Aug 15 2014

Featured Artist: Gary Wahlbeck

Featured Artist: Gary Wahlbeck of Wahlbeck Creations

About the Artist:
Gary Wahlbeck was born in Winnipeg, Canada on September 29th, 1958, the son of Carlo and Barbro Wahlbeck. His father is a well-known Swedish born artist, and had exposed Gary to the world of fine art at a very early age. Gary’s passionate quest for knowledge of all things has led him into many trades, which have all contributed to a never-ending list of mediums in which to work.

Gary has worked professionally in many technical and creative fields over the last 30 years. He is a highly detailed painter and sculptor and expresses his creativity with metal, silver and goldsmith work, mold-making, resin casting, stained and leaded glass, wrought iron work, wood and stone inlay and many other creative paths that present themselves.

Gary’s work has been displayed in fine art galleries across the United States, in cities such as Las Vegas, Nevada; Palm Springs, Los Angeles, and Lake Arrowhead, California; to name a few. His silver jewelry work was displayed and sold at the Palm Springs Desert Museum at a time when normally only Native American work was being accepted. Gary was a leading designer and engineer in the construction of a major outdoor steel sculpture located in Palm Springs at the junction of Indian Avenue and Interstate 10.

Several years ago Gary and his wife Brigitte, relocated from Southern California to Brookings, Oregon, and now more recently to Cannon Beach, Oregon where a new adventure unfolds and the beautiful landscape and people lend themselves to further inspiration.

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Aug 14 2014

Lesson learnt


Little is better

Than nothing-A lesson I

Learnt growing up poor


Haiku by Lucio Muñoz

Vancouver, BC, Canadá

August 14, 2014


Aug 14 2014

Featured Artist: Michael Alvarez

Featured Artist: Michael Alvarez

About the Artist:
Michael Alvarez is a California based artist currently working mostly in Acrylics and pastels. Art has always been part of his life and throughout his life always had time to create and improve on his skills. Though encouraged by instructors and others in the art field to pursue art as a profession he chose to follow what the society majority thought he should do. But art was always calling so now he is finally showing his art to the world through online social media, shows and galleries. His subjects range from normal everyday events to works dealing with the mind but always using a bright color pallet.

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Aug 13 2014

Featured Artist: Michael Cross

Featured Artist: Michael Cross

The following images are charcoal drawings done on newspaper in a series called “ART IN THE NEWS”

Notes from the Artist:
My name is Michael Cross and I am a self- taught artist in Eugene, Oregon USA. I am a bit of a late bloomer in regards to art. My entire life I have had an internal drive to create and find my inner voice. When I began drawing and painting, that energy was given an outlet and I have never looked back. I am a bit of a dichotomy being drawn to the expressiveness and power of abstract painting as well as the detail work of figurative charcoal/pencil drawing. I want the viewer to have a deep, visceral reaction to my work. My drawings and paintings are created through my five senses, heart and gut. Art moves me in ways that are sometimes hard to put into words. This has allowed me to develop a second voice for emotion and passion.

Thank you for taking the time to peruse my art. Please feel free to give me feedback as to your thought and feelings.
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Aug 07 2014

Featured Artist: Hurovi

Featured Artist: Hurovi

About the Artist – Writen by Yanet Rojas:
Our family was first introduced to Parkinson’s Disease in 2007 – up until that point, we just thought our father was getting old. He’d walk around the house dragging his left foot, making a swish sound as his sandals rubbed the tile floor. A few doctors’ visits later we received the news: Dad’s got Parkinson’s Disease. Silence. How? When? Why? HOW????

He came to this country thirty two years ago, like many immigrants, chasing the American Dream. Having earned an architectural degree in Colombia and with the need to provide for a growing family, he took on construction jobs. No task was too small or big for him. Thanks to how-to books from the library and many Bob Villa-like videos, dad became a master of honey-do solutions and established his own business.

