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Would you like to see your work featured on The Artistic Blog? Don’t be shy. All you have to do is ask!

To submit your work for consideration, please send an e-mail to with ‘Art Share’ as the subject line.

Your e-mail should contain the following information:

Your Name: (As you would like it to appear when we give you credit.)

Artist Bio: (Provide us with a write up about yourself.)

Links: (Links to websites, Facebook pages and any other important information you would like us to publish. We never publish e-mail or physical addresses unless you specifically ask us to.)

Images: (Include up to 9 jpg images per e-mail for consideration.)

Other Notes: (Include anything else you think we need to know but might have forgotten to ask.)

Artist information and artwork may be promoted and shared in any or all of the following locations:
The Artistic Blog Website
The Artistic Blog RSS Feed
The Artistic Blog Roku TV Channel
The Artistic Blog Facebook Page
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The Artistic Blog Pinterest Board

We will never present your work without identifying you as the artist.
There is no cost to you since The Artistic Blog’s only mission is to spread the love of art!


*Have you already been featured on The Artistic Blog yet you still have more to share? Please feel free to send us monthly updates of any new work that you would like us to consider for upload to our Roku TV channel. Use the email: