May 13 2014

The love of my life

When we were children

You moving to live in my town

Made my shyness go from full to none-

You, my ray of fun


When we grew up all was kindness

You treat as your prince

And I adored you as my princess-

You, my bundle of love.


When we got married all was happiness

You became forever my queen and

I became forever your king-

You, my pillow of dreams.


Before you passed away

You told me it would be okay

And laughing you call me “My lovely donkey”-

You, my box of memories.


Looking back at all the years

I can tell you with a few tears

I miss you a lot-

You, the love of my life.


Poem by Lucio Muñoz

Vancouver, BC, Canada

May 13, 2014



About the author

Lucio Muñoz

Independent QLC researcher/consultant who enjoys writing short poetry, short stories, and Haikus to share with friends and family.

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