Feb 04 2011

Vlado Cencel Chainsaw Sculptor (Kiparstvo Z Motorko)

Featured Artist: Vlado Cencel

Notes From the Artist:
My name is Vlado Cencel but my artistic name that got stuck on me is VinCencel. I was born in 1965. I live with my wife and two beautiful little girls in Velenje, Slovenia, where I also work. I am a health technician by profession and I have also finished three years of theological study and three years of Gestalt pedagogic seminar. At the moment I work in Public utility company as the head of funeral service.

I have occupied myself with amateur painting (as self-taught person) for 15 years, with statuary art for 10 years and with a chain saw art more intensely for the past two years – in rare moments of spare time. I am really taken over by working with chain saw. This is my second biggest love right after my family.

– Sem Vlado Cencel, prijelo pa se me je umetniško ime VinCencel. Rojen sem bil leta 1965. Z ženo in hčerkama živim v Velenju. Po poklicu sem zdravstveni tehnik; končal sem tri leta teologije in geštaltpedagoški seminar, delam pa kot vodja pogrebno-pokopališke službe. Z amaterskim (kot samouk) slikarstvom se ukvarjam 15 let, s kiparstvom 10 let, z motorno žago pa intenzivneje približno dve leti, vendar za to primanjkuje časa. Delo z motorno žago me je zares prevzelo! Takoj za mojo družino je to druga moja ljubezen.

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Vlado Cencel On YouTube


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