Mar 25 2015

A wonderful day


I got up early

In the morning…

I saw the mountain

Kissing the sun…


After my siesta

This afternoon…

I saw the clouds

Playing with the wind…


This evening

During my patio dinner….

I saw Peak

Staring at the moon…


Late tonight

With my window opened…

I plan to fall asleep

Counting wishing stars…



I feel okay…

A wonderful day

I am happy to say…



Poem by Lucio Muñoz

Vancouver, BC, Canada

March 25, 2015.


Mar 24 2015

What a wonderful thing!


I saw her coming

And I thought…

If there is paradise

It must be like her.


I saw her at the eatery

And I thought…

If there is something delicious in life to taste

It must be her.


I saw her in my dream

And I thought…

If there is a surprise without owner

It has to be her.


Again, I saw her coming

I walked towards her

I saw her smiling

Oh what a wonderful thing!



Poem by Lucio Muñoz

Vancouver, BC, Canada

March 24, 2015


Mar 16 2015

Man Puts His iPhone Inside A Guitar and Begins To Play.

This guy had an awesome idea, he took his iPhone and put it inside his guitar, turned on the camera, and started to play. He wanted to get a good look at what the strings look like when they are played. What is captured is mesmerizing. You can almost see the music being played visually. It’s very cool when people mix traditional instruments with new technology. Make sure you watch the strings.


There’s actually more to it than just dropping your phone in the guitar.
The effect seen in the video is called rolling shutter. Reminiscent of a strobe light, the rolling shutter effect does not capture all elements of an image at exactly the same time, but portrays each frame in its entirety during playback.


Mar 14 2015

So the past rests in peace

Today the sky looked like it was about to cry

Even though the sun was about to come out.

And last night a river of memories flooded my heart

Making him cry of immense sadness.

Tomorrow I swear I will go to church to pray

So the past rests in peace.



Poem by Lucio Muñoz

Vancouver, BC, Canadá

March 14, 2015


Mar 11 2015

Sharing my latest haiku eBooks to catch up with 2014

My dear friends I am sharing with you four of my newest e-haiku books, if you like at least one of them my job as a writer is done.  Happy reading


2014 Haiku 5-7-5: General

2014 Haiku 5-7-5: Love

2014 Haiku 5-7-5: Nature

2014 Haiku 5-7-5: Nontraditional


All my eBooks in English can be seen and read through the link below:


Mar 30 2012

Sicht-Weise [by M. Tabatt]

Featured Artist: Mandy Tabatt

Notes From the Artist:
Mein Name ist Mandy Tabatt, ich wurde 1976 in Nordhausen (Thüringen) geboren und lebe noch heute hier, zusammen mit meinem Mann und unseren drei Kindern. Sowohl die Fotografie selbst als auch der anschließende kreative Schöpfungsprozeß, der über die reine (Nach-)Bearbeitung der Bilder hinausgeht, waren lange Zeit mein Hobby. Als Freiberufliche Fotodesignerin habe ich mein liebstes Hobby nun zum Beruf machen können.


Apr 04 2012

Leszek Sokół

Featured Artist: Leszek Sokół
Post Provided By: ART


Apr 05 2014

Louise Demers

Featured Artist: Louise Demers

Notes From the Artist:
I am a self taught artist and like to paint horses and skies.
With my painting I want to give the observers a peaceful emotion.
Louise Demers on Facebook:


Apr 10 2013

Featured Artist: Allison Wagg

Featured Artist: Allison Wagg

Notes from the Artist:
I have been drawing anything and everything ever since I was a child. I enjoy all subject matter and mediums. I aim to improve and expand on my talent each and every day. I continually explore traditional and non-traditional techniques. I love to draw, paint, sculpt, craft and anything else that has to do with art.
Transforming a blank canvas into a visual story allows me to free my imagination. I am driven by the process of creating something from nothing. Art is therapeutic and adventuresome thus, I try to use art to express myself and push the boundaries. I am always looking for a new challenge.
My goal with my art is to inspire, awaken and encourage others creativity. I hope to one day have a successful and fulfilling art career.


May 29 2011

The Drawing of Jason Matthew Vivona

Featured Artist: Jason Matthew Vivona

Post Provided By: MsÂly Kâ


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