Somehow, he and my mother managed to make ends meet and raise three daughters. (He now jokes that having a house full of women will give anyone PD!) Waking up at the crack of dawn, he’d work self-imposed 12-hr shifts, and still had both the time and energy to take my sisters and I to the park, chase us around the house, and help Mom with the cooking and cleaning. He was Super-Dad. What little girl doesn’t think that of her father? Except Super-Dad’s kryptonite is called Parkinson’s Disease.

Like many care givers, our entire family has now become experts on the subject matter thanks to the internet, doctors, and support groups. Still, the one resource that has taught us the most about PD is Dad himself. Parkinson’s Disease to us isn’t a degenerative neurological disorder for which there is no cure. To us, PD is the ever persistent strive Dad has to face each day, knowing his mobility is further decreasing, and still making the best out of that day. PD is his mission to say something comical to every person he sees, every day. PD is dad’s incessant wish to inspire others to live life at full force. Our father is still our Super-Dad.

His fight against PD has definitely been an emotional one, with days of uncertainty, joy, anger, surprise, fear, excitement, and frustration all in one. He knew he had to find something to keep him focused on the positive, but what? Then he remembered a long-lost passion, one he left behind him over thirty years ago when life got in the way – ART! Dad began drawing again and discovered his tremors stopped completely when he was focused on his sketches. Astonished that he could still draw when using a model, he dared himself to add new drawing styles and even create some of his own. With the continued support of friends and family, Dad began experimenting with other media … and then took off!


Nov 13 2010

Self-Portrait: Breaking into the Art World

Featured Artist: William A Suys Jr


Jul 01 2011

u-chora (Japanese illustrater and artist)

Post rovied by the Ouchi Gallery

u-chora is a Japanese illustrater and artist. She has published a variety of her works through leather arts, shutter paints, live paints , also in personal exhibitions.
Born in Saitama in the greater Tokyo metropolitan area in Japan in 1984, she was raised in a town with a lot of nature and loved painting pictures of nature and stories.
She was impressed and inspired by works painted by a blind illustrator in her early teens. She was shocked to know that a picture painted by a blind person who had never seen anything could move people so much. By the incident, she became aware of what you can’t see but you can sense in arts and expressions.
After graduated from a design school, she worked as a designer for a while but decided to become an artist to express her inner feelings from within in a painting.
Her theme is to express beauty of every life, colors of human feelings through herself in canvas.


Jun 16 2013

Featured Artist Giannis Vasilikopoulos

Featured Artist Giannis Vasilikopoulos

About the Artist:
Giannis Vasilikopoulos (born on 17 January 1927 in Amaliada, Greece) is a Greek painter. As a child, he was a mediocre student at school but he had an innate inclination towards painting. During his youth, his devotion to painting caused the adverse reaction of his father, who intended his son to become a wood merchant like himself, but Giannis never gave up painting.
He is mainly known as being a self-taught and self-representing artist, who promotes his work mainly by donating paintings to coffee shops (cafés), schools, hospitals, civil service departments and some other public places of the area, with only two exhibitions during his lifetime and without any involvement of art dealers and galleries.
His works, according to their subject matter (what each painting depicts), are divided into the following categories: Seascapes, still lifes, landscapes (& cityscapes), portraits, architecture paintings, religious paintings, people paintings as well as animal paintings.

Giannis Vasilikopoulos Email:


Oct 19 2010

Aufbruch ins eigene Ich

Featured Artist: Candy Luiskandl


… mein Malen, mein Zeichnen, mein Sein.
In der Kunst begreife ich mein Sein.

… my painting, my drawing, my being.
In art, I understand my being.

(c) by Candy Luiskandl –


Oct 21 2010

Sit Here!

Featured Artist Steve Rice (Olympia, United States)

Sit Here | Photo by Steve Rice | Sculpture by Sofie Siegmann

The sculpture: Sit Here!
The artist: Sofie Siegmann
This and several other works by Belgian artists are located in the Mojave Desert near Rhyolite, NV. These pieces are unusual and are, “Art where it seemingly shouldn’t be.”

Goldwell Open Air Museum
Part of the Roadside Oddities Series


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