Aug 24 2011

Artistic Sight

Artistic sight is sometimes regarded as this mystical sixth sense vision that you’re either born with or your not. I will agree that everyone is born with a bent towards something and to the artist types that sight comes easier, but I believe with all my being that everyone is capable of seeing in an artistic fashion and that sight can begin at any age!! There are rivers of self deception that flow though our subconsciousness, and there are some of you who have said to me, “I’m just not artistic or creative.” I don’t buy it! Maybe you weren’t exposed to art as a child, or your creativity was pounded out of you by poor teachers but you are capable of seeing in magnificent hues and patterned completely unique to you. Start your visual workout today, building your sight and try and discover how you see, because you alone are the one who can leave your visual fingerprints on the world! No one else can see like you do! ~ Quote and Photo by Shannon Knock Culpepper


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