Oct 06 2011

Who Am I? An experiment in dual identity, cloning, split personality & actor shortages

Featured Artist: Zayd Depaor

This is a little experiment with Kdenlive, Bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and idenitity crisis management. There may well be a parallel universe or several of them that may explain phenomena like Deja Vu and perhaps some premonition dreams, although dreams themselves are 1/46th part of prophecy/revelation.

The colour difference, is caused by very minor daylight changes that occurred in seconds I expect. This is why it is better to film this under artificial light where no changes occur. You could go through the hassle of balancing the colour/brightness difference in video editing if the video is worth it!

I blurred and glowed the reality scene to imply non-reality, couldn’t decide which effects to apply. I was meant not to put up any more poor quality videos but I decided I don’t like anything being wasted.

This is also giving me ideas for when I am short on actors, and I always am.


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