Feb 08 2011

Free Dance in the Sea

Featured Artist: Merlin Flower

Notes From the Artist:

When I did my first ‘series’ of paintings, I was pretty excited. First, it was for a cause close to my heart. Second, a creative partnership with a dance firm known for its innovative moves. Third, a series would shake-up my comfort zone. I know I sound vague and should explain the scenario, but the collaboration fell to its death half-way and I ended up with many more paintings in storage.

The painting you see, ‘Free dance in the sea’ is part of the series, or was to be. I put in the background, working with light colors, and then applied the idea to the painting. Since the theme was fixed, I had to work with self ruminated ideas. Of course, it didn’t turn out exactly as I wanted. In fact, that’s the beauty of art; it manages to surprise the artist as well. Once the fishes made their appearance, the boats appeared of their own free will.

The painting was done at a single setting, and at the end of it-as usual- I had more paint in my hands and clothes. You could say, I danced my way into the painting. Why not? Art sings and dances for anyone, and a return is good.

This painting, though part of the series, stands separate for its energy and message. With dance as its theme, it can survive alone-a reason the collaboration still is a good thing to have come through.

The people in the painting? Are they in the sea, on boats, waiting to jump in or just metaphysical idealization? I’ll leave it to your imagination. And there’s more for you to find out-happy exploration.


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