Feb 17 2011

Whimsical Artist Scott Plaster Featured at Whopple.com

Whimsical Artist Scott Plaster featured

Whimsical Artist Scott Plaster Featured at Whopple.com

I am a featured artist on a national website! A detailed interview is featured on the Whopple homepage this week, but you can link to it directly HERE. Anne Marie from Whopple.com says, “Your artwork is beautiful and your interview is really wonderful.  Tons of fun.” I am honored to be featured and have a chance to talk more about my whimsical art! 

Whopple features artist interviews from around the country and submits press releases nationwide to a wide range of galleries and arts organizations.

Please read the full article and get answers to these questions and more:

  • How long have you been an artist?
  • Tell us about your first attempts to be creative.
  • Do you make a living with your art?
  • How many hours a day do you create?
  • How did you pick your creative medium?
  • What are your inspirations?
  • What is your favorite art related book?
  • How do you recharge when your creativity hits the wall?
  • What was your first job?
  • What gives you hope in the world?
  • What do you wish you could do?
  • What are your artistic goals?
  • What has been your most exciting moment as an artist?

—Whimsical Artist Scott Plaster

About the author

Whimsical Artist Scott Plaster

Whimsical Artist Scott Plaster is from NC and has been painting for 30 years. His line of "Whimsical Animals" has been featured in the Community Arts Cafe and GoTriad and is available for sale in galleries, boutiques, and shops around the Triad region and from the mountains to the beaches of North Carolina. Matted ready-to-frame reproductions of the original oil paintings are sold in various sizes and as greeting cards. Plaster's menagerie includes an assortment of animals of many species, but he is also known for his landscapes, "Series of Beetles" and "Collection of Flies." Plaster also co-founded and leads an area arts organization, the Cosmic Cow Society, which promotes the arts in the Triad region by hosting shows, special programs, and educational events.

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