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Name: Sydney
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Hi! My name's Syd, and i love to write, sing, paint, and dance:)

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  4. Shatter, Shatter, Broken Glass — September 11, 2011
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May 13 2013

Little Indians

Three of twelve charcoal drawings done mostly on softened burlap By Syd SityArt   Share on Facebook


Jan 05 2013

The Shadow Cast

A shadow was cast, over an unearthly glow, drowned in silence, with nowhere to go, lost in time, lost in space, a lying smile, killed lovely grace, a shadow was cast, a war won, down in her corner, she was done. Share on Facebook


Oct 13 2011

Monster Man, Monster Man

Monster Man, Monster Man, Don’t swallow me whole, Monster Man, Monster Man, Oh, please let me go… Monster Man, Monster Man, There is no one who can fly, Monster Man, Monster Man, Am I going to die? Monster Man, Monster Man, Why do you hunt me down? Monster Man, Monster Man, Why do you make …

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Sep 11 2011

Shatter, Shatter, Broken Glass

Shatter, shatter, Coming apart at the seams, Shatter, shatter, Your broken dreams, Shatter, Shatter, At the fringes of reality, Shatter, Shatter, Broken glass, Shatter, shatter, Blown away on the air mass, Shatter, shatter Alone at last, Shatter, shatter, On the dark side of the glass.       Share on Facebook


Sep 05 2011


Him, Eyes, fiery as hell Face, handsome as heaven Mysterious Dark Angel, Her, Eyes, frost and snow Face, beautiful as the sun, Unimaginable beauty, Hands reach out, Straining for just one touch, They have to know, If the other is real, Their hands clasp air, Destroying the other’s image, Dispersing in beautiful smoke.     …

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