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Name: Keefe Overby
Date registered: March 24, 2013


Who am I? I am a ordinary guy from southwest Missouri. I have a wide variety of interests, and this is reflected in my art, and opinions. I am just like everyone else I say, or do some things that I regret, but I try to admit to my mistakes, and learn the lessons of life, and I move on, because I have hope, faith, and ambition for our future! I am just like everyone else I want to be successful, because I want my own home, a wonderful family, my own business, and or a "good job"... this is my goal. I am just like everyone else I have my own struggles that I deal with currently, but I have also had some victories, and I have accomplished a lifelong dream of mine in 2009 I earned my private pilot license I have always wanted to be a pilot! I also quit drinking alcohol december 2005 I admitted to myself I am a horrible alcoholic and I quit "cold turkey" without help, or council, I just quit! And I have been trying to rebuild my life ever since! Now I try to keep an open mind, and I listen to every opinion, and or consider all evidence based on facts, and truth, not deception. And with that open mindedness I found the words of Jesus Christ to be the truth, and with much thought, and prayer I was baptised March 13, 2011 as a Christian. The year 2012 was the year my fiance started to express her love for me. She was so brave to openly express her love for me in front of everyone around at the time. It's her unconditional love that inspires me to be the very best man I can be. I now see looking back that I needed that unconditional love from Jesus to help me quit drinking, and her love to help me get back on track. It's still a bumpy ride this life of mine, and I still have a mountain to climb, but with infinite love for all we can achieve what seems to be impossible! This is just the beginning, it's a brand new life! -Reborn Keefe Overby I want to thank you for taking the time to look, and if you would please share this link that would be awesome thank you very much!

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Original Keefe Overby drawings

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