Nov 25 2014

Featured Artist: Vandy Massey

Featured Artist: Vandy Massey

About the Artist:
“I paint for the sheer pleasure of watching images emerge on the paper and find it thrilling when a picture demands attention.”
Vandy Massey started painting in watercolour at the end of 2009, and is largely self-taught.
She grew up in South Africa and now lives in Whittlesford, Cambridgeshire. Africa still influences her painting in discernable ways: She loves strong colours and aims to capture a sense of space or scale in her work. Recently she moved towards including textures in her watercolours to emphasis mood and create a dynamic element.
An avid traveler, Vandy draws inspiration from the places she visits, expanding her horizons regularly. Current works included pieces inspired by images and feelings of Africa, Australia, Italy, France or Japan.
Her paintings have been described in the Cambridgeshire Journal as being filled with ‘Joy, energy and colour’.
She occasionally works in other mediums, but watercolour is currently her preferred medium.
Her works are part of private collections in the United Kingdom, United States, France, New Zealand, Portugal and South Africa.

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Nov 24 2014

Dave Hall – Moving Water 2015

Moving Water 2015 600x600
Moving Water 2015 Poster Supporting The Henry’s Fork Foundation Now Available

Following the success of the Moving Water 2014 poster supporting the Henry’s Fork Foundation (HFF), the 2015 edition is now available at

The new 24×24 inch poster ($29.95 plus S/H) is printed from Dave Hall’s original oil painting Early Morning on the Upper Henry’s Fork and is subtitled “If you’re lucky, there are places you go back to.”

All profits support the conservation efforts of The Henry’s Fork Foundation (

“This, put simply, is art supporting rivers,” says HFF Executive Director Brandon Hoffner. “Dave Hall’s painting is a vision anglers and other lovers of healthy rivers relate to.”

Want to support HFF at a higher level? Consider the Legends Edition. Thirty posters are being signed by Rene’ Harrop, Mike Lawson, Steve Schmidt and Craig Mathews. See details at

The poster is shipped in a sturdy cardboard tube from the HFF offices in Ashton, Idaho. Helpful framing ideas and suggestions are included.

Support The Henry’s Fork of the Snake at

For more info, contact:
Julie Mauer
The Henry’s Fork Foundation
(208) 652-3567

Dave Hall
(801) 419-7289


Nov 23 2014

Featured Artist: Rafal Karcz

Featured Artist: Rafal Karcz

About the Artist:
With a background in post-punk music Karcz began painting portraits in
the late 1990s. His work depicts emotions not often seen in daily life,
such as ecstatic excitement and intoxication. His subjects are taken from
underground scene and rock social motives and act as an investigation of
the personal attributes of that society as well as portraying social unrest
and police intervention.

Rafal Karcz on the Web:
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Nov 22 2014

Featured Artist: Helen Wells

Featured Artist: Helen Wells

About the Artist:
A mixed media artist based on the South Coast of England. Helen’s work is often intricate and organic. Her original artworks often depict beautiful illusionary surfaces or landscapes.
With multiple layers, fragments, stunning colours and obsessive decorative details, her abstract works bring to mind elements of the natural world or magical other-worlds. Her more representational work depicting animals and birds is decorative and detailed. Helen often combines mediums such as ink, watercolour paint and paper to create fascinating and memorable art works that celebrate the joyful side of life and which allude to infinite possibilities.
Her artworks are in private collections all over the world from America to New Zealand. She recently won Winsor and Newton’s Watercolour Revolution competition which resulted in one of her pieces being exhibited in The Saatchi Gallery London.

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Nov 16 2014



Without them my youth

Would have been without adventures,

My friends,

My heroes.


Without them I could not have

Survived the social breakdown,

My friends,

My lifeguards.


Without them my world

Is really strange,

My friends,

My best memories.


My heroes,

My lifeguards,

My best memories,

My friends.


