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Sep 12 2010

Ode to a cart

In this field you were felled no more groceries to be held but a cart to the last even when days have passed. So, is it still a shopping cart?  Or now that it has been cast aside is it something else.  It is too big to wear as a watch, but it can still …

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Sep 10 2010

Have a great day!

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Sep 06 2010

The Jump

He did this at a full run.  Not a bit of hesitation whatsoever.  And its a good thing, because this was not the spot to dilly dally.  I wondered what his heart rate was.  Was he young enough to not even worry about it?  They had all scoped out the spot.  Each pointing around at …

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Sep 02 2010

What is art?

I wonder what art is sometimes.  Are these art?  The vast undetermined wasteland of the artists mind?  Or are they simply a representation of the void that filled the artist as he didn’t paint.  Some people look at these as art.  The curator of the museum obviously did, as they are hung here for all …

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Aug 18 2010

People Watching

I have always enjoyed people watching. Just hanging out at places and watching the folks go by. It can really be fun when you do it in a touristy kind of place. These young ladies were hanging out at the “Top of the rock” in New York. Posing and snapping pictures. They had themselves a …

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