Sep 01 2014

Featured Poet: Rosemarie Yusen

Featured Poet: Rosemarie Yusen

Till The end of Time
Till The end of Time, until Time stops It’s Count. You Told Me that You would love Me. You told me that our love as The North Star would never die. The walks along The Bridge. Hands of Mother of Pearl, of Oyster Shell. The Water is considerate to our conversations. Never talking over us. It pays not attention to our scribbles of laughter or my tears of belief. But yet the naysayers to the corner stare with eyes of bitter and lips of sweet. We Pay them No Mind, Our Youth, Our in God We Trust, brings forth This Melancholy, This more than just Lust. From Canals we were born and into the grave We shall go. But in the meantime, on this night, in the days to follow and the years which will bring forth our Seeds of Root. On This Bridge our lives will extend. Meaning has taken on a new name. Kisses have grown up. What gets left behind will follow and what is brought forth Shall come up even Stronger. The Strength in your letters which came once per month. They brought You back to me. In my nights of dented pillows and soaked tissue. War is an unkind stranger to me. You say not to worry. That You know it’s weakness and that Your return will neither drag on nor be in vain. I try to explain this to A Two Year Old with blonde curls and blue eyes like The Aurora Lights. She scribbles her laughter and I scribble the ink across the paper, smearing the print with unsteady fingers of sweat. I haven’t the words they have left me. They wait for You back at the bridge on that night where we knew a love which most will never find. Many a time I’ve had to tear up the letters that I had written to You. The Paper which My Words are written upon is no longer plyable from the tears where Oceans run dry. But Yet at Our Bridge I Stand once more. And the words and the used up paper falls over the side of our bridge. My finger tips can no longer bear the weight of the heaviness to which my heart has now to for so many years. I stare at our little girl with blonde curls and blues like the aurora lights. She is no longer just two. Time has turned her now into a grown Woman of twenty two. I stare at the lovers Who pace their steps so evenly by. Unsure if they notice my eyes of bitter and my lips of sweet. Unkind War. A stranger I would never shake hands with. Nor shall I ever forgive You for taking My Love from My Arms. From My Sight. I See You for what You Are. Just A Taker of Lives. 10 fingers, 10 toes where 20 ought.


Aug 31 2014

Mild wind

A kite likes it so
Much she poses like sleeping
In the sky-Mild wind.


Haiku by Lucio Muñoz

Vancouver, BC, Canada

August 31, 2014


Aug 27 2014

Featured Artist: Victor Guérin

Featured Artist: Victor Guérin

About the Artist:
It was in 2009, while living in Oceania, that Victor discovered photography. Very quickly he specialized in night photography using long exposures and flashlights to create ephemeral light effects. Through his experiments he developed the will to show and exhibit what he saw and created without editing his work. His latest series,”Revealing the Shadows – Portraits of the New Parisians” is first portraits and analog series. Through 50 portraits of foreigners living in Paris he shows us the people who are the real face of the French capital.

Victor Guérin on the Web:
Victor Guérin on the Facebook:


Aug 26 2014

Featured Artist: Rodriguez Gonzalez Lance Arturo

Featured Artist: Rodriguez Gonzalez Lance Arturo

Notes from the Artist:
I´am from Ensenada B.C. México. I started painting 2 years ago by myself. I consider me an autodidact artist always trying to do something new and cool. My style is most like contemporary, I try to make contrast in colors and concept.

Rodriguez Gonzalez Lance Arturo on Facebook:



Aug 25 2014

Featured Poet: Rosemarie Yusen

Featured Poet: Rosemarie Yusen

The Pain Tears Open The Stitching, Once Again My Tears Fall Down Lethal as Acid Rain.
The Monotony in Life-lntent on The Material The Sexual Flings.
For I Am Mateless, No God can Calm Me.
No Individual but That of My King.
I long to Lye Rested for Eternity by His Side.
I live in The Knowing That Just Maybe This is A Possibility-A Laying Down Eternal by His Side.
Pen to Paper, I Tear Up This Paper, I Long for The Times Past When Life was Simpler When Love was More Purer.
A Need for The Other That was Irreplaceable.
An Unconditional Nurturing Where A Face can go Faceless A Body can go Bodiless.
Sex Provided An Escape…
And The One Whom I Am Sleeping with is not Thy Enemy.
I Want A Non-Frivolous Union.
I Want A Love That Loves back.
With No Postage Stamp of Return.
I Want A Love That I Cannot live Without.
A Love for Whom The Bells will Toll.
But, He does not Exist for Me.
The Angels Whisper Sweet Nothings for The Blessed Ones Whose Hearts are not Pining For A Love.
Pining For A Life in Pictures where Wrongs are Made Right.
Happenings Prelude Reason And When The Dust Settles; My Cowboy Rides Off into The Sunset without Me.
God Henceforth does not Exist so Therefore I Do Not


Sep 24 2012

Featured Artist: Jane Pilcher

Featured Artist: Jane Pilcher
Post Provided by:

Notes from the Artist:
Over the years my work has changed greatly, from small watercolour flowers and landscapes to my present style which leans towards the simplification of shapes. I now find myself on the borders between figurative and abstract art.

I love to experiment with many types of media using natural pigments, various stains, collage, acrylics, etc., but always with lots of water looking for those ‘happy accidents’.

My latest work has been inspired by the tropical gardens we have visited on our travels. These paintings are watercolour pigment on canvas and have been an exciting development for me as it has enabled me to work on a much larger scale.


Oct 22 2010

The Shade – Vancouver Film School (VFS)

Created by Vancouver Film School students through the following VFS production programs:

VFS Film Production

Director – Mohammad Gorjestani
Director of Photography – Ryan Hanson
Producer – Jessica Greenwood
Writer – Mohammad Gorjestani
Editor – Ryan Hanson
Art Director – Phil Giarratano

VFS Sound Design for Visual Media

Sound Design – Matt Harty


Feb 08 2011

Free Dance in the Sea

Featured Artist: Merlin Flower

Notes From the Artist:

When I did my first ‘series’ of paintings, I was pretty excited. First, it was for a cause close to my heart. Second, a creative partnership with a dance firm known for its innovative moves. Third, a series would shake-up my comfort zone. I know I sound vague and should explain the scenario, but the collaboration fell to its death half-way and I ended up with many more paintings in storage.

The painting you see, ‘Free dance in the sea’ is part of the series, or was to be. I put in the background, working with light colors, and then applied the idea to the painting. Since the theme was fixed, I had to work with self ruminated ideas. Of course, it didn’t turn out exactly as I wanted. In fact, that’s the beauty of art; it manages to surprise the artist as well. Once the fishes made their appearance, the boats appeared of their own free will.

The painting was done at a single setting, and at the end of it-as usual- I had more paint in my hands and clothes. You could say, I danced my way into the painting. Why not? Art sings and dances for anyone, and a return is good.

This painting, though part of the series, stands separate for its energy and message. With dance as its theme, it can survive alone-a reason the collaboration still is a good thing to have come through.

The people in the painting? Are they in the sea, on boats, waiting to jump in or just metaphysical idealization? I’ll leave it to your imagination. And there’s more for you to find out-happy exploration.


May 10 2013

Featured Artist: Christine Adey Landscape Artist

Featured Artist: Christine Adey

Notes from the Artist:
I was trained at Farnham Art School.
The met Frank in Advertising and worked as a photographer with him on many accounts.
After three children, we moved to the West Country and carried on with Advertising work for a few years.
We then moved to Croyde (Frank still runs Croyde Devon web site with my son Mike).
Have always loved photography and built up a large library of work.
After our spell running a B&B in Croyde, we moved to Gables Tea Rooms at Umberleigh, we ran this for five years until recession…
From our friends in Croyde, the well known Keith the Croyde Sweep, he said I should try Sweeping…
(I don’t think Frank was too pleased)…but we have done that for four years and I do like it. Meeting many people and styles of homes.
I have started working on my mixed media abstract work & Photography, while Frank has concentrating on his portrait theme drawing.
I have called my abstract work ‘Earth Elements’
My second daughter (Korinna) was in final of Miss England and did a lot of modelling until she too had children.


Nov 07 2011

Better to Lie – Music by Clay Head

Better to lie by Clay head
Clay Head is a neo classical/electronic pop group created by Mark C Graham in Roswell, New Mexico.
Many of these works are influenced by traditional African music using different beats and rhythms with drum synthesizers, digital, and analog synthesizers and other acoustics instruments.


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