Poem by Lucio Muñoz

Vancouver, BC, Canada

November 16, 2014


Dec 11 2012

Dave Hall’s “Moving Water” – Post 2 of 12

Featured Artist: Dave Hall

As a kid in New England I discovered topo maps. It took me no time to learn that the thinner the black lines, the more interest they held for me. And the thin blue lines—streams!—were the most interesting of all. These brooks, as we called them, wandered through dense green woodlands and fields with ancient oaks. And their beauty too was that they were off the state’s trout stocking schedule, so no one fished them. On an April morning—the day of my first high school baseball game—I rose early and fished alone a secret farm pond and caught a trophy native brookie on a hand-tied Mickey Finn streamer. On the path home I met my Dad at a creek crossing and he asked “How’d you do?” I reached in the back of my mail order Bean vest and showed him.

–from Dave Hall’s book “Moving Water”
The Artistic Blog invites you to see page 3 of 12 tomorrow.

Dave Hall’s “Moving Water” – Post 1 of 12

–from Dave Hall’s book “Moving Water”


Nov 28 2010

Diane Artz Furlong Paintings

Featured Artist: Diane Artz Furlong


Jan 22 2011

Lynn Christopher – Terra Cotta with Slip and Stains – Lifesize

Featured Artisit: Lynn Christopher

About the Artist:

I began my career as a Set Designer at Universal Studios in the art department. I went on to become an Art Director, and over the span of 33 years, worked on many wonderful films and television shows, both set designing and art directing at the major film studios I studied at the local art academies in the Los Angeles area, first painting, then, as the classes became available, I studied sculpture. I have had the privilege to study with some extraordinary sculptors during that time, which helped to set the direction of my current work approach. I am now working full time in my studio developing works that take a new direction in technique and materials. this is a new and invigorating development for my art, and am very excited to see what the future days bring.

My work is focused on the female nude figure. I have chosen to work with water based clay, using hollow building techniques. There are many challenges to this approach, and I love the variety of challenges that come as a work progresses. Since there is no internal armature, I must be mindful of the nature of the clay, have a conversation if you will. There is something very compelling about the relationship between artistic vision, and the nature of the materials we choose. As I work, I allow the forms to appear, working both inside and out, working the clay from the bottom up. I stay open to the suggestions that come from this process, and let the image take shape as a process…………….this fascinates me. The pieces are fired in an electrie kiln, and finished with various stains and casein colors. I am also experimenting with colored slips. The possibilities are endless.


Aug 27 2014

Featured Artist: Victor Guérin

Featured Artist: Victor Guérin

About the Artist:
It was in 2009, while living in Oceania, that Victor discovered photography. Very quickly he specialized in night photography using long exposures and flashlights to create ephemeral light effects. Through his experiments he developed the will to show and exhibit what he saw and created without editing his work. His latest series,”Revealing the Shadows – Portraits of the New Parisians” is first portraits and analog series. Through 50 portraits of foreigners living in Paris he shows us the people who are the real face of the French capital.

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Jun 22 2013

Featured Artist: Pierre Riollet

Featured Artist: Pierre Riollet

Notes From the Artist:
Beyond the symbolism of the tunnel, it is both the graphic and the esthetic effect which interest me in this theme. Whatever the subject is, the framework magnifies the light and sends it back to us, the viewer, blinding in its intensity. I like the contrast of the dark frame, steering the eye towards a brilliant and abstract opening, letting the imagination rush in and on out of the picture space. The idea of passage and transition are inevitably expressed here.

pierreAbout the Artist:
Pierre Riollet was born on April 25th, 1963 and graduated from the Auguste Renoir School of Art, Paris in 1983. After 20 years spent in Advertising, first as a Graphic Artist and finally as an Artistic Director, he decided to dedicate himself exclusively to painting in 2003. The artwork of the illustrator, Norman Rockwell, led him take an interest in the American Realist Movement. The artists, Edward Hopper and in particular, Robert Cottingham, influenced him at this time. Following a trip to the United States in 1987, he began a body of large scale works, featuring American facades and their projected shadows. Two years later, in 1989, he presented these paintings in his first one man exhibition. Parallel to his facade paintings, he worked on other subjects, still lives and landscapes, with various techniques (watercolor, ink-wash and drawings) and published a book illustrating a favourite fetish of his: “flipflops”! This exhibition presents a retrospective of recent and past works dealing with “townscapes”, in oil and in acrylic. This subject matter has been dear to him for almost two decades now. Having worked at length on “facades”, he now embraces “contre jour” always seduced by the light and the deep contrasts. This is the vital essence of his artistic research today.


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