Nov 25 2014

Featured Artist: Vandy Massey

Featured Artist: Vandy Massey

About the Artist:
“I paint for the sheer pleasure of watching images emerge on the paper and find it thrilling when a picture demands attention.”
Vandy Massey started painting in watercolour at the end of 2009, and is largely self-taught.
She grew up in South Africa and now lives in Whittlesford, Cambridgeshire. Africa still influences her painting in discernable ways: She loves strong colours and aims to capture a sense of space or scale in her work. Recently she moved towards including textures in her watercolours to emphasis mood and create a dynamic element.
An avid traveler, Vandy draws inspiration from the places she visits, expanding her horizons regularly. Current works included pieces inspired by images and feelings of Africa, Australia, Italy, France or Japan.
Her paintings have been described in the Cambridgeshire Journal as being filled with ‘Joy, energy and colour’.
She occasionally works in other mediums, but watercolour is currently her preferred medium.
Her works are part of private collections in the United Kingdom, United States, France, New Zealand, Portugal and South Africa.

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Nov 24 2014

Dave Hall – Moving Water 2015

Moving Water 2015 600x600
Moving Water 2015 Poster Supporting The Henry’s Fork Foundation Now Available

Following the success of the Moving Water 2014 poster supporting the Henry’s Fork Foundation (HFF), the 2015 edition is now available at

The new 24×24 inch poster ($29.95 plus S/H) is printed from Dave Hall’s original oil painting Early Morning on the Upper Henry’s Fork and is subtitled “If you’re lucky, there are places you go back to.”

All profits support the conservation efforts of The Henry’s Fork Foundation (

“This, put simply, is art supporting rivers,” says HFF Executive Director Brandon Hoffner. “Dave Hall’s painting is a vision anglers and other lovers of healthy rivers relate to.”

Want to support HFF at a higher level? Consider the Legends Edition. Thirty posters are being signed by Rene’ Harrop, Mike Lawson, Steve Schmidt and Craig Mathews. See details at

The poster is shipped in a sturdy cardboard tube from the HFF offices in Ashton, Idaho. Helpful framing ideas and suggestions are included.

Support The Henry’s Fork of the Snake at

For more info, contact:
Julie Mauer
The Henry’s Fork Foundation
(208) 652-3567

Dave Hall
(801) 419-7289


Nov 23 2014

Featured Artist: Rafal Karcz

Featured Artist: Rafal Karcz

About the Artist:
With a background in post-punk music Karcz began painting portraits in
the late 1990s. His work depicts emotions not often seen in daily life,
such as ecstatic excitement and intoxication. His subjects are taken from
underground scene and rock social motives and act as an investigation of
the personal attributes of that society as well as portraying social unrest
and police intervention.

Rafal Karcz on the Web:
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Nov 22 2014

Featured Artist: Helen Wells

Featured Artist: Helen Wells

About the Artist:
A mixed media artist based on the South Coast of England. Helen’s work is often intricate and organic. Her original artworks often depict beautiful illusionary surfaces or landscapes.
With multiple layers, fragments, stunning colours and obsessive decorative details, her abstract works bring to mind elements of the natural world or magical other-worlds. Her more representational work depicting animals and birds is decorative and detailed. Helen often combines mediums such as ink, watercolour paint and paper to create fascinating and memorable art works that celebrate the joyful side of life and which allude to infinite possibilities.
Her artworks are in private collections all over the world from America to New Zealand. She recently won Winsor and Newton’s Watercolour Revolution competition which resulted in one of her pieces being exhibited in The Saatchi Gallery London.

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Nov 16 2014



Without them my youth

Would have been without adventures,

My friends,

My heroes.


Without them I could not have

Survived the social breakdown,

My friends,

My lifeguards.


Without them my world

Is really strange,

My friends,

My best memories.


My heroes,

My lifeguards,

My best memories,

My friends.


Poem by Lucio Muñoz

Vancouver, BC, Canada

November 16, 2014


Apr 03 2011

The Art of Karina Keri-Matuszak

Featured Artist: Karina Keri-Matuszak
Karina of Atlanta Copper Works Studio

The uniqueness of the paintings Karina does is that they live on to respond to its surroundings. This subtle interaction to its context is by reflecting the lighting it faces at any point. And that is made possible as she paints on copper plates instead of canvas. Then, drips stream through allowing to wash away the paint exposing brilliant copper streaks. A rare occasion where imagination, technique and sheer karma acting together to create everlasting art.

