Aug 27 2014

Featured Artist: Victor Guérin

Featured Artist: Victor Guérin

About the Artist:
It was in 2009, while living in Oceania, that Victor discovered photography. Very quickly he specialized in night photography using long exposures and flashlights to create ephemeral light effects. Through his experiments he developed the will to show and exhibit what he saw and created without editing his work. His latest series,”Revealing the Shadows – Portraits of the New Parisians” is first portraits and analog series. Through 50 portraits of foreigners living in Paris he shows us the people who are the real face of the French capital.

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Aug 26 2014

Featured Artist: Rodriguez Gonzalez Lance Arturo

Featured Artist: Rodriguez Gonzalez Lance Arturo

Notes from the Artist:
I´am from Ensenada B.C. México. I started painting 2 years ago by myself. I consider me an autodidact artist always trying to do something new and cool. My style is most like contemporary, I try to make contrast in colors and concept.

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Aug 25 2014

Featured Poet: Rosemarie Yusen

Featured Poet: Rosemarie Yusen

The Pain Tears Open The Stitching, Once Again My Tears Fall Down Lethal as Acid Rain.
The Monotony in Life-lntent on The Material The Sexual Flings.
For I Am Mateless, No God can Calm Me.
No Individual but That of My King.
I long to Lye Rested for Eternity by His Side.
I live in The Knowing That Just Maybe This is A Possibility-A Laying Down Eternal by His Side.
Pen to Paper, I Tear Up This Paper, I Long for The Times Past When Life was Simpler When Love was More Purer.
A Need for The Other That was Irreplaceable.
An Unconditional Nurturing Where A Face can go Faceless A Body can go Bodiless.
Sex Provided An Escape…
And The One Whom I Am Sleeping with is not Thy Enemy.
I Want A Non-Frivolous Union.
I Want A Love That Loves back.
With No Postage Stamp of Return.
I Want A Love That I Cannot live Without.
A Love for Whom The Bells will Toll.
But, He does not Exist for Me.
The Angels Whisper Sweet Nothings for The Blessed Ones Whose Hearts are not Pining For A Love.
Pining For A Life in Pictures where Wrongs are Made Right.
Happenings Prelude Reason And When The Dust Settles; My Cowboy Rides Off into The Sunset without Me.
God Henceforth does not Exist so Therefore I Do Not


Aug 15 2014

Featured Artist: Gary Wahlbeck

Featured Artist: Gary Wahlbeck of Wahlbeck Creations

About the Artist:
Gary Wahlbeck was born in Winnipeg, Canada on September 29th, 1958, the son of Carlo and Barbro Wahlbeck. His father is a well-known Swedish born artist, and had exposed Gary to the world of fine art at a very early age. Gary’s passionate quest for knowledge of all things has led him into many trades, which have all contributed to a never-ending list of mediums in which to work.

Gary has worked professionally in many technical and creative fields over the last 30 years. He is a highly detailed painter and sculptor and expresses his creativity with metal, silver and goldsmith work, mold-making, resin casting, stained and leaded glass, wrought iron work, wood and stone inlay and many other creative paths that present themselves.

Gary’s work has been displayed in fine art galleries across the United States, in cities such as Las Vegas, Nevada; Palm Springs, Los Angeles, and Lake Arrowhead, California; to name a few. His silver jewelry work was displayed and sold at the Palm Springs Desert Museum at a time when normally only Native American work was being accepted. Gary was a leading designer and engineer in the construction of a major outdoor steel sculpture located in Palm Springs at the junction of Indian Avenue and Interstate 10.

Several years ago Gary and his wife Brigitte, relocated from Southern California to Brookings, Oregon, and now more recently to Cannon Beach, Oregon where a new adventure unfolds and the beautiful landscape and people lend themselves to further inspiration.

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Aug 14 2014

Lesson learnt


Little is better

Than nothing-A lesson I

Learnt growing up poor


Haiku by Lucio Muñoz

Vancouver, BC, Canadá

August 14, 2014


Apr 26 2011

Artwork of Francesca Coletti

Featured Artist: Francesca Coletti




Dec 01 2010

Dark Times Befall ‘Painter Of Light’ Thomas Kinkade

Credit to: Alex Schmidt 
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Central Park In The Fall is a 2010 work by "Painter of Light" artist Thomas Kinkade. The park, Kinkade writes, "is a place where a quick cab ride lets you escape the big city and immerse yourself in nature's brilliant color palette."

There’s a good chance you own something by Thomas Kinkade. The artist’s warm, cozy paintings have been widely reprinted on calendars, coffee mugs and more — and it’s estimated that his work appears in 1 in every 20 U.S. homes.

Yet Kinkade’s company is struggling. Dogged by fraud allegations, his company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in June, and it plans to be back in court soon to file a plan of reorganization.

But financial challenges aside, Kinkade’s artwork continues to sell. He is, after all, the “Painter of Light” — he came up with the nickname himself.

Kinkade has said that the light that streams through his paintings is the light of Jesus. Above, his 2008 work Christmas in New York.

God’s Light?

A Thomas Kinkade can make you feel like you’re strolling down a cobblestone path to a cozy cottage with smoke puffing out the chimney.

