Jul 25 2016



The simple reason

I would quite happily give

Up everything-Love.


Haiku by Lucio Muñoz

Vancouver, BC, Canada



Jun 25 2016


Suddenly the whole
European union is
in deep shock-BREXIT.


Haiku by Lucio Munoz

Vancouver, BC, Canada



Apr 15 2016

Three wishes


When I was young

I wished for a princess one day-

Out of nowhere it came, a strong,

Beautiful lady.


When I was married

I wished to make my queen very happy-

Out of nowhere a love storm came

Turning sour my honey.


Now newly single

I wished for a princes or a queen one day-

Out of nowhere it will come for sure

And I am ready again to play.


Young and crazy,

Married and thoughtful,

Newly single and hopeful,

Three wishes, believe me each of them worthy.



Poem by Lucio Muñoz

Vancouver, BC, Canada




Apr 14 2016

A working love triangle


A beautiful rose

Once fell in love with both

A hummingbird and me at the same time.


Knowing that not being able to

Fly I was not a match for the hummingbird

During the day I was afraid of losing her.


The hummingbird knowing that

He could not be a match for me

At night was also afraid of losing her.


Then one day rose proposed a solution

To this situation: She would belong to hummingbird

During the day; and to me during the night and we all agreed.




And me-

A nicely working love triangle.



Poem by Lucio Muñoz

Vancouver, BC, Canada



Sep 07 2015

A promise from my friends and me

I talked to the Sky

And he told me he feels

Better when there is no rain.


I talked to the Wind

And he told me he feels

Better when there are no mountains.


I talked to your heart

And he told me very loudly

He is happier when he is only with me.


You should expect no rain,

No mountains,

And happiness;

A promise from my friends Sky, Wind and me.


Poem by Lucio Muñoz

Vancouver, BC, Canada

September 07, 2015



May 21 2013

Lightening in A Bottle studio – Fine Art by Sherry Cousins

Featured Artist: Sherry Cousins

Notes from the Artist:
I loved the arts from very young age. In fact one of my earliest Whether my focus was drama, visual art or music at the time, my artistic interests were encouraged throughout childhood.

I became very serious about visual art around 2004 – 2006 and put great focus on self study, skill building and participation in showings, but it was cut short by the sudden onset of a severe depression that abruptly brought it all to a halt.

Late in the year , 2009 and the beginning of 2010, after very hard work climbing out of the depression, I again had the energy,inspiration and desire to pick up a paint brush. One of my first paintings during that post recovery period was ‘Earth Blood’, inspired by lava and volcanoes All that bottled up art from those lost years , did literally explode like a volcano, from that painting onward.

I had been doing a little bit in every genre. Landscapes, portraits, still life and abstract, but it was the abstracts that really excited people, including myself. That is where the passion REALLY flowed.
In early 2011, I was encouraged to continue in that direction.

The name Lightening in a Bottle , was taken from a description of my art, that was summed up as grasping something right out of the air or nothingness, visualizing it , then composing it on canvas with skill and intention. ….Like capturing lightening in a bottle.

I have been passionately and prolifically creating new works and collections , making use of opportunities and involving myself in the Calgary Arts community.


Mar 01 2013

Featured Artist: Phil McMenemy

Featured Artist: Phil McMenemy


Notes from the Artist:

How do I work?

This piece perhaps gives some idea into how I do what I do.
The idea behind writing about an image came from the Galloway Photographic Collective, where we all submit on a regular bais ideas behind images and here is mine:

I hope this isn’t too long a piece, for here!

‘Swirl’ – a personal reflection on one image by Phil McMenemy (image attached)

As artists why do we produce what we produce?
Why do we create what we create?
Why do we work in the way we do?
Is it a conscious act or is the unconscious at work?

In a previous life I worked as a psychiatric nurse with children, young people and their families and was always interested in the unconscious drives behind children’s behaviours and the possible reasons for these behaviours.
I think in the same way about my work – at times more deeply than at other times – why do I do what I do? Need it be a hidden process?

The image I’d like to share today is a very important and very personal image – ‘Swirl’.

