Dec 17 2011

De Ja Vue.

It feeels like De Ja Vue.

Me finding someone so wonderful and so caring as you.

There’s lot’s more you’ve brought into my life.

Here is someone who is just so right.

There is not a moment that doesn’t go by.

That i’m not thinking about my special guy.

There is a huge smile upon my face.

A smile that will never fade.

A smile that no one can  ever erase.

It’s hard you being so far away.

Yet all we can do is take things day by day.

I think about you every day.

Praying my sweetheart you’re okay.

Though we may be miles apart.

Know my darling you will be forever in my heart.


About the author


I come from a family of writers. Writing is a passion of mine. You could say writing is in my genes. One of my aims is to some day write a book.

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