Jul 20 2014



The angel in my

Heart who even today

Shapes my life-Grandma.


Haiku by Lucio Muñoz

Vancouver, BC, Canada

July 20, 2014



Jul 16 2014

Featured Artists: Robyn & Mic Garnet

Featured Artists: Robyn & Mic Garnet

Notes from the Artist:
Hi my name is Robyn Jean Grace Garnet, hence why I sign and call myself RJG for art purposes :) My husband Mic and myself are probably very new to the “art world” although we have both followed projects before. Ours is one of those beautiful love stories that you only ever seem to read about. We are each others greatest inspiration and best critics.
Mostly we have worked in wood and played with airbrush and graphite prior to receiving a set a pastels for Christmas 2013 from a sibling. This gift began our concentrated art journey and our journal. M.R.Art https://www.facebook.com/artmrjg
Neither of us are under the illusion that our art will fund our habit of eating each day or even remunerate our indulgent spending on supplies to create our projects. We do however hope that at some point we will make a few sales, as does every artist. Possibly more for the knowledge that someone likes your art enough to pay for it than the actual money :). Mic is very much into the coloured pencils at the moment whereas I am still dabbling across the fields. My preferred medium is wood, but I must admit I am totally enjoying making an “indoor” mess during our winter with graphite, acrylic, water-paint, pencil and anything else I can think of.
We are M.R.Art and we are creative souls enjoying art for the love of art and life.

M.R. Art on the Web: http://www.artpal.com/RJG
M.R. Art of Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/artmrjg


Jul 15 2014

The flame of eternal light


People told me

She was a nightmare

She had burned men

As if they were bush fires.


Happily I did not listen to them

I followed the advice of my heart

Who told me she was a beautiful rainbow

Just waiting for a man like me.


And my heart was right,

The people were wrong

Our love is now so strong

That it could be the flame of eternal light.


Poem by Lucio Muñoz

Vancouver, BC, Canada

July 15, 2014



Jul 13 2014

She looked so happy


Before I met her

I used to love playing with flowers

Removing patiently from them petal by petal

Hoping each time it would end “she loves me”.


Then, when I met her

I started dreaming about

Playing with her hair softly

Hoping she would fall sleep on my shoulders.


And later when she became my sweetheart

I got into the habit of

Kissing her slowly

Hoping she would again push me back into our nest.


First playing with flowers,

Then dreaming to play with her hair,

Later playing with her lips-

And when I did that she looked so happy.


Poem by Lucio Muñoz

Vancouver, BC, Canada

July 13, 2014



Jul 10 2014

Featured Artist: Tess McCoskey

Featured Artist: Tess McCoskey

About the Artist:
Tess developed an interest in watercolour about 15 years ago after many years of acrylic painting of ceramics during the holidays. She has taken a handful workshops and a watercolour class at Marylhurst University. She is devoted to watercolour with pen/ink detail and is now experimenting with acrylics. She loves realism and the Renaissance period. Her favorite subject matter are flowers, animals and Mediterranean architectural scenes. She devotes herself to self-study other Watercolour artists such as Birgit O’Connor, Claudia Nice, Susan Harrison-Tustain, and Jerry Yarnell.


Jun 06 2014

Featured Artist: Kayla Walkinshaw

Featured Artist: Kayla Walkinshaw

Notes from the Artist:
I am art. It is my life , it is what I do. I bounce from style to style and medium to medium constantly trying out new ideas
I’ve done some commission work, though much of the art I’ve done is for myself. I have been taking art courses for 14 years but constantly learn
on my own. To me there is not better a gift than to have the ability to create, because creation has no boundaries or limits, it opens itself to your every idea.

Kayla Walkinshaw on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/organizedchaoz


Mar 23 2011

Avian Design

Featured Artist: Stefan Savides
Post Provided by: country-cooperative.com

About the Artist:

Internationally recognized award winning master taxidermist, artist Stefan Savides, acknowledged front runner in the field of bird taxidermy, produces dimensional still lifes of unmatched beauty, as an art form.

He is Dick and Mary Cabela’s personal field taxidermist and travels with them on safaris around the world.

Every piece is an original work of art. The elements of design, emotion and anatomy dictate the unique impact of each piece.

Birds are recreated in natural attitudes that depict an intimate setting of their life in nature.

Stefan Savides
7901 Washburn Way
Klamath Falls, Oregon 97603


Aug 21 2010

A Motorbike Silent Film ! By M13

Featured Artist: M13 – http://www.youtube.com/user/13mordeth


M13 Says “This took me awhile to make. Please rate,comment…

Music by Kevin MacLeod of incompetech.com and used with permission.

All music comes from his “Silent Film Score” page at incompetech.com

Music rights: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/


Oct 05 2011

Olio su tela, cm 50 x 70, Costantino Giro

Featured Artist: Costantino Giro


Mar 16 2011

“Inner Thoughts” by Susan Blackwood

Featured Artist: Susan Blackwood

Notes From the Artist:

1975: in the midst of a clambering market place, unable to speak the language…I became aware of the importance of the common bonds that universally unite us all. The necessity to communicate these visions, feelings and emotions became paramount. Art became my language.

I have chosen as my subject matter the simple, beautiful touching moments that are common both in nature and in the life of every person. These are the moments that often pass without notice and are the very ones that lend continuity to our lives and contribute to its richness and depth. These moments are the language I use when I paint.

As in any meaningful conversation, the structure of the message must be clear. Thus, my color, brush strokes, textures and composition are carefully chosen, like essential words, to convey to the viewer the message that I wish to impart. My studies of classical art techniques began when I was a child and will always continue as I strive for better clarity and higher achievement.

As words are carefully chosen for a poem, I, too, limit my brush strokes and detail to relay just enough to give the viewer my thoughts and involve their imagination. I purposely leave areas of my paintings in mystery for the viewer to become engaged in the story. I strive for each painting to be a poem rather than a novel. Some of my loose paintings are like haiku poems that are simple imporessionistic vignettes. While some of my paintings are like sonnets, more spelled out in detail. Through the medium that I have chosen, I strive continually to develope a rich and colorful dialog in a language that will reach the heart.

To read more about Susan visit her web site:


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