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Name: Ken Munsie
Date registered: February 23, 2011


I am fascinated by clay and the tactile sensation experienced when working with this most pliable material. I use an homogeneous mixture of paper pulp made from recycled shredded office paper and recycled clay to create the paperclay medium. I also work with recycled timber, rusted metal and hand-made papers. All these materials have had a previous life - been discarded - rescued and reworked with imagination. Inspired by shapes and forms of both nature and man-made edifices I enjoy translating such concepts into sculptures, giving the ideas shape and form, and perhaps a life of their own. When everything comes together, it is truly satisfying to see and feel. Creating my art fills me with good emotions, energizes me and reinforces my confidence as a sculptor. My art doesn't have to look appealing all the time. Sometimes, it evokes different emotions and feelings. That's OK. If the viewer feels something - any emotion positive or negative - then I have communicated successfully. My sculptures convey a story that reflects a balance of newly acquired knowledge, intuition and uncertainty - all producing individual and unique works of art.

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  1. New Work for Ken Munsie — February 22, 2011

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Feb 22 2011

New Work for Ken Munsie

          EVOLUTION … My latest series of small sculptures is titled “Evolution” … This series of small artworks uses a combination of timber, rusted metal and hand-made paper. All materials have had a previous life, have been discarded, rescued and then re-worked with imagination to create individual and unique works. To view …

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