Mar 23 2012

Feeling Blue

I’m feeling just so blue. I really don’t know what to do. Earlier i felt like shedding tears. Tears that i didn’t want anyone to see. Silent tears inside of me. I felt like going and hiding someplace. So the tears no one could ever see upon my face. I imagined my face all streaked with red. These sad thoughts seemed to fill my head. It was not a good day for me. It was one i didn’t want to go over in my head. It all seemed to fill me with such dread. Yet i couldn’t stop reliving it over in my brain the saddened thoughts well they seemed to remain. Now these thoughts of crying silent tears well they are coming back to me. Tears that i don’t want anyone to see. Not even me.



About the author


I come from a family of writers. Writing is a passion of mine. You could say writing is in my genes. One of my aims is to some day write a book.

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