Apr 15 2016

Three wishes


When I was young

I wished for a princess one day-

Out of nowhere it came, a strong,

Beautiful lady.


When I was married

I wished to make my queen very happy-

Out of nowhere a love storm came

Turning sour my honey.


Now newly single

I wished for a princes or a queen one day-

Out of nowhere it will come for sure

And I am ready again to play.


Young and crazy,

Married and thoughtful,

Newly single and hopeful,

Three wishes, believe me each of them worthy.



Poem by Lucio Muñoz

Vancouver, BC, Canada




Apr 14 2016

A working love triangle


A beautiful rose

Once fell in love with both

A hummingbird and me at the same time.


Knowing that not being able to

Fly I was not a match for the hummingbird

During the day I was afraid of losing her.


The hummingbird knowing that

He could not be a match for me

At night was also afraid of losing her.


Then one day rose proposed a solution

To this situation: She would belong to hummingbird

During the day; and to me during the night and we all agreed.




And me-

A nicely working love triangle.



Poem by Lucio Muñoz

Vancouver, BC, Canada



Sep 07 2015

A promise from my friends and me

I talked to the Sky

And he told me he feels

Better when there is no rain.


I talked to the Wind

And he told me he feels

Better when there are no mountains.


I talked to your heart

And he told me very loudly

He is happier when he is only with me.


You should expect no rain,

No mountains,

And happiness;

A promise from my friends Sky, Wind and me.


Poem by Lucio Muñoz

Vancouver, BC, Canada

September 07, 2015



Jul 18 2015

Together for ever


You are the moon

And I am the tallest peak

In the world blindly in love with you.


I am happy

Because I know I will see you

Tonight and admire your immense beauty again.


You are glad

Because you know I will see

You with loving eyes until the end of time.



And me





Poem by Lucio Muñoz

Vancouver, BC, Canada

July 18, 2015



Jul 03 2015

Bees, Beetles and Butterflies: A Photoshow

Bees, Beetles and Butterflies: A Photoshow


Jan 20 2011

Sonja Ljubicic – Original Drawings

Featured Artist: Sonja Ljubicic


Aug 18 2013

Roger Lafontaine Nature’s Healing Power

Nature’s Healing Power
Featured Artist: Roger Lafontaine

Notes from the Artist:
Beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder. Here I am walking with a group of friends and family through the park. Sometimes I can’t believe how beautiful the world is. Everybody else is chatting and ignoring it because they’ve all seen it before and there’s nothing special about it. But I am mesmerized by all the little ‘hidden’ details… which are not hidden at all but in plain sight… or rather in ‘poetic’ sight if you make the effort to see it. The beautiful green reflections in the lake for instance, and the darling geese family, especially the little one struggling bravely through the water and wading ashore through the debris and the big male whose colors are reflected in the clouds ‘shadows’ in the water. I’ve got a $200 camera and I’m trying to take $1000 camera pictures with it. But it’s not the equipment that counts, it’s the imagination. And the Love for Nature’s beauty.


Nov 01 2010

Following the Buddha’s Footsteps

Featured Artist: Siriphong Pakaratsakun


Jun 13 2011

Sketchbook Project Moleskin by Linda Eaton Marcille

Featured Artist: Linda Marcille

This is the sketchbook was created for Art house Co-op gallery in Brooklyn NY for their 2011 Sketchbook Project.
Visit Linda’s blog for more information about my art at: http://brattleboro-muse.blogspot.com/

About the Artist:
Linda Eaton Marcille is an award winning artist whose paintings on silk have been sold internationally. Linda creates her silk paintings using the highest quality steam set French dyes, the finest crepe de chine silk from China and a one of a kind resist made only in New Zealand. She has taken an ancient Asian art form and infused it with her own joyful and whimsical style.

Painting on silk is an incredibly time consuming and unforgiving medium, just one drop of misplaced dye or a broken resist line and days of painstaking work are ruined. As challenging as painting on silk is however, it is also one of the most rewarding art forms because the two hour steaming process joins the fiber reactive dyes molecularly with the silk so the dyes take on the silks iridescent sheen. It is because of this union that silk paintings are able to produce an awe inspiring range of reflective color that no other medium is capable of creating.

Linda’s work has appeared on WCAX channel 3 News and in publications such as Vermont Magazine. Original painting’s as well as giclee prints are available in galleries throughout Vermont or by contacting the artist. If you are interested in having Linda do a custom painting of your house you may contact her through her website.


Mar 14 2011

Schweigen (Silence)

Featured Artist: Mandy Tabatt

Schweigen. Grübeln.
Die Gedanken sind frei.
Sind frei – wie ein Vogel,
der am Boden flattert,
mit gebrochenem Flügel.
Ängstlich. Wartend.
Hörst du ihn?
Kannst du fliehen?
Fliegen gar?
Ein Stück, ein kleines Stück nur.
Noch ist es nicht zu spät.

Schweigen. Grübeln.
Hilfloses Flattern,
angstvolles Schreien.
Hörst du mich?
Hörst du mein Schreien?
Schreie ich?!
Ich kann nichts hören,
kann mich nicht hören.
Alles um mich herum
ist stumm.

Schweigen. Grübeln.
Um mich herum
verlischt alles Leben,
erlischt das Licht.
Erlösche nun
auch ich?
Wollte doch fliegen,
so hoch, so weit.
Weg. Weg von hier.

Schweigen. Grübeln.

Google Translation

Silence. Brooding.
The thoughts are free.
Are free – like a bird
flutters to the ground,
with a broken wing.
Anxious. Waiting.
Do you hear him?
Can you escape?
Fly at all?
A piece that only a small piece.
It is still not too late.

Silence. Brooding.
Helpless flutter
anguished cries.
Do you hear me?
Do you hear my cry?
I scream!
I can not hear anything
can not hear me.
Everything around me
is silent.

Silence. Brooding.
Around me
extinguished all life,
the light goes off.
Go out now
Wanted to fly but,
so high so far.
Way. Away from here.

Silence. Brooding.


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