Notes From the Artist:

The first time I saw one I couldn’t pull my eyes away. I stood there, mouth open, eyes locked, unaware of the people bustling by. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever encountered. That moment changed my art forever.

The quiet calm of the sea. The glisten of stained glass windows. The swirl of the subconscious. The click that sparks an idea. There’s really no way to sum up this work.

My name is Karina Keri-Matuszak and I create unique copper paintings and sell them all over the world. I work in other mediums too, but I am best known for my copper paintings. In fact, I am considered by some to be leading the way using this unique medium. I wasn’t the first, in fact, using copper as a canvas has been around for at least 200 years, but once I discovered it, I knew it was for me. You may see other artists who use metallic paints in their artwork, but very few actually use copper as a canvas.

When a piece of art is purchased, I give the owner a Certificate of Authenticity and an Explanation of Title. I name a painting based on personal experience and the look of a piece. Once the painting is purchased, I reveal the meaning behind the title to the owner. The only way anyone else will ever know the meaning behind the title is if the owner decides to reveal it. This way, the owner and I have a personal connection through the painting.

I began selling my copper paintings on ebay in 2005. My first painting sold immediately and several others on it’s heels. I began approaching restaurants and galleries with my art and was met with popularity there as well. When I submitted a painting to Staley’s Grace, a restaurant in Atlanta, I had the excitement of having the owner call me before I made it home asking for a whole wall. If I sold a painting on ebay, pretty soon the owner was buying whole rooms of my art. One collector even owns 26 paintings.

Now, I have had my unique copper art appear on the set of a National Television Series (College Hill Atlanta, BET Network, March 2008). My art has appeared in the book FORM 2008, Artistic Independence. My art has been featured in newspapers and magazines (with an article coming soon in Southern Living Magazine). I was even voted Best Emerging Visual Artist by the readers of Creative Loafing Magazine in 2008.

Today, I continue to work on marketing my art and getting it in front of as many eyes as possible. I have always offered Art under $100, and even began offering a special “ELITE” size in 2009 for under $75. I did this in response to the economic conditions and to protect my collectors’ investments in larger more expensive pieces. I have even begun offering giclees of my copper art–which becomes a whole new artform. I am always working to increase the value of my artwork.

In January 2009, I was asked to be a guest speaker for the “Now What” workshop. I was asked to help explain to other new artists how they can give their art maximum exposure with marketing their art online. You see, the truth is, many artists know alot about paint, canvas, studies, and gesture drawings, but few know how to get their art out to a potential audience. I have found that I have new artists coming up to me asking how they can go about gaining more exposure too. Because of this, I am creating a guide to explain the steps an artist can take to go about this process. The book is called “THE ARTIST’S GUIDE TO MARKETING YOUR ART WORLDWIDE” and will be available soon on this site as well as, and even through Barnes and Noble. You can read more about my story there. And, if you are interested in knowing the second the book comes out, you can be notified by signing up for my quarterly email newsletter. I will be sending out a special email just to let everyone know when it is available.


May 02 2011

Featured Artist: Gregor Gaida

Featured Artist: Gregor Gaida

Post Provided By: MsÂly Kâ


Oct 03 2011

Olio su tela, cm 50 x 70, Costantino Giro

Featured Artist: Costantino Giro


Apr 30 2011

Twins – Dark Arts Contest

Connection of the consciousness (mind) and the body (matter) to a unity.

Featured in:

Dark Arts 2011: Dark Surrealists Fine Art Competition.
CatalCatalog of the 2011 Dark Surrealsists Fine Art Competition sponsored by West Shore Gallery and Sunbury Press and jurored by Nunzio Barbera. There were 150 entries from 47 artists in no less than 4 countries. This book contains only those entries who were juried into the book and exhibition – 100 entries in all. The exhibition is scheduled for September through October, 2011 at West Shore Gallery in Wormleysburg, PA.

My Blog (german)
My Gallery


Jan 24 2011

Siriphong Pakaratsakun – Melody of Mind

Featured Artisit: Siriphong Pakaratsakun

Notes from the Artist:
If you asked me about the origin of Arts:
“It is simply spontaneous and comes from the heart, it develops out of the moment.”


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