Nov 25 2014

Featured Artist: Vandy Massey

Featured Artist: Vandy Massey

About the Artist:
“I paint for the sheer pleasure of watching images emerge on the paper and find it thrilling when a picture demands attention.”
Vandy Massey started painting in watercolour at the end of 2009, and is largely self-taught.
She grew up in South Africa and now lives in Whittlesford, Cambridgeshire. Africa still influences her painting in discernable ways: She loves strong colours and aims to capture a sense of space or scale in her work. Recently she moved towards including textures in her watercolours to emphasis mood and create a dynamic element.
An avid traveler, Vandy draws inspiration from the places she visits, expanding her horizons regularly. Current works included pieces inspired by images and feelings of Africa, Australia, Italy, France or Japan.
Her paintings have been described in the Cambridgeshire Journal as being filled with ‘Joy, energy and colour’.
She occasionally works in other mediums, but watercolour is currently her preferred medium.
Her works are part of private collections in the United Kingdom, United States, France, New Zealand, Portugal and South Africa.

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Nov 24 2014

Dave Hall – Moving Water 2015

Moving Water 2015 600x600
Moving Water 2015 Poster Supporting The Henry’s Fork Foundation Now Available

Following the success of the Moving Water 2014 poster supporting the Henry’s Fork Foundation (HFF), the 2015 edition is now available at

The new 24×24 inch poster ($29.95 plus S/H) is printed from Dave Hall’s original oil painting Early Morning on the Upper Henry’s Fork and is subtitled “If you’re lucky, there are places you go back to.”

All profits support the conservation efforts of The Henry’s Fork Foundation (

“This, put simply, is art supporting rivers,” says HFF Executive Director Brandon Hoffner. “Dave Hall’s painting is a vision anglers and other lovers of healthy rivers relate to.”

Want to support HFF at a higher level? Consider the Legends Edition. Thirty posters are being signed by Rene’ Harrop, Mike Lawson, Steve Schmidt and Craig Mathews. See details at

The poster is shipped in a sturdy cardboard tube from the HFF offices in Ashton, Idaho. Helpful framing ideas and suggestions are included.

Support The Henry’s Fork of the Snake at

For more info, contact:
Julie Mauer
The Henry’s Fork Foundation
(208) 652-3567

Dave Hall
(801) 419-7289


Nov 23 2014

Featured Artist: Rafal Karcz

Featured Artist: Rafal Karcz

About the Artist:
With a background in post-punk music Karcz began painting portraits in
the late 1990s. His work depicts emotions not often seen in daily life,
such as ecstatic excitement and intoxication. His subjects are taken from
underground scene and rock social motives and act as an investigation of
the personal attributes of that society as well as portraying social unrest
and police intervention.

Rafal Karcz on the Web:
Rafal Karcz on Facebook:Ł-KARCZ-EXPERIMENTAL-PHOTOGRAPHY/309284295757671


Nov 22 2014

Featured Artist: Helen Wells

Featured Artist: Helen Wells

About the Artist:
A mixed media artist based on the South Coast of England. Helen’s work is often intricate and organic. Her original artworks often depict beautiful illusionary surfaces or landscapes.
With multiple layers, fragments, stunning colours and obsessive decorative details, her abstract works bring to mind elements of the natural world or magical other-worlds. Her more representational work depicting animals and birds is decorative and detailed. Helen often combines mediums such as ink, watercolour paint and paper to create fascinating and memorable art works that celebrate the joyful side of life and which allude to infinite possibilities.
Her artworks are in private collections all over the world from America to New Zealand. She recently won Winsor and Newton’s Watercolour Revolution competition which resulted in one of her pieces being exhibited in The Saatchi Gallery London.

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Nov 16 2014



Without them my youth

Would have been without adventures,

My friends,

My heroes.


Without them I could not have

Survived the social breakdown,

My friends,

My lifeguards.


Without them my world

Is really strange,

My friends,

My best memories.


My heroes,

My lifeguards,

My best memories,

My friends.


Poem by Lucio Muñoz

Vancouver, BC, Canada

November 16, 2014


Sep 15 2010

Allechka – Three-Minute Fiction

Featured Artist: Deborah Kaple

Yesterday my friend Misha brought me a small, brown package, hand-carried from Moscow. It had my name on it in Russian, and my phone number. It contained an old green corduroy skirt I had left hanging in my dear friend Allechka’s closet. Friends of friends had jammed it into their suitcases until it finally found me.

I tore open the nubby brown paper immediately, in front of Misha. There lay the skirt, folded into its familiar greenness, a small, thick square of material. When I creased back the rough brown paper, the earthy smell of Allechka’s Moscow apartment wafted out. Suddenly, I saw her thick, graying hair, iris-blue eyes, funny little Soviet-era metal earrings, her solid peasant legs. I saw her red-fringed lamp, the painting her sister had made of Tolstoy, the little orange polka-dotted teapot from the 1960s that the Soviets had produced by the million, and the hard couch that doubled as her bed. Out her only window I saw the smoke rising from the dumpling factory nearby, the dim light of Moscow’s late winter afternoon, the hint of snowflakes and the vastness that is Russia.

“God, I miss Allechka,” I said to Misha. “Can you smell her?” I asked, holding the skirt up to his nose.

He leaned in and smelled the proffered green corduroy. “I never knew her,” he said, shaking his head in regret.


Oct 18 2010

Kevin Beilfuss’s “What Dreams May Come” Oil Painters of America East Gold Medal Winner

Featured Artist Kevin Beilfuss

What Dreams May Come by Kevin Beilfuss


Aug 20 2011

Ketchup: Acrylic Still Life Demonstration – By Artist Robert Joyner

Featured Artist: Robert Joyner

American artist Robert Joyner paints a ketchup bottle using acrylic on paper. This simple still life painting is loaded with spontaneous brushwork and energy . Enjoy viewing and if you like what you see be sure to share it with your friends.


Apr 20 2012

“adolescence” Presented By: somewhereto_

Featured Post: “adolescence” Presented By: somewhereto_

Graffik Gallery played host to works from an exciting selection of contemporary young artists as part of an exhibition by somewhereto_, a nationwide project to help young people find the space they need to do the things they love within sport, culture and the arts.
After a successful three-month residency displaying work outside The O2 in London, artists working with the Graffiti Life company teamed up with somewhereto_ once more for adolescence, an exhibition showcasing fresh talent across a diverse range of disciplines including illustration, photography and graffiti. adolescence featured individual pieces from the artists alongside a collaborative mural on the legendary graffik painting yard.
adolescence was curated by Ashleigh ‘FishBoy’ Ward an animator and illustrator, who has successfully hosted two exhibitions with somewhereto_ in Brighton with a fourth to follow in May.
Set in the heart of west London’s creative hub, Graffik Gallery provided a new, urban platform for the emerging artists to establish themselves within the arts industry. The gallery nurtured the artists whilst providing an opportunity to progress in a professional environment.
Franco Taloen, Graffik Gallery’s creative director says “This was an amazing project working with young people, providing them space to run their own gallery and giving them the opportunity to create their own show and the result was absolutely fantastic!”

Check out the following links to see adolescence in action:

somewhereto_ is a movement to liberate underused, disused and empty spaces in the UK and get everyone thinking creatively about their communities. They have helped thousands of young people find somewhereto_ do the things they love and unlocked over 400,000 square feet of space. And that’s not counting the space they have helped young people claim in the digital world.
Run by Livity, in media partnership with Channel 4 Education, somewhereto_ is funded by Legacy Trust UK, creating a lasting impact from the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games by funding ideas and local talent to inspire creativity across the UK.


Aug 18 2011

Budding creative minds need exposure to the arts!

Budding creative minds need exposure to the arts! This is a job for parents, not schools. Have art outings with your children to the symphony, plays, the ballet, art museums, sculpture gardens, galleries and poetry readings even if you yourself don’t really care for these venues. This will give your children the best creative foundation possible, in a world that is quickly forgetting how to produce original ideas! ~ Quote and Photo by Shannon Knock Culpepper


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