Extension Of Personality

For Akin, that meant creating a film that echoed what he would hear when he went out in Hamburg in the ’90s: clubs filled with American black music from two or three decades earlier.

“We came from an American-occupied country — what Germany was,” Akin says. “So we were very influenced by America.”

For Akin’s crowd — the children of immigrants and interracial relationships — soul music always carried an additional layer of meaning.

“When Dyke and the Blazers sing ‘We Got More Soul,’ when we talk we got more soul,” Akin says. “We felt like they speak about us, people with backgrounds. We have more soul than the white Germans have. That was this identification.”

Fatih Akin spent more than two years collecting the music for Soul Kitchen and spent almost $300,000 to buy the rights. He then wrote the script based on those songs.

“What I do is, like, I put the vinyl out,” Akin says. “I listen to the track and I read the scene I’ve written, and if it makes sense I keep it.”

The result is almost 60 songs onscreen, and a two-disc soundtrack. The set includes tracks by Curtis Mayfield and Donny Hathaway, but also Greek pop songs, German hip-hop and Middle Eastern electronic music.

It’s an extension of personality,” Garth Trinidad says. He’s a DJ and radio host in Los Angeles, and he says spinning records can also tell a story. “From the past, from way back or from five minutes ago or whatever it might be, there’s always the individual aspect of what’s going on in somebody’s life that serves that purpose.”

Soul Kitchen scene 2
IFC FilmsSoul Kitchen stars Adam Bousdoukos as a Greek restaurant owner, Zinos (left), while Moritz Bleibtreu plays his brother Illias.

The Young Turks

Fatih Akin catapulted to international stardom in 2004 with his film Head-On, about two German-Turks who fall and fail in love. Like the characters in that film, Akin grew up in a Turkish family in Hamburg, negotiating his place as the son of devout Muslim parents and as a young German who loved nightlife.

Akin’s films, like his previous drama The Edge of Heaven, pulsate with intensity. They have urgency that comes out of questions about how we define love, identity and home in a globalized world.

But he says he felt critics became obsessed with asking what additional light he could shed on Europe’s immigrant problems. So for him, Soul Kitchen was an act of defiance.

“It really was liberation to not be the slave of certain success, to not be the slave of expectations people have,” Akin says.

Some have called Soul Kitchen frothy, Fatih Akin-lite. But he says that’s exactly the point: to remain true to all of his creative impulses. It’s also a tribute to that now-gentrifying corner of Hamburg that set the course for Akin’s other films.

“Soul Kitchen will always have an important — it might not be important like solving the world, but for me it was in so many terms important,” he says.


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