Share Your New England Photography

Mike Dooley Photography and The Artistic Blog have teamed up to develop a Roku TV channel dedicated to New England photography. This channel is open to anyone who would like to submit their photographic work with New England subject matter. Accepted work will be seen by The Artistic Blog’s 11,000+ Roku viewers.


Submission Information

Please email your work to In your email, please include your contact info as you would like it to be displayed to the viewer. Space here is limited so try and keep it simple. We suggest name and website info. For example: Mike Dooley:


Image Requirements

Image Format: All images should be in JPG format.

File Size: All images should have a file size of no more than 1 megabyte.

File Aspect Ratio: Images will auto scale to fit the TV screen so the image dimensions and Aspect ratio are not important but keep in mind that images will be displayed with either more of a black border or less of a black border depending upon how the image fits onto a standard flat panel TV screen. Standard television screens are 16 x 9.


Frequently Asked Questions:

How often are images updated? We limit each rotation to 50 images. On the 1st and 15th of each month we rotate in 50 new images.

How many images may I submit? We ask that each photographer send in no more than 10 images per email and no more than 5 emails per month. We spread out submitted images into multiple batches so if you submit more than 1 image they may not all be shown in the same rotation but spread out across multiple rotations.

How will I get credit for my work? Each image will be 1 of 50 other images shown. Each image is displayed for a total of 10 seconds. During the first 5 seconds, your contact information will be displayed as a transparent overlay on the bottom of the image. The image will then be shown for an additional 5 seconds without any contact information so the viewer can enjoy the image as a whole. The images repeat at the end of the cycle.

How much is this going to cost me? There is no cost to you since The Artistic Blog’s only mission is to spread the love of art and New England photography!

Can I watermark my images? Please feel free to watermark or add contact info to the image itself.

How are images protected from being downloaded? Images are displayed through the Roku Device onto the viewers TV and not through a web browser. This means that the viewer is not able to download your image through the Roku device.