Jan 24 2017

Undeclared love

These feelings for her
Hidden inside my heart for
Many years-They


Vancouver, BC, Canada
January 2017




Dec 15 2016

The joy of christmas

The chance to wish the

Best to friends and family-

The joy of Christmas.


Haiku by Lucio Munoz

Vancouver, BC, Canada


Jul 25 2016



The simple reason

I would quite happily give

Up everything-Love.


Haiku by Lucio Muñoz

Vancouver, BC, Canada



Jun 25 2016


Suddenly the whole
European union is
in deep shock-BREXIT.


Haiku by Lucio Munoz

Vancouver, BC, Canada



Apr 15 2016

Three wishes


When I was young

I wished for a princess one day-

Out of nowhere it came, a strong,

Beautiful lady.


When I was married

I wished to make my queen very happy-

Out of nowhere a love storm came

Turning sour my honey.


Now newly single

I wished for a princes or a queen one day-

Out of nowhere it will come for sure

And I am ready again to play.


Young and crazy,

Married and thoughtful,

Newly single and hopeful,

Three wishes, believe me each of them worthy.



Poem by Lucio Muñoz

Vancouver, BC, Canada




Oct 25 2013

Featured Artist: Leonor Braga

Featured Artist: Leonor Braga

Notes from the Artist:
Medium: I work with different types of mediums including oil, acrylic, ink , pastels and texture. But for now I have been enjoying working with acrylic and textures on canvas doing abstract art and some traditional art.
Style: Contemporary Art, I enjoy to paint textured abstract art and some traditional art.

Bio: I am a Psychologist, I have a Master’s degree in Human Relations and I am a self-taught artist.
I was born in Caracas,Venezuela.
I grew up in an Immigrant family from San Miguel Azores, I immediately became interested in Art, although never actually pursuing this interest.
As a young adult, I worked in the field of Human Resources, working for various executive firms, including the Hospital Clinicas Caracas, in which I held the role of Human Resources Manager.

I painted in my free time for all those years, and I am a firm believer that 10% is talent but 90% is work and dedication.
After years of consideration I made a decision to move to the United States due to the country’s political situation.
Many years went by, until one day I stumbled upon some old paintings I had once treasured, since that day I knew that from this day forth I would paint for the rest of my life.
Drawing my inspiration from Contemporary Artists, I developed my style creating designs found in our natural environment in an abstract form where the colors relate to my emotions and feelings.
Painting is a medium I use to express my emotions they are a a tool used to capture ideas and bring happiness for all ages and also to express my vision in this world.

Website: http://www.leonorbragart.com/
Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/leonorbragart/


Sep 21 2012

Featured Artist: Daniel Peck

Featured Artist: Daniel Peck

Notes from the Artist:
I am a self taught artist from Halifax Nova Scotia and have been painting for about ten years. I work with multi media including oils & acrylics. I have always been inspired by design and love mid century modern. I love color although I am color blind. I love working with texture and always try to incorporate it into my work. The images just come to me. When a client commissions me to do a piece I like to see the space where it will hang to get an idea of their style. It usually takes me between two to six weeks to produce a canvas, based on dry time and of course inspiration and size. I have done many commissions for private homes as well as The Lord Nelson Hotel , Halifax Naturopathic, and many other offices in Halifax. I have also helped support several charities with my work including Kids Help Phone, The Canadian Liver Foundation, Adsum House, Alice House, St Leonard’s Society of NS and Dalhousie Medical Humanities & Halifax Dance. I am currently selling my work at Better Baths on Strawberry Hill, Elements on Chain Lake Drive & in the rooftight model home in St Andrew’s West , Fall River.

Thank you for your interest in my art.

Daniel Peck on Facebook:


Feb 02 2011

The Art of Rawn Em

Featured Artist: Rawn Em


Nov 23 2013

Featured Artist: Lana Yurinova-Moes

Featured Artist: Lana Yurinova-Moes

Notes from the Artist:
I was born in a small town of Russia that has a unique location directly on the border Europe and Asia. I grew up in a family of artist’s who nurtured and encouraged my creative talent. I spent 6 years in Junior Art School and 4 years in University with formal studies focused on the traditions of the Russian Realistic School or Art, where my specialty was portraiture.

In November of 1998 my kids and I immigrated to America. I keep my maiden name to honor my mother life and her desire to give the best to her child. Since then I’ve lived in Florida, working as a freelance artist first and an art teacher at the local prep school. I love to travel and I love Florida. I feel that my home is here now.

For these last years my paintings became more and more abstract with bright expressive color. While I am capable of working in different genres, one of my favorites is a figurative. They inspire nostalgia about previous generations, events and cultures and capture the beauty, wonder and emotion of the human experience. Whether it is a portrait, a genre, a landscape or a still-life, I Like touching one’s soul, challenging one’s mind, and not allowing the beholder to remain indifferent.

My work is displayed in both public and private collections throughout Russia, Europe, Australia and the United States.

I am a published and gallery artist that creates one of a kind, GALLERY QUALITY PAINTINGS at reasonable prices, you will enjoy and treasure this paining for many years.

Blog: http://lanasartstudio.blogspot.com/
Etsy Store: Original Illustration and Watercolors: http://www.etsy.com/shop/LanasArt
Etsy Store: Original Contemporary Paintings: http://www.etsy.com/shop/lanasfineart


Mar 19 2011

Natalie Cattemull Art Portfolio

Featured Artist: Natalie Cattemull Art Portfolio

About the Artist:

Natalie Cattemull is an electic freelance artist based in London and currently studying a BA Hons in Technical Arts and Special Effects at The University Of The Arts London in Wimbledon. Hoping one day to work in films,television and theatre productions and to achieve a standard of work simliar to those at the WETA Workshop.

Notes from Artist:

I am young artist and my work ranges from, drawings photography,model making,painting, and a vast range of other mediums in art, most recently started puppet making. Nothing makes me happier then when I am making things and would class myself very much as a maker above all else. I am currently on my first year at university and at 26 years old I hope to continue making things for many more years to come.

About the Work:

This portfolio contains varying work from nearly 20 years, from early drawings done from when I was age from approx 8 – 16 yrs to the more recent bigger projects including a scale model of a london street during the blitz, which was a collaboration with the set design students and a life size puppet of a grizzly bear which is currently in mid production. Other pieces of work include photography, which I do more as a hobby than work and also a number of large scale drawings and paintings. I have also produced a few short stop frame animations which are also include in my portfolio and I intend to develope this further. As the portfolio has a range of different types of work it is an interesting mix of all the mediums and no two projects are the same so it keeps an exciting edge on the images that are uploaded. All the support I have received so far on my work has been greatly appreciated and would like to take this oppertunity to thank everyone for their support.


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