Mar 21 2014

CApixART Fine Art Abstracts by Chris Axford

Featured work from CApixART

Notes from the Artist:
CApixART Fine Art Abstracts by Chris Axford
CApixART is short for C A pixel ART. It seemed logical to pick that name as my primary interest is “pixel” art on the computer. I use different applications to create my art. I will experiment with anything really! My interest is in the abstract, but also in the “real world” of modern impressionist art.

I am a self-taught artist with no formal training; having a natural talent and flair has enabled me to experiment with different styles and media. These digital abstracts painted with large loose palette knife strokes in beautifull colors and hues, are the result that has given me the most pleasure. These stunning paintings are just some of the CApixART Abstract series. Please check out the others in the same series.


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