Jul 25 2016



The simple reason

I would quite happily give

Up everything-Love.


Haiku by Lucio Muñoz

Vancouver, BC, Canada



Jun 25 2016


Suddenly the whole
European union is
in deep shock-BREXIT.


Haiku by Lucio Munoz

Vancouver, BC, Canada



Apr 15 2016

Three wishes


When I was young

I wished for a princess one day-

Out of nowhere it came, a strong,

Beautiful lady.


When I was married

I wished to make my queen very happy-

Out of nowhere a love storm came

Turning sour my honey.


Now newly single

I wished for a princes or a queen one day-

Out of nowhere it will come for sure

And I am ready again to play.


Young and crazy,

Married and thoughtful,

Newly single and hopeful,

Three wishes, believe me each of them worthy.



Poem by Lucio Muñoz

Vancouver, BC, Canada




Apr 14 2016

A working love triangle


A beautiful rose

Once fell in love with both

A hummingbird and me at the same time.


Knowing that not being able to

Fly I was not a match for the hummingbird

During the day I was afraid of losing her.


The hummingbird knowing that

He could not be a match for me

At night was also afraid of losing her.


Then one day rose proposed a solution

To this situation: She would belong to hummingbird

During the day; and to me during the night and we all agreed.




And me-

A nicely working love triangle.



Poem by Lucio Muñoz

Vancouver, BC, Canada



Sep 07 2015

A promise from my friends and me

I talked to the Sky

And he told me he feels

Better when there is no rain.


I talked to the Wind

And he told me he feels

Better when there are no mountains.


I talked to your heart

And he told me very loudly

He is happier when he is only with me.


You should expect no rain,

No mountains,

And happiness;

A promise from my friends Sky, Wind and me.


Poem by Lucio Muñoz

Vancouver, BC, Canada

September 07, 2015



Aug 28 2013

Featured Artist: Joyce Hart

Featured Artist: Joyce Hart

Note from the Artist:
My official training is in creative writing, but throughout my years, I have always found a more relaxing creative relief through sketching and attempts at watercolor (and sumi-e) painting. Three months ago, I decided to take up the brush again after a long period of inactivity. This time I am more focused on learning and finding inspiration as well as improving my skills as a painter. I attempt to paint at least one image a day. I am a published writer with 12 years of freelancing experience as a writer, but when it comes to pure creativity, it is the nonverbal imagery that best releases my soul.

Joyce Hart on the Web: http://www.joycemhart.com/
Joyce Hart on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100006269645932


Aug 17 2011

The Artwork of Antonella Napolitano

Featured Artist: Antonella Napolitano

Notes From the Artist:
I’m a mother and a wife, i love life, colours, the sea, the sun, the rain and the wind.
I live in Cinisi, near Palermo, Sicily.
Painting is my passion, since I was a child i loved to draw faces of women and their bodies just in the way i do now.
I think that a face of a woman can tell us the about pain and happiness and convey every kind of feeling.


May 25 2013

Featured Artist: Dita Omuri

Featured Artist: Dita Omuri

Notes from the Artist:
I was born and raised in the north of Albania where I spent most of my youth surrounded with sketchbook, I simply loved drawing.

Training for 4 years in a traditional art school, which included the ‘Old Masters Techniques’, began at the age of 14. Decades later I received a Bachelor’s Degree in Art, focused on graphic design in London.

My art reflects the passion and excitement I feel as an artist. The love for fashion photography and figurative art are a strong influence in my work.

I’m Freelance Artist/Designer, Hairstylist, Makeup artists… anything creative, in love with fashion photography!


Jan 29 2011

Debi Peralta – Fine Digital Artist

Featured Artist: Debi Peralta

Art Prints

About the Artist:
Debi Peralta is a digital artist living and working in the beautiful Wasatch Mountain region of the western United States. She has been designing with digital media for the past decade and recently hit the information superhighway with her digital art (May 2009). In addition to frequent features and awards by artist peer groups, online art magazines and art bloggers, she recently received an Award for Excellence in Digital Art at the Solo Online Juried Invitational Exhibition (August 2010) and an honorable mention in the 2nd Anniversary Exhibit at the Museum of Computer Art in Brooklyn, New York (September 2010), where her entry was chosen for the Museum’s exhibit catalog cover. Enjoy your visual journey through her collection of digital fine art.


Oct 22 2013

Featured Artist: Dawn Connelly

Featured Artist: Dawn Connelly

Notes from the Artist:
I was a graphic designer before the economy failed when I was 50. I haven’t worked since. I am a transplanted Brit/Canadian who lives in Mexico writing and painting the days away and loving the warmth and light.

My comic strip art is to be found on my blog at http://jailbirdblues.weebly.com/


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