“When I look at a Thomas Kinkade painting, I get a warm, soft, cozy feeling,” says window shopper Anna Kayne. “Like I want to go into where that is and be part of it.”

Kayne, who was browsing an art gallery in Irvine, Calif., says she particularly likes Kinkade’s winter vistas — the perfect blankets of snow over peaceful gardens, the snow-covered cottages lit from within.

“I think it harkens back to some imagined past,” she says, “before cities, before crowds, before traffic, before the stresses of everyday life.”

Ami Davis, who teaches art at the University of California, Los Angeles, wrote her master’s thesis on Kinkade. “I’ve heard [about] almost quasi-religious experiences with some of these paintings,” Davis says.

Kinkade has said the light that streams through his paintings is the light of Jesus. But some of his gallery owners have accused the artist of using shared Christian values to defraud them. They say he persuaded them to open galleries in areas that couldn’t support them — and then competitively undervalued his own paintings.

“It’s very disappointing when an individual expresses a worldview that’s about peace, love, joy, family, and then ends up taking a position that is contradictory,” says Terry Sheppard, a longtime colleague of Kinkade’s. Sheppard testified in lawsuits that several of Kinkade’s gallery owners brought against the artist.

The gallery owners won a nearly $3 million judgment and are attempting to collect after the company declared bankruptcy. To add to the artist’s troubles, Kinkade was arrested for a DUI in June; his mug shot has made its way around the Internet.

‘An Incredible Footprint’

But never mind the legal and financial troubles, the criticism and the controversies — Kinkade’s work continues to sell.

“I’ve been carrying Thomas Kinkade for over 22 years,” says Marty Brown, co-owner of the Village Gallery in Irvine. “And the fact that he’s been selling with such regularity for such a long time is unprecedented.”

Beauty and the Beast Falling in Love is a 2010 painting from Kinkade's Disney Dreams Collection. He says in his paintings for Disney, he has "attempted to portray a panorama of the entire movie, rather than an individual scene."
The Kinkade Co. sees the success as part of a calculated business mode — it methodically sells Kinkade’s products in as many formats as possible, from calendars to lithographs to armchairs.

“What’s compelling about this brand is, over the course of time, about 25 million people have purchased a Kinkade product,” says company COO Frank Turrell. “That’s an incredible footprint.”

Turrell adds that the company is also changing strategies, and the galleries at the heart of the fraud allegations are no longer the main key to expansion. New plans include building partnerships with companies like Disney and Warner Bros., and strengthening avenues that cater directly to consumers, like home shopping corporation QVC.

“If you can restructure the fundamentals of the business and get the cost structure down,” Turrell says, “there’s an enormous demand out there for Tom’s products.”

Not that any of these corporate strategies matter to Kinkade’s longtime fans such as Kayne. “This is the first time I heard of his bankruptcy,” she says from the gallery in Irvine. “And I don’t look at his paintings any differently. I won’t.”


Mar 05 2011

my kind of art

My name is Maxi Pettek, I am an artist living and working in Austria, born in Munich/Germany where I studied painting and art history.
I am painting, drawing, creating life-size peculiar pupae, photographing: people-landscapes-things (moods)
in my creative phases I am very passionate, time and space disappear, it is a kind of meditative condition, when it`s done I`m always totally depleted, the best way to get relaxed then is to take a walk with my dog in the wood.
I get a lot of energy from my family, best husband ever, 2 gorgeous sons, dog and cat.
besides I love singing, dancing, gardening, haut cusine, designing chilling with friends and many more…..have fun with my kind of art


Apr 27 2012

Featured Artist: Lisa Cherie

Featured Artist: Lisa Cherie

Notes From the Artist:
My name is Lisa and I live on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. The Gold Coast is filled with beautiful nature and has lots of inspiration for creativity. I love animals and nature and I am a very happy vegetarian:) I have loved to draw since I was a kid. It is who I am. Drawing gets me in my “special zone” where nothing else matters. I love using pencil, graphite, charcoal and pastel and I especially love drawing animals. Animals are our awesome friends we share the planet with. I love drawing people’s pets, including my own!! I also enjoy drawing portraits and nature.


Jul 19 2012

Aimee Boschet’s New “Zen” Series

Featured Artist: Aimee Boschet

Aimee Boschet’s new series “Zen” is a wonderful and stimulating view of the world through the camera’s eye.

Aimee was inspired to photograph this series because for her, each image represents strength, tranquility, unity, spirituality and exudes an overall feeling of inner peace.

In Aimee’s own words:
My passion is something I can’t put into words, except to say that it lives within me, pushes me forward into the unknown and makes me strive to reach for things that at times I thought were unobtainable. It drives me and gives me a constant sense of determination that I cannot escape, which in turn makes me open to everything around me! Find YOUR Passion and LIVE IT and Always Believe in yourself…

The “Zen” series on Facebook
The “Zen” series on the web

Aimee’s “Zen” Series is now available for purchase! Her photographs are professionally printed on Gallery Wrapped Canvas and are available in sizes, 20″ x 24″ and 24″ X 30″, they are also available as framed prints in smaller sizes.
To place an order or for purchasing information, contact Aimee through her website.


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