Aug 27 2014

Featured Artist: Victor Guérin

Featured Artist: Victor Guérin

About the Artist:
It was in 2009, while living in Oceania, that Victor discovered photography. Very quickly he specialized in night photography using long exposures and flashlights to create ephemeral light effects. Through his experiments he developed the will to show and exhibit what he saw and created without editing his work. His latest series,”Revealing the Shadows – Portraits of the New Parisians” is first portraits and analog series. Through 50 portraits of foreigners living in Paris he shows us the people who are the real face of the French capital.

Victor Guérin on the Web: http://www.victorguerinphoto.com
Victor Guérin on the Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/VictorGuerinPhotographicArtist


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