This was and still is an important image in terms of my career as this was the first time I had ever won a national photographic competition (it is an irrelevance that this was the first one I had ever entered!) The image won first prize in the Scottish Nature Photography Awards competition (natural abstract) in 2010 – and brought attention and questions but not fame!!!!
It was only later that I was able to start to piece together the componenets of this image-jigsaw – it was quite revelatory.

Capturing this image was the first time I had ventured forth with my camera following the death of my beloved dad – following a degenerating period of ill-health and infirmity due to an industrial illness – mesothelioma – asbestos induced cancer, basically.
It was a tough time but a time full of love, treasured moments and long journeys – both physical and metaphorical.

I was proud of the role I played in dealing with dads illness and remain so – but I was in a place of mixed emotions: pride & contentment and extreme sadness, conflict (turmoil) and feelings of loss about dads death – after all we only have one father!

I think, on reflection, that this image completely and truly captures my emotions at this time. The turmoil represented by the vortex of swirling within the image and my contentment mirrored in the stillness and stability offered by the ‘solid’ leaf and my loss by the presence of ‘dead’ space.

I view my photography as a completely emotional journey and the images created as emotional pieces. I instinctively withdraw from talk of technical proficiency and the purely technical merits of my work – this, to me, misses the point.
For me emotionality has to come first.

This is my photographic truth.

Love and regards philxx


Dec 20 2012

Dave Hall’s “Moving Water” – Post 11 of 12

Featured Artist: Dave Hall

A piece of my heart never leaves Blaine Creek, due in large part to the poetry associated with the convergence of family and friends, moving water and mayfly hatches.

–from Dave Hall’s book “Moving Water”
The Artistic Blog invites you to see page 12 of 12 tomorrow.

Dave Hall’s “Moving Water” – Post 10 of 12

–from Dave Hall’s book “Moving Water”

Dave Hall’s “Moving Water” – Post 9 of 12

–from Dave Hall’s book “Moving Water”

Dave Hall’s “Moving Water” – Post 8 of 12

–from Dave Hall’s book “Moving Water”

Dave Hall’s “Moving Water” – Post 7 of 12

–from Dave Hall’s book “Moving Water”

Dave Hall’s “Moving Water” – Post 6 of 12

–from Dave Hall’s book “Moving Water”

Dave Hall’s “Moving Water” – Post 5 of 12

–from Dave Hall’s book “Moving Water”

Dave Hall’s “Moving Water” – Post 4 of 12

–from Dave Hall’s book “Moving Water”

Dave Hall’s “Moving Water” – Post 3 of 12

–from Dave Hall’s book “Moving Water”

Dave Hall’s “Moving Water” – Post 2 of 12

–from Dave Hall’s book “Moving Water”

Dave Hall’s “Moving Water” – Post 1 of 12

–from Dave Hall’s book “Moving Water”


Jun 19 2014

Featured Artist: Katerina Pravdivaia

Featured Artist: Katerina Pravdivaia

Notes from the Artist:
I am a Russian-born Canadian artist, insatiable traveler, and passionate dancer.
My work explores the interconnectivity between human and non-human species as well as their surrounding environment. Due to industrial development, environmental degradation, and corporate greed, hundreds of thousands of species are becoming endangered and extinct. However, many people tend to forget that we are also part of the environment, and rely heavily on the sustainability of countless ecosystems that are interconnected. We too, are animals. We too, are the environment. The abstracted fields in my paintings and drawings represent the constant flux of time and the uncertainty of the future.
It is up to us to decide whether or not we will rise to the challenge and learn to co-exist, or forever fade into the darkness.

Katerina Pravdivaia on the Web: http://www.katerina-pravdivaia.com/


Sep 26 2014

Featured Artist: Louise Demers

Featured Artist: Louise Demers

Louise Demers 1

About the Artist:
The Artistic Blog would just like to take a few moment to recognize a wonderful artist, Louise Demers.
Louise has been a regular contributor to The Artistic Blog both in sharing her work and encouraging others.
Hope you all enjoy this wonderful sample of her work and will take the time to visit her Facebook page.

Louise Demers on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Louise-Demers-artiste/230818720397162


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