Sep 29 2013

Should We? (by Robert Eliot)

Featured Artist: Robert Eliot

Should We?

should weShould we abandon reason and succumb to our hearts?
When will we start? Where will it take us?
It may take us to heights unimaginable
or plunge us into the deepest hell
Should we relent to the forces that stir in our hearts?
What will happen when I take you in my arms?
Hearts will either bend or they may break
Once we commit it will be too late
Should we take a deep breath before the plunge?
When at last our lips finally meet
Will the bitterness of life turn to sweetness?
Will the fire of our love purge away the dead?
So love can grow again
Should we give in to the weight of our love?
It may bring out the best in us
If we are not careful it could bring out the worst
I know neither of us want to hurt
Should we deny all that we could have?
By listening to the what ifs and the why nots
Maybe all our hopes and dreams will now be caught
Fulfilled in each other
Should we not be together?

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