Apr 24 2017

Howto Produce an Essay’s Introduction

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Apr 20 2017

Executive Summary Trials

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Apr 14 2017

Great things about Applying Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Software

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Apr 14 2017

Caribbean food Back to convention, farewell Active Debacle

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Apr 13 2017

How to Convert a WAV File to your MP3 Report

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Apr 30 2011

Rules or Just Common Decency

Featured Artist: Lori Putnam

The sidewalks were surrounded by perfectly round azalea clumps and long cast shadows made by tall trees. I was drawn to these sprawling pink and white scrubby ones in the shade instead. "Shady Azaleas," 8x10, plein air.

We learn lots of rules throughout our formative years. We learn not to bite the other kids on the playground; to close the refrigerator door; and on which side of the road to drive. We also learn common decency. My mama would’ve said, “Learn to mind your manners.” These are things like it’s nice to hold the door when someone is coming through behind you; it isn’t polite to talk with your mouth full; and to say ‘please,’ and ‘thank you.’ It stands to reason then, that as beginning artists the first things we want to learn are the rules for making a good painting. But later, even after we have a good understanding of these rules, we feel we have to remind ourselves of them in every painting we do.

A friend whose work I am totally ga-ga for said recently, “The only rules you need to know, are the ones that you don’t have to remember.” That is so true. Perhaps we need to consider moving beyond “the rules,” and practice plain ‘ol “common decency.”

I believe that sometimes knowing all these rules can inhibit our growth and creativity. I remember a time when every painting I made had a focal point in that sweet 2/3 spot (modified golden mean); my landscape planes followed the same set of value rules we all learn (sun, ground, slants, uprights from lightest to darkest in that order); there was a nice curving “s” shape in the foreground; my distant hills were painted violet and everything in the foreground was warmer by comparison. My husband calls it my, “tree on left” phase. So, what did I do??? I switched to still life. And, you guessed it, every still life I set up and painted all looked the same too.

Exploring the rules many times over, and understanding the value in knowing them in the first place, now leads me to challenge them as much as possible. The more I look at paintings that I find truly amazing, the fewer rules I see. These are the works of artists such as T. Allen Lawson, Quang Ho, and others who are blazing the trail for the rest of us “rebels” to follow. It is as if these artists just have the common decency to do what is right. They have outgrown the elementary stage of their careers and moved on to the enjoyment part of it. I don’t know about you, but I am ready for that! After all, I have pretty good manners for the most part. And honestly, when was the last time you actually had to remind yourself not to bite your friends?

Lori Putnam’s Blog
Lori Putnam’s Website


Apr 04 2014

Featured Artist: Tina Barron-Osinski

Featured Artist: Tina Barron-Osinski

Notes from the Artist:
I am a classically trained fine artist with a BFA from the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design. For the last 12 years I have been a designer in the home decor business. My work is mainly abstract oil paintings and I have begun to sell Giclee prints of my work. My years of home decor design experience mixed with my love of fine art makes for some interesting art for the home.

Tina Barron-Osinski Etsy Store: https://www.etsy.com/people/BarronCreative
Tina Barron-Osinski on the Web: http://www.barroncreative.com/
Tina Barron-Osinski on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/barroncreative


Nov 20 2010

Lack of love… (Desamor… )


Desamor... (Lack of love...) by AmaSilyS...

My message: If you are overwhelmed by fatigue and want to surrender … Stand up, with your head held high, look for energy even in the air you breathe and go on! It’s for you! Even when you have to start again, ensures yourself that never the indifference towards you … comes from your soul.

I have to confess something about this work: I couldn’t finish it because the feeling I wanted to express –fortunately- abandoned me before I do it. But, finally,  I thought it was ready because it reflects my message brutally.


Mi mensaje: Si te abruma el cansancio y quieres rendirte… Levántate, con la frente en alto, busca energía hasta en el aire que respiras y continúa! Es por ti! Aun cuando tengas que comenzar de nuevo, procura que en ningún tiempo el desamor hacia ti… provenga de tu alma.

Tengo que confesar algo sobre este trabajo: no pude terminarlo porque el sentimiento que quería expresar-por suerte-me abandonó antes de hacerlo. Pero, finalmente, pensé que estaba listo porque refleja mi mensaje brutalmente.


Mar 19 2013

Featured Artist: Joanne Reay

Featured Artist: Joanne Reay

Artist Statement:
As a mixed media artist, I like to create spontaneous, bright and colourful pieces usually on aluminium. Inspired by family life, I like to focus on the positive side of life and portray this in my work using a wide range of techniques including screen printing, collage, image transfer and painting.

Artist Biography:
My earliest memories of drawing and painting are from primary school where friends often asked me to draw pictures of the latest pop stars. In secondary school, I painted images inspired by record covers on to the backs of Bomber Jackets and Parkers which was all the rage at that time.
When I left school, my mother encouraged me to use my skills and train to be a Technical Illustrator at Mid-Cheshire College of FE in Northwich. I enjoyed the detail and accuracy in drawing which I developed over the two years of study. After qualifying, I worked for a Manchester firm for clients such as Massey Ferguson and Rolls Royce and obtained experience and knowledge of working engines. Following redundancy, I found work as an illustrator in Congleton, Cheshire, where new technology meant that the drawing board became a thing of the past, so I adapted to using Adobe software to produce designs.

I had the odd freelance job and my proudest moment came when I was commissioned to paint the centre spread for a popular motorbike magazine. My best piece to date I still look at it now and think “I painted that!”

Family life meant that I barely picked up a pencil or paint brush up for 16 years as I brought up two children. When my daughter began her GCSE Art, I was inspired to start up again and eagerly experimented with new techniques and new media.

My previous work as a Technical Illustrator had been fairly constrained, I now want to break free and start creating colourful work to make a positive emotional response from the viewer. In 2010, I started a three year Foundation Degree in Contemporary Art Practice at Leek College in Staffordshire. I am loving the course and feel I am emerging from a cocoon – bringing all my creativity with me. I am inspired by the beauty around me which is reflected in all my work, looking at positive living as I continue to evolve as an artist.


Jul 31 2011

Artist’s Musical Installation Rises With The Sun

Post Provided by Andrea Shea at NPR
Click here to listen to this post.

Artist Craig Colorusso arranges his "Sun Boxes" on a frozen pond in Plymouth in February. (Courtesy Kevin Belli)

LINCOLN, Mass. — On Saturday an outdoor musical performance will take place at the deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum here in Lincoln. But there won’t be any instruments on site, at least not conventional ones. Instead visitors will experience a sound collaboration between an artist and nature called “Sun Boxes.”

I got a sneak preview a few months ago when the museum and the artist tested the installation. Once I arrived at the park I heard the sun boxes before I saw them. Their enchanting, ethereal sound — think “Star Trek” — emanated from an army of audio speakers arranged on the lush lawn. But there weren’t any wires. To sing, these boxes require energy from the sun, which can be tricky, according to Deputy Museum Director and Curator Nick Capasso.

“So what we’re doing today is trying to find the optimum placement so they can look their best, get the sun that they’re going to need to perform — because we have a lot of shade around here — and also be positioned in such a way where the sound is going to migrate as much as possible throughout the rest of the park,” he said. He added, “It’s uncanny how far away you can hear this.”

The installation has what Capasso called “a Pied Piper effect” on visitors. Artist and rock musician Craig Colorusso has seen it, too.

“Sometimes you don’t really know what it is, but it’s sort of pulling you in,” he said with a smile.

Students from the Massachusetts School of Science, Creativity and Leadership tested the "Sun Boxes" installation. (Courtesy deCordova)

Colorusso created “Sun Boxes” in 2009 for an exhibition at the Goldwell Museum in Rhyolite, Nev., called “Off the Grid.” There are 20 speakers in all. Each has a solar panel on top and a PC board inside that holds a pre-recorded, looped guitar note. Each wooden box has a unique look and sound, but Colorusso sees them as a collective. He refers to his installation as “an array.”

In performance the sound rises, falls and repeats, depending on the weather. In full sun the music gets louder; when the clouds come the volume drops. Sometimes, Colorusso says, the sound stops all together.

“But the cool thing is when they stop inevitably they start up again when the sun burns through and they all start at the same time,” he said. “The first time that happened I was freaking out, of course. After the initial shock it was beautiful.”

On the test day the sun was bright and relatively consistent. But people can affect the sun boxes, too. Your own passing shadow — or even your hands — can alter the overall sound of the piece. In fact the artist encourages it!

It didn’t take long for a group of curious kids to respond to “Sun Boxes’” siren call. They enthusiastically volunteered to tell this radio reporter what they thought of the installation, starting with introductions.

“I’m Max Paul and I am 9 years old,” a bright-eyed boy said. “And it’s cool because I’m not sure exactly how it works but I think they attach speakers to the solar panels.”

The perceptive group, from the Massachusetts School of Science, Creativity and Leadership, included 10-year-old Henry Luettgen.

The sun boxes on a Cohasset beach in April 2010 (Courtesy Craig Colorusso)

“It’s practically music made by the sun,” he mused, “cause you know, these solar panels hooked up to the speakers, so it gets its energy from the sun so it’s like the sun’s creating the music.”

Then classmate Owen Murray chimed in, “And I bet if there were clouds then you won’t hear anything because there’d be no sun.”

That astute observation reminded me to ask the artist about the pending weather. Rain or even an extremely overcast sky could force the artist and the museum to reschedule their one-day “Sun Boxes” performance. But Colorusso doesn’t sweat it. In fact he said this installation has taught him many things, including the art of patience.

“This wasn’t an initial reason to do the piece but sometimes you don’t get what you want when you want it, and it’s nice to be reminded of that in a very aesthetically pleasing way,” he said.

Then he added, with a somewhat-reserved laugh,“So yeah, I do hope for the best, but we’ll see.”

“Sun Boxes” will perform all day Saturday at the deCordova. If the weather doesn’t cooperate, a rain date will be posted on the deCordova’s website.


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