Mar 25 2011

New Beginning

Featured Artist: Sylvia Pekarek

New Beginning

I was traveling in a circle, repeating errors, without thinking of a new path. You changed the view, and I corrected my direction. Only a soul as beautiful as yours, could have created profound change. You defined my fears, and my reality was brighten with a new dream. Creating happiness, and unity to emerge once again, with a hopeful whisper. Thank you, for making a difference in my existence.

Writing & Art
by Sylvia Pekarek
copyrighted property© 2011

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Notes From The Artist:

They call me the “The Lyrical Fine Artist” because I often write poems and stories, to accompany the artwork I create. I aspire my art work to be spontaneous, momentous and dynamic, infused with the passion I have for life. I like to use mix media to bring forth the complexity of life’s profound moments. I believe this helps bring depth into my work. At times I may start a painting, or sketch and then capture it into my computer to enhance it digitally. I am part of the “digital generation,” it swims in my veins. I am like the pianist who uses the piano, to create music. I play the computer like an instrument and let the creativity flow as I work. I also love feeling the brush in my hand, stroking the canvas with pigments, I will never abandon that process completely. The computer allows my flurry thoughts to bring forth directness of intent, much more rapidly, capturing the moment.

I first realized that creating Art was embedded in the depths of my soul was when I was in the first grade, because I would arrive early to class just to fill the chalk board with my Art. I felt this was my way of observing the world and expressing my thoughts. I found Art to be my answer. Later on I attended San Francisco Academy of Art University, I studied and majored in Graphic Design, along with fine art classes.

I aspire for visual indulgence of the natural world, that motivates me to create and write, about the ordinary; that becomes extraordinary by the mere appreciation of it’s raw beauty, of it’s natural state.. With an intense stirring in my soul, I strive to be true to self. Fully embracing my true feelings of emotions, pure and uncensored..

As an artist, I feel deeply, and passionately, and like to reflect my emotions on to every creative aspect that I am a part of, for this is the fuel that drives me to create. When it comes to my art style, I want to think never say never and never say always. I want to say yes! To expanding my art style, and my words.


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