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Jul 02 2017

Happy 150 Canada

  A wonderful and Diverse living dream-Happy Birthday Canada! Share on Facebook


Jul 25 2016


  The simple reason I would quite happily give Up everything-Love.   Haiku by Lucio Muñoz Vancouver, BC, Canada Share on Facebook


Jun 25 2016


Suddenly the whole European union is in deep shock-BREXIT.   Haiku by Lucio Munoz Vancouver, BC, Canada Share on Facebook


Apr 14 2016

A working love triangle

  A beautiful rose Once fell in love with both A hummingbird and me at the same time.   Knowing that not being able to Fly I was not a match for the hummingbird During the day I was afraid of losing her.   The hummingbird knowing that He could not be a match for …

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Jul 18 2015

Together for ever

  You are the moon And I am the tallest peak In the world blindly in love with you.   I am happy Because I know I will see you Tonight and admire your immense beauty again.   You are glad Because you know I will see You with loving eyes until the